Medically reviewed by Cynthia Cobb, DNP, APRN, WHNP-BC, FAANP — written by danielle Dresden on April 14, 2020

A mole remove scar is common and also usually not a reason for concern. A scar commonly fades over time. However, over there are ways to alleviate the appearance much more quickly.

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Moles, or nevi, are so typical that most adults have actually at the very least a few. While some moles have the right to be a sign of skin cancer, lock are rarely a reason for concern.

Even though moles are common and often harmless, many world still want to get them removed because they find their mole unattractive. In instances where moles room cancerous, removed is essential.

Removing moles can cause a scar, however. People considering mole removal have to consult with their doctor and discuss the potential because that scarring before having the procedure.

In numerous cases, depending upon the dimension of the mole and the an approach the healthcare experienced uses to eliminate it, scar is minimal.

Only trained professionals in a sterile environment should execute mole removal, to minimize the danger of scaring.

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The figure of a mole removed scar counts on the original mole.

In the first couple of days after ~ a mole remove procedure, the body will shot to repair the wound. Scarring is the body natural response to injuries that pass through the deeper layers of the skin.

The body produces collagen to cure the skin where the mole was before. This problem is the main ingredient in connective tissues, such as the skin.

The collagen that outcomes from one injury is thicker and denser than usual.

Approximately 2–4 weeks after ~ mole removal, together healing tissue starts to construct up, the impacted area might look rough and red and also feel stiff.

Although the wound area might be a little raised and also red for 1–2 months, the scar typically becomes much less red and also flatter over time.

The time it takes because that a mole removed scar to cure depends, in part, ~ above the procedure the healthcare professional used. The various methods because that removing mole include:

Surgical removal: once a mole is huge enough, frequently with a diameter better than 8 millimeters, a surgeon must cut down to the fat listed below the skin to eliminate it completely. The wound can be one or more football-shaped if the is larger. The surgeon will certainly stitch the skin together. Laser: This technique is an ext effective through shallow moles and may not always be scar-free.

After the mole removal, there are three phases come the procedure of scar healing:

Inflammatory stage: This very first stage starts around 12 hours after the procedure and lasts for about 5 days.Proliferation stage: Overlapping through the inflammation phase, this stage starts within approximately 24 hours of the removal, and also lasts for roughly 7 days.Maturation stage: This final stage can continue for as lot as a year ~ the surgery.

Doctors frequently remove the stitches indigenous a surgical mole removal in ~ 1–2 weeks after a procedure. The entire recovery period for surgical removal of moles is typically around 4 weeks.

On average, the human body will continue to occupational on reshaping a scar because that at least 1 year.

Taking great care that the wound ~ a mole remove can assist keep scar to a minimum.

Care techniques will vary, depending upon the form of procedure because that removal that the mole. Maintaining the wound moist ~ mole removal is essential and also may help it heal as much as 50% faster.

In general, the wound have to be retained clean, bandaged, and hydrated with over-the-counter ointments, for example, petroleum jelly. A human should readjust the bandage once or twice a day.

People have to not use alcohol top top mole remove wounds, as this can interfere v the healing process.

Once the wound heals, tenderness massage deserve to encourage blood flow, encourage healing, and aid make the area feel less stiff.

It is necessary to continue to care for the wound after ~ the bandage is no longer needed. Continuing to be out that the sunlight is key.

People have to use clothing and sunscreen come make sure they defend the remove area native the sun’s rays because that at least 1 year.

Treating a mole removed scar is best done by dermatologists or clinical specialists that are acquainted with the full variety of alternatives for scar treatment. They deserve to recommend the most proper course that action.

Some medical options to aid the heal of a mole removed scar include:

polyurethane wound coveringslaser treatmentinjections push treatmentsurgery

Some alternative healthcare practitioners recommend treating scars with ointments or creams the contain vitamin E.

There is no far-ranging scientific proof to assistance these methods. However, clinical practitioners recommend moisturizing scar tissue to keep it soft and also flexible.

Moles are really common and often medically harmless. Human being may desire them removed since they find them unsightly or irritating.

Mole removed can an outcome in scars, with larger and also deeper moles boosting the chance of scarring.

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Proper wound treatment after mole removal have the right to reduce the threats of scarring. Scar treatments are available from licensed professionals.


Medically reviewed by Cynthia Cobb, DNP, APRN, WHNP-BC, FAANP — written by daniel Dresden top top April 14, 2020