If you want to enjoy video streaming on her TV, there’s wealth of clever TV options out there. At the exact same time, many smart TVs may not market the kind of user endure you’re after. Or you may not it is in planning to spend too much on a new one. As soon as that happens, streaming media players come to the rescue with impressive features and also straightforward intake — all for a much reduced price than smart TVs.

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Among these media players, to apologize TV and also Roku devices are the leading options. Both choices offer powerful features and also a smooth user suffer that make them a famous choice. The main distinction is the the to apologize TV models are much pricier, however they likewise offer seamless integration because that diehard apple fans.

In this post, we help you compare Roku vs. To apologize TV, v a focus on the most luxury models from each range — the Roku Ultra and the apple TV 4K. But due to the fact that you could be interested in various other models from these brands, us highlight every one of them for this reason you can make an informed decision.

Apple TV 4K vs. Roku Ultra features and specs

Apple TV 4KRoku Ultra
4K supportYesYes
Dolby Vision supportYesYes
Expandable storageNoNo
Remote controlYesYes
Google Assistant compatibleNoYes
Alexa compatibleNoYes
Siri compatibleYesNo
Dimensions3.9 X 3.9 X 1.4 inches4.9 X 5.0 X 1.0 inches

Apple TV vs. Roku models and also cost

Winner: Roku

As you can see indigenous the table above, there’s a stark comparison in price even with the most luxury models of both varieties of streaming devices. The to apologize TV 4K is right now the most deluxe streaming machine available in the market, with the 32 GB option costing $179 and the 62 GB version costing $199.

So even the smaller sized storage option for the apologize TV 4K will cost you practically twice the price of the Roku Ultra, i m sorry is available for $99.99. If Roku doesn’t specify just how much warehouse the Ultra has, friend do have actually a USB port for local playback. Enlarge versions of this maker came with a MicroSD slot because that expandable storage, yet this was removed in the existing Ultra iteration.

When it concerns choices, to apologize TV devices fall behind Roku together there’s just one other model — the apologize TV HD. This only comes in 32 GB and costs $149, which is still much more expensive 보다 the Roku Ultra. And also as you deserve to guess native the name, that doesn’t support 4K streaming.

On the other hand, Roku gives you six additional options as well as the Roku Ultra. This consists of a few retailer-exclusive models that are no longer accessible on the main Roku website. The most simple model is the Roku Express, which comes through HD streaming and also a simple remote and also costs simply $29.99.

You can acquire a slim upgrade v the Roku Express+, which comes v voice find capabilities and also HD streaming for $39.99. Because that the very same price, girlfriend can additionally get the Roku Premiere, one of the many affordable 4K streaming devices. This option provides you brilliant photo quality with 4K and HDR (high dynamic range) streaming.

Next, you additionally have the Roku Streaming Stick, which prices $49.99 and comes through smooth HD streaming and also impressive voice find functionalities. This maker offers terrific portability due to its compact size, which renders it good for traveling. However this model recently went the end of production, although part retailers still have it in stock.

Also because that $49.99, girlfriend can obtain the Roku Streaming Stick+. This offers every little thing the consistent Streaming pole provides, to add a couple of upgrades. It comes v 4K and also HDR streaming capabilities and long-range wireless for remarkable streaming quality.

And for those who desire the same features as the Roku Ultra but at a reduced price point, the Roku Ultra LT is an excellent option. At $79.99, this option expenses slightly less than the Ultra. However it still offers you 4K and HDR streaming and powerful wireless. The only difference is it doesn’t have a USB harbor for neighborhood playback and also it comes v a slightly less impressive voice remote.

You have the right to read much more about every the Roku models and also their functions in our comprehensive review of various Roku devices. This will help you number out the main differences in features and pricing therefore you have the right to make an notified decision and also choose the ideal Roku design for her streaming needs.

Apple TV vs. Roku interface and personalization

Winner: apple TV

When it involves interface and user experience, both apple TV and Roku devices stand except the competition through simplicity. Both devices offer a straightforward interface that’s easy to navigate and understand, also for novice users. Plus, personalization is a breeze, with each option allowing you to produce a home display that feels just right come you.

Apple TV offers you a clean, grid-based layout, highlighting a couple of apps in the top row. You have the alternative to customize this row through your favorite apps. If you pick an app here, the lift will present you a preview of its contents so friend can obtain a glimpse the what that offers. Friend can even switch between light and dark themes to create a various vibe.

Besides this, friend can additional personalize your endure by sorting apps into committed folders. Because that instance, friend can create a folder because that music apps. Or if you stream movies and shows regularly, you can also create an entertain folder. You can even want to develop a kids folder if you have apps your kids regularly use.

The Roku selection of devices likewise offers a clutter-free user interface users can easily navigate and understand native the get-go. The home display prominently screens your apps in a grid-style layout. Girlfriend can easily navigate between different part on the left-hand next of the screen, which also houses tabs to access your feed, settings, and also search.

As because that personalization, Roku lets you rearrange the apps on your home screen to prioritize her favorites. The biggest highlight is the variety of themes. Girlfriend can pick from an expansive selection of visual themes on the Roku Channel Store, which often includes seasonal designs together well.

While Roku doesn’t allow you type your apps into folders, it has actually a distinct personalization function in the type of “My Feed.” This function makes it easy to produce a personalized feed of your favorite TV shows and media personalities. V it, you’ll check out updates around the latest episodes of shows you’re the town hall or any brand-new projects her favorite actors and also directors might be working on.

Apple TV vs. Roku streaming quality

Winner: Roku

Even once it comes to streaming quality, the apologize TV 4K and also the Roku Ultra are on par. Both devices allow 4K and HDR streaming, so you can acquire brilliant picture quality v a compatible display. They likewise come v Dolby Vision support, which provides you even more vivid colors to further enhance your viewing experience.

Both devices likewise come with an effective wireless to assistance this high-quality streaming, with both tools having dual-band connectivity. Castle both come v Ethernet ports together well, therefore you can stream with a wired connection and enjoy uninterrupted playback.

As for the various other models, the streaming quality varies across different options. Yet overall, Roku offers tools that support the exact same streaming top quality at a much reduced price point.

Apple TV vs. Roku compatibility

Winner: Roku

Both the apologize TV 4K and also the Roku Ultra work with a wide range of TVs. The apple TV 4K is compatible v HD and UHD (Ultra HD) TVs, and also the Roku Ultra is compatible with HD TVs, 4K TVs, and also 4K HDR TVs.

But store in mind that you’ll need a TV the supports HDCP (high-bandwidth digital contents protection) come stream protected content. This mainly applies to the content on virtual streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, and also other streaming services.

Apple TV vs. Roku remote

Winner: Tie

The to apologize TV 4K comes v a Siri remote so you can seamlessly use voice regulates to perform particular tasks or conduct a find on your Apple TV. However, it’s not compatible through Alexa or Google Assistant, and neither is the apple TV HD model.

The Roku Ultra remote, on the other hand, works through both Alexa and also Google Assistant. Yet it isn’t compatible through Siri, which could be something worth considering because that avid apple users. The very same is true for most of the various other Roku models.

The final cut

Based ~ above what you deserve to see, to apologize TV and also Roku are much more or less equivalent in practically every aspect. The luxury models market the exact same streaming quality and wireless performance, and there isn’t much difference in the simplicity of the layout. The biggest difference is in pricing, with the apple TV option costing virtually twice as much as the Roku.

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So overall, the Roku Ultra is the ideal option if you desire a luxury streaming an equipment without spending too much. The apple TV 4K can still make sense if you’re a diehard apple fan and also want to reap the tvOS experience.