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Nataliya Sdobnikova/Shutterstock.comThe dumb phones of the 90s and early 2000s were widely marketed as gadgets that could potentially save your life in an emergency. With an Apple clock strapped to your wrist, getting help in instance of one emergency gets a whole lot easier.

Here’s just how to use possibly the most essential feature on her Watch.

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Make an Emergency SOS speak to on the to apologize WatchCreate a medical ID v Your Emergency ContactsHow to find Someone Else"s medical IDSet Up and Use apologize Watch fall DetectionOther ways Your Apple clock Can defend YouWant come Disable "Hold come Call" for Emergency SOS?Spread the Word

Make an Emergency SOS contact on the to apologize Watch

Making an emergency call on your Apple clock is the same as dialing 911 in the US, 999 in the UK, or 000 in Australia. The will affix you come the emergency services where you will speak come an operator to confirm whether you need police, fire, ambulance, or one more emergency company in your region. If you have actually an to apologize Watch v cellular connectivity, you deserve to use the function anywhere. If you have an Apple clock without integrated cellular connectivity, you’ll have to be within selection of her iPhone because that it to work.

To do an emergency call directly from your Apple Watch:

Press and also hold the side switch (not the digital crown) until you check out the Emergency SOS slider appear.Keep holding the side switch until an alarm sounds, and you view the emergency countdown begin. Alternatively, on slide the “Emergency SOS” slider come the right.To end the call, push firmly ~ above the screen (Force Touch) and also tap end Call.
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If friend have set up a clinical ID and also nominated emergency contacts, her Apple Watch will certainly send a text post with your present (live) location to anyone listed. You have the choice of canceling this on-screen before the post is sent. Her Apple Watch will certainly temporarily turn on location Services to get a gps fix also if you have disabled the feature.



During the call, her Apple Watch will attempt to share your location straight with the emergency services. No all areas support this feature, therefore you may still must tell the operator whereby you are. If you have an apologize Watch v GPS and cellular, friend will have the ability to use your Apple watch to contact emergency services also if you’re traveling overseas or away from your iPhone.

Create a medical ID v Your Emergency Contacts

A clinical ID is a quick means to administer medical professionals and also other very first responders with vital information around yourself. This might include any type of chronic health and wellness issues, major allergies, blood type, and also any emergency contact or following of kin that need to be contacted in the occasion of one emergency.

To view a clinical ID on your Apple Watch, girlfriend or a very first responder have the right to hold down the side switch until the clinical ID slider shows up then move the slider to the best to see your clinical ID.

You can collection up a medical ID on her iPhone, and also your Apple clock will present the same details:

Head to setups > health and wellness > medical ID and tap ~ above Edit.Fill in any relevant sections, consisting of medical conditions, allergies and reactions, current medications, and also blood type.Scroll down to “Emergency Contacts” and also tap “Add Emergency Contact,” then choose one native the list.Give your emergency call a label to explain their partnership with you, like “father” or “partner.”Tap done to save your medical ID.


We strongly recommend leaving “Show as soon as Locked” enabled so the anyone who discovers you in a problem where you are unable come unlock your gadgets can tho gather an essential medical information. This will impact your iPhone an ext than your Watch due to the fact that your Watch need to remain unlocked every day until you take it off.



Remember that not all medical experts will know to look for a clinical ID, however many rather will. Some an initial responders room trained to look for the information on smartphones and also wearables, for this reason it’s always worth keeping your medical ID info up to date.

How to discover Someone Else’s medical ID

In situation you find yourself in a case where you need to examine someone else’s clinical ID, you have the right to do so either on an iphone or to apologize Watch.

To check a clinical ID on one Apple Watch:

Press and also hold the side button (not the digital crown) until you view the medical ID slider appear.Swipe the medical ID slider come the best to view it.

To inspect a medical ID on one iPhone:

Wake the phone and also swipe as much as attempt one unlock (or push the Home button if the phone has one).On the passcode entry screen, tap Emergency in the bottom-left corner.On the emergency phone speak to screen, madness on clinical ID in the bottom-left corner.


Set Up and Use apologize Watch fall Detection

Fall detection is an Apple Watch function that can detect the affect of a fall and monitor whether the individual move afterward. If the watch doesn’t detect any kind of movement, it will immediately call the emergency services and share your location. Any type of emergency contact you have actually nominated in medical ID will additionally be notified.

The function has already been credited with conserving lives, favor in the case of new Jersey man James Prudenciano who fell down a cliff or Norwegian guy Toralv Østvang that took a tumble while house alone. The function is generally aimed in ~ older users and remains turn off by default unless you are over 65 years old.


You deserve to manually enable fall detection on her Watch if you desire the included protection, though there are some potential drawbacks come doing so. Apple defines that the attribute is designed with the yonsi in mind, rather than active young people. The potential because that a false-positive is much greater if you room an energetic individual.

There’s a danger that the clock will contact emergency services and also notify your emergency contacts as soon as you don’t require it. Not only will this unnecessarily issue your loved ones, however it may also land you v a nasty invoice too.

If you still want to turn the feature on manually:

Launch the Watch app on her phone and also then, top top the My watch tab, choose Emergency SOS.Scroll down to autumn Detection and also toggle the function on.Confirm that you know the disclaimer and that you want to use the function anyway.

Other ways Your Apple clock Can safeguard You

Your Apple clock can likewise monitor your heart health and notify girlfriend of unusual symptoms. These include high heart rate notifications when you show up to have actually been inactive, low heart rate notifications, and also irregular rate notifications.

High and low heart price notifications are easily accessible in all territories. Launch the Watch application on her iPhone and also tap on heart to set threshold quantities or leaving the defaults of 120 bpm and 40 bpm, respectively.


Irregular valuation notifications room only available in select regions. Some nations (like Australia) need the Apple watch to be approved together a medical an equipment for the feature to function, and Apple doesn’t seem as well interested in rushing that approval procedure through. You have the right to see which regions have the right to use the ECG features of the collection 4 and also 5 Apple clock on Apple’s website.

It’s vital to recognize that if you receive an alarm relating come an rarely often, rarely rhythm the you perform not necessarily have actually atrial fibrillation. Many thorough ECG tests use 12 command points, vice versa, the Apple clock only offers one. If you room receiving irregular rate notifications, you will be tested completely using a committed ECG monitor before any conclusions deserve to be drawn.

You can turn off the irregular rhythm notifications under the Watch app on her iPhone, simply tap Heart, climate disable rarely often rare Rhythm native the list.

Want come Disable “Hold to Call” because that Emergency SOS?

By default, pressing and holding the side switch on your Watch will contact emergency services. If you’re involved that you could accidentally contact emergency services by holding the button too long, you have the right to disable the feature. When you execute this, you’ll have to slide the “Emergency SOS” slider to the ideal to initiate the call.

Launch the Watch app on her iPhone, then on the My clock tab choose Emergency SOS.Uncheck the “Hold side Button” choice to disable it.


We think this is most likely left at the default setup unless friend have already accidentally prompted an emergency call using this function in the past.

Spread the Word

The Apple clock is a handy maker that can help you occupational out, save in touch ~ above the go, and also even save you safe in an emergency. Take it a moment to consider how countless friends or family members members also have one Apple Watch and whether they recognize how attributes like Emergency SOS work.

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It might be precious running v the procedure through them or showing them this article. Stay safe and also remember what a an useful tool her Apple Watch can be.