After to win The Apprentice in 2005, Tim introduced the Integra digital anti-wrinkle device for mr Sugar. Sound fun...

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After leaving lord Sugar"s company, he co-founded a digital marketing agency, Marketing Runners Ltd, and also founded The Bright concepts Trust, a charity which help 16-30 year old entrepreneurs start up a business, and received an MBE in 2012 for solutions to enterprise Culture.


Okay, so she couldn"t beat Tim in the 2005 final, yet she seems to it is in doing alright for herself - Saira"s one of the Loose Women, and was even on Celebrity large Brother critical year.


After winning The Apprentice in 2006, Michelle functioned for lord Sugar for 11 month on the beginning of a computer equipment disposal project called Xenon Green. She left the position after just one year of working for mr Sugar.

But recently you have the right to expect to see her on skies News. She additionally runs a day-to-day Chic: a purchase website.


You remember Ruth The Badger, right? If so, you probably additionally remember that she filmed a TV display called Badger Or Bust a year after coming 2nd to Michelle on The Apprentice.

According to her website, She specialises in help SME (small and medium enterprises) start, grow and improve, and over the critical 7 year The Ruth Badger Consultancy has helped end 350 tiny businesses launch and over 200 grow and also beat the recession.


Simon operated at mr Sugar’s property firm Amsprop ~ winning the present in 2007.

He currently operates a chain the London bars and also restaurants. Oh, and also he chairs the London modern Orchestra too.

Had you forgotten Katie began life as an Apprentice candidate?

Making Apprentice history, she rejected lord Sugar"s market of a location in the final. Why? Well, she claimed there to be problems regarding childcare delivery for she daughters.

Since then she"s to be here, there and everywhere letting us recognize her opinions. Even if it is we want them or not...

Lee to be a really naughty boy, and also lied about his university qualifications, yet Lord sugar still provided him a task at the end of the fourth series of the show.

Lee called in sick for his an initial day together a advance director at mr Sugar"s Amscreen. Lol.

But he didn"t gain fired since of that tiny faux pas - he functioned at mr Sugar"s agency for two and a half years, and went top top to collection up a digital media organization with mr Sugar"s child Simon.

According come Raef"s Instagram, he"s an "entrepreneur. TV Presenter. Raconteur. Actor. Writer. Prince"s trust Ambassador. Guy of Mystery."

Which all sounds nice fun.

Yasmina functioned for lord Sugar"s healthcare company, Amscreen after winning the fifth collection of The Apprentice.

She acquired pregnant four months right into working at the company, and also chose no to return after she maternity leave.

And assumption: v what... She finished up getting headhunted by Dragon’s Den"s James Caan and also now functions as creative director of begin Up Loans.

Bit aer this one...

Stella operated for lord Sugar"s IT remedies company, Viglen, before moving come the digital TV company YouView.

after 13 months of employment, she left lord Sugar"s company, saying that her job role had basically seen her it is in a ‘glorified PA’ . So she filed a insurance claim for constructive dismissal, but lost the case.

Lovely Tom won the display in 2011, and became the an initial contestant to win a £250,000 investment rather of a task as part of the format shake-up.

Using lord Sugar"s money, Tom created a curved nail document called Stylfile, i m sorry is stocked in a entirety load the high street stores now. Plus, he also invented a bowel cancer screening device, a collapsible infant bottle and a makeup brush clean product.

Ricky - who provided to be a pro-wrestler - used Lord Sugar"s £250,000 investment to set up Hyper Recruitment Solutions, i beg your pardon specialises in clinical recruitment.

Total babe Tom narrowly missed out on win the 2012 collection because the Ricky boy name was just too damn good.

But, things are looking great for Tom, that is the owner that a wine firm called Cult Wines. Sound alright, eh?

Luisa released her baking business, Bakers Toolkit, after the present finished.

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She came fourth on the 2014 series of Celebrity huge Brother, and continues do bits of TV work.