While Apple’s iphone phone 7 family has included — and removed — a grasp of features, Cupertino’s newest flagship has a far-reaching update in the aesthetics department.

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In enhancement to Silver, Gold and Rose Gold, the iphone 7 is gift released in two new colors: Black and also Jet Black. The matte metal Black shade is storage of Apple’s old space Gray finish, however is much darker in tone. Jet Black, ~ above the various other hand, is one entirely different creature: it’s a high-gloss, black aluminum finish — and seems choose a throwback come the glossy plastic backs of early on iPhones.

The Jet Black end up is a first for newer generation iPhones, and is the result of a nine-step process, follow to Apple. Rather of an industry-standard chemistry wash, the Jet Black end up is created using a devoted powder, i beg your pardon polishes the aluminum housing, buffs out imperfections, and also produces a mirror-like finish. The surface ar is do porous, which permits it to better absorb the dye — and enables Apple to develop such a dark shade of black. Finally, the end up is be crazy in a bathtub of ultra-fine, magnetized iron particles, which offers the complete its high-gloss sheen, AppleInsider reported.

And if you’re having actually some trouble deciding in between the 2 — and we don’t blame you — here are a couple of points to consider.

According to hands-on user experiences, Jet black is — clearly — lot blacker and an ext reflective. The matte black color finish, top top the other hand, has much more subtle reflections. Jet Black also seems come accumulate an ext fingerprints and smudging than the black finish, and is more prone to micro abrasions throughout its lifetime. Apple has also warned individuals that Jet black color backs could be at higher risk the scratching and scuffing — and has advised people to use protective cases if they want their complete to remain pristine.


Additionally, matte black color iPhone 7s can feel a bit more “slippery” in the hand. In fact, writer and blogger john Gruber created that the Jet black color finish might be the “grippiest” iphone phone Apple has ever made. Once it comes to durability, many users have said that both finishes seem equally tough, follow to PhoneArena. So friend shouldn’t worry about either end up being more fragile than the other.

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The last thing to consider is that a Jet black color iPhone 7 can be a more significant hit to her wallet: it’ll only be available in the 128- and also 256-gigabyte models, when the Black finish will be available across all storage capacities. So if you’re dead collection on getting a Jet black iPhone 7, you might have come fork over part extra cash to acquire the higher-capacity model — if you weren’t planning on the already.