With a slogan favor “Bigger and Bolder,” Applebee’s isn’t leading everyone to believe their menu choices are diet-friendly. They’re recognized for your ribs, fried food, and crazy-cheap cocktail deals. Many of their menu is heavy on the meat and also light top top the greens — also their salads space covered in things prefer chicken tenders and also seasoned steak.

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Even still, Applebee’s is a huge chain. There room over 2,000 restaurants in the joined States, and we’re betting there have actually been much more than a few customers wishing castle knew of a healthy option. 2 of the best concerns people have about the food in ~ Applebee’s space the sodium levels and also the extra fat. Some of the dishes have actually sky-high calorie counts that scare away the an ext conscious consumers.

All of the nutrition info for Applebee’s menu is available online; if you have actually a certain health issue such as high blood push or diabetes, it’s finest to double-check the original resource to make sure you aren’t eating something external of those safe. Yet for your typical health-conscious diner, we’ve roved end the nutrition data and selected the 15 healthiest options.


With a slogan favor “Bigger and Bolder,” Applebee’s no leading anyone to believe their menu choices are diet-friendly. They’re well-known for your ribs, fried food, and crazy-cheap cocktail deals. Most of their menu is hefty on the meat and also light ~ above the greens — also their salads room covered in things like chicken tenders and also seasoned steak.

Even still, Applebee’s is a large chain. There are over 2,000 restaurants in the joined States, and also we’re betting there have been much more than a couple of customers wishing they knew the a healthy option. Two of the biggest concerns human being have around the food in ~ Applebee’s are the sodium levels and the extra fat. Several of the dishes have actually sky-high calorie counts the scare far the an ext conscious consumers.

All of the nutrition info for Applebee’s menu is available online; if you have a specific health problem such together high blood push or diabetes, it’s finest to double-check the original resource to make certain you aren’t eating something exterior of what’s safe. But for your average health-conscious diner, we’ve roved over the nutrition data and also selected the 15 healthiest options.


This dish does have actually a the majority of sodium — therefore if she trying to cut back on foods items loaded with salt, store that in mind. However, this steak has actually 670 calories (including the generous side of potatoes), 50 grams of protein, and 35 grams of fat. It’s definitely a huge meal. But to Applebee’s credit transaction here, they include a side of sautéed mushrooms and onions in your order. So you are obtaining some vegetables through your meaty meal!


You can likewise order this salad v grilled chicken — shrimp just has actually a little fewer calories and also grams of fat. This salad doesn’t skimp on the dressing and cheese, so it’s still acquired 660 calories and 51 grams the fat. However, there are greens under there somewhere, making it a lighter alternative than many of Applebee’s meat-heavy dishes.


Stir-fry is generally a balanced option for a meal, loaded with many vegetables and also proteins. The sauce is where things can gain sticky — this dish has actually 24 grams of sugar from the sweet and also spicy dumpling sauce. This dish has 650 calories, 27 grams of protein, and also only 13 grams that fat. The dish comes with a sizable part of rice alongside crispy wontons, but if friend order this dish, simply eat till you feel satisfied learning you’re getting a reasonably balanced meal.


This dish has an 8-ounce piece of steak topped v sautéed shrimp and also a creamy Parmesan sauce. In total, it’s 620 calories v 42 grams the fat. The nutrition info does not incorporate the two sides you choose with the enjoy the meal — we recommend selecting something through vegetables and some carbs. The Garlic Mashed Potatoes, for example, will certainly only add 250 calories to her meal, together opposed to French fries that would certainly tack on end 400.

Grilled chicken and also shrimp room two low-fat and also low-calorie alternatives for getting quality protein. This dish has actually both — smothered in a garlic butter sauce, sure, yet you no going to a restaurant for level unseasoned chicken. The protein are served alongside sautéed mushrooms and onions v crispy red potatoes. The whole meal clocks in in ~ 620 calories through 28 grams of fat and 51 grams that protein.

The only drawback that this healthy, balanced order is the sodium. One order has 2,110 milligrams. However otherwise, this food is a nutritious combination of grilled chicken, cranberry-pecan rice, and also quinoa every topped v sweet apologize relish and lemon vinaigrette. The meal is 570 calories of satisfying entirety grains, healthy and balanced fats, and also protein.

This food selection option is only available at pick locations — however, it’s a fairly nutritious alternative if it’s readily available at your regional chain. This wedge salad is topped with pecans, blue cheese, and also bacon, and also then coated v an herbed dressing. The 540 calories, 51 grams of fat, and also 9 grams that protein.

You can think the taco covering being a crispy fried wonton would certainly make this dish a disaster, but the Chicken Wonton Tacos space a relatively low-fat and high-protein option. It’s provided as one appetizer, however the three tacos you gain with your order are large enough for some world to eat as a meal. One order adds to 500 calories, 20 grams of fat, and also 38 grams that protein. The salt content is reduced than most of Applebee’s various other appetizers, with 1,540 milligrams.

Eating ribs doesn’t have to be over the top. Just pick the fifty percent rack end the complete rack for a an ext modest portion size and also jazz up your plate through nutritious sides that incorporate vegetables. A fifty percent rack of ribs indigenous Applebee’s has 430 calories and also 32 grams the fat. Both the Applebee’s sauce options have 80 calories and at least 10 grams of sugar, so save that in mind, as well.

If you aren’t feeling super hungry, opting for a soup instead of a full entrée might sound appealing. The chili is one that won’t leaving you hungry, because it’s loaded v protein and also even has some fiber native the beans. A cup of this soup has actually 410 calories, 25 grams of fat, 1,110 milligrams that sodium, and 32 grams that protein. Applebee’s additionally offers the choice to stimulate a soup with a salad.

Some restaurant salads space soaked in creamy dressing and loaded with fatty toppings — however this choice is in reality a relatively balanced meal. Almonds and also edamame add an extra rise of nutrition come this dish, while the crispy wonton strips store things interesting. This salad has 410 calories, 21 grams of fat, and 25 grams the protein.

Salmon is a clip of the increasingly well-known Mediterranean diet, because it has actually lots that heart-healthy fats and other vital vitamins. This salmon is seasoned and also grilled and also served alongside two sides of her choice. An order of this dish has actually 350 calories, 10 grams that fat, 1660 milligrams the sodium, and 37 grams the protein. The just thing to be conscious of is the street in the glaze — the entire order has 18 grams of sugar total.

If you’re searching for a lighter option to pair v your salad that won’t leave you hungry, opt for the French onion soup. V 16 grams of protein and also 6 grams that fiber, you’ll still feeling satisfied ~ eating and only have added 330 calories to everything you pair this soup with.

Applebee’s uses the this sirloin in a 6-ounce or one 8-ounce portion. However, the recommended serving of meat (red meat especially) is 4 ounces. The enjoy the meal comes through two sides of your choice, for this reason you have the right to round the end your protein through some vegetables and also healthy carbs. However surprisingly, this steak no too much of a pack on her diet. The 6-ounce part contains 200 calories and also only 8 grams of fat.

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There is some controversy over even if it is red meat have the right to be component of a healthy and balanced diet. Many agree the it’s alright to eat now and also then and also probably only reasons a problem if she gorging on that every day. Yet if you’d fairly stick to skinny meat and also avoid the risk, Applebee’s uses plain grilled chicken. That comes v two sides, as with the steak, so you can gain your fill of other food groups. One portion contains 190 calories and also 4 grams that fat. The course, if you’re at Applebee’s, you’re probably not expecting come eat a low-calorie, vegetable-rich meal. If it is what she looking for, you can be much better off trying one of these healthy chain restaurants instead.