All transactions related to Pistol Permits are done BY meeting ONLY. Call 518-388-4225 to schedule an appointment.

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A guns license, frequently referred to together a pistol permit, deserve to only it is in issued in new York State through a designated license officer, which in Schenectady County is among the duly elected County Judges.Penal regulation 400.00 requires simple criteria come be developed in order because that a license to it is in issued. The applicant must demonstrate the following:

Good ethical character;Lack the conviction of a felony or a severe offense;Absence of any kind of mental condition or confinement to any type of hospital/institution for mental illness; andLack of an excellent cause because that denial that license.

An applicant should also:

Be 21 years of age or older and a resident of Schenectady County because that at least 6 months;Must have a brand-new York State Driver"s patent or Non-Driver ID; (NEW)Have no felony convictions or other serious offense;Submit a letter to The Honorable referee Matthew J. Sypniewski through application;Submit proof of successful completion the handgun security training program;Have 4 individuals submit a character reference on your behalf directly come the sheriff"s office before you submit your application; (Print twin sided, single-sided will certainly not be accepted)Receive approval by the Schenectady county Sheriff who will forward applications to Judge Sypniewski for final approval.

Reminder: Background checks are required for transactions between individuals. The background examine must be done by a dealer and they have the right to charge approximately $10 for the lift check. For more information you re welcome visit the New York for sure Act website.


Forms and also ApplicationsApproved cultivate ProgramsAmerican Tactical Systems: call (518) 274-1911 (BASIC ONLY)Pine Tree Rifle Club: call (518) 762-4033 (BASIC ONLY)Schenectady Training: contact Kirk Hulburt (518) 857-2764 (BASIC ONLY)Instructor Jason DeAngelis: contact (718) 974-8312 (BASIC ONLY)Instructor Joseph DiCristofaro at take It come the Bank (BASIC & ADVANCED)Instructor Scott Carpenter: contact (518) 376-3360 (BASIC & ADVANCED)Schenectady county Sheriff Fingerprinting Information

The applicant should be fingerprinted at the Schenectady county Sheriff’s Office.

All references need to be received prior to you have the right to be fingerprinted.

YOU will certainly BE informed BY MAIL when all four references have actually been received.

Once you obtain that letter girlfriend are all set to be fingerprinted.

Fingerprinting is done by meeting only. When ALL file IS COMPLETE call 518-388-4300 ext 5135 to set up appointment. Appointments will be scheduled TUESDAY OR WEDNESDAY between 7:30AM – 2:30 PM and THURSDAY NIGHTS 6:00PM – 9:00PM.

Bring your applications, letter to the Judge, safety course certificate, and also bill of sale or co-registration type for your handgun(s). Include your certificates of disposition for any arrests and/or convictions.

Fingerprinting is excellent electronically.

The records are confirm by the new York State division of Criminal righteousness Services and also the FBI.

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The fees for this business are $116.50 and may just be paid with a MONEY ORDER do payable to Schenectady County. The Sheriff is not authorized come accept bank checks, personal checks or credit transaction cards.