Are you looking for best Apps to Hide Photos and Videos from others? anyone in your life has actually something they want to keep personal from others, and if girlfriend are one of them, then you have concerned the right place. Due to the fact that both the Google pat Store and also Apple app Store have tons of apps that deserve to hide her data, yet choosing the finest app amongst them is not simple task. So this is the list of the 10 best free photos & videos hiding apps in 2021.

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Note: all the apps space in arbitrarily order for this reason you have the right to choose any type of app together per her need.

10 finest Apps to Hide pictures & Videos on iPhone and Android (2021)

1. Hide that Pro

Hide it pro for Android
Size ~ above Android11 MB
Size on iPhone19.6 MB
Ratings on play Store4.5
Ratings on application Store (IN)4.6
PriceFree, In-App Purchase

Hide that Pro one of the ideal videos and photos hiding apps because that Android. The UI that the app looks simple, not too flashy, however gets the project done.

This application can hide photos, videos, documents, and also notes. But if you’re utilizing an android device, friend get extr features like hiding apps & music, record manager, video player, and also even lock apps. Girlfriend can additionally hide apps ~ above Android, but you need to have actually the phone call rooted.

Hide the Pro additionally comes with cloud backup by Google Drive with which you deserve to retrieve papers in events like theft, damage, machine format, etc. Other than that, you can collection up a fingerprint or FaceID (iPhone) to unlock, themes, restore email, shake the phone come exit, and slideshow.

Hide it agree for iPhone

Other amazing features include:

Disguise Screen: What the does is, creates a fake display screen that looks choose an really app. Over there are plenty of disguise screens, such as a calculator, a currency converter, a joke of the day, and also so on. I extremely recommend girlfriend to usage this function so the other civilization can’t guess: v you room using an application for hiding private data.Escape Code: This is an additional feature I would certainly recommend you come enable. What the does is, once someone forces you to open up this app, it will make her vault look at empty.

Overall Hide it pro is an amazing app for hiding papers from others and you should try this app.

Download Hide it pro from beat Store

Download Hide it agree from application Store

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2. LockMyPix secret Photo Vault


Size ~ above Android8.0 MB
Ratings on pat Store4.6
PriceFree, In-App Purchase

This is just one of the most progressed apps for hiding your an enig photos and also videos. The application has so countless features that it take it me a most time come go through all the features.

This app has functions that one of two people you have actually not watched on any other apps or are premium. We will begin with functions that room common, such as it comes v Disguise mode, Unlock v Fingerprint, shiver Lock, Intruder Selfie, video Player, and also Recovery Email.

If girlfriend think that is the finish of the features, then you wrong. Other added features the make this application unique are:

Prevent Spying:
It will block screenshots and screen move within the app.Keep display on: store the display on as soon as viewing photos and also videos.Internal Camera App: usage the LockMyPix internal camera app to take new photos or videos.Design & Styling: If friend want more than simply hiding pictures and videos, then you will certainly love this feature. This app has a wide selection of color choices to customize your app and additionally features dark mode.

While the free version the the app currently offers so many features, but if you want to eliminate Ads and also use the Fake Vault feature, you can use for premium plans.

Sadly, this app is not available for iOS devices. Yet if you have actually an android device, then LockMyPix is seriously one of the finest videos and picture hiding apps in 2021.

Download LockMyPix indigenous Play Store

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3. Gallery Vault

Size on Android12 MB
Size top top iPhone54.9 MB
Ratings on pat Store4.6
Ratings on app Store (US)4.7
PriceFree, In-App Purchase

Gallery Vault is an additional best app for hiding pictures and also videos and also is easily accessible for both Android and also iPhone. But when it involves features, the app has a different set of features on both the platform.


Gallery Vault for Android

To store your photos and videos more secure top top Android, it come with plenty of amazing functions like:

Icon Disguise: the is similar to the Hide it agree app, which will disguise her default gallery Vault as a Calculator app.Private Camera: By enabling this feature, an icon named GCamera will be included to her launcher to take pictures and videos and include them come the gallery vault automatically.

Other functions are cloud Sync, Recycle bin, Folder lock, enable/disable screenshot, Uninstall protection, Built-in video players, and much more.

The app additionally comes with premium features:

Break-in Alerts: What that does is when someone enters the dorn password, it will certainly take a photograph from the former camera.Fake Password: the is choose the Hide it pro app’s Escape password feature, i m sorry will display an north vault on entering fake passwords.

Other premium functions are Shake come close one app, Fingerprint Unlock, and Random password keyboard.


Gallery Vault for iPhone

Gallery Vault because that the iPhone has its own set of cool features:

Enable mystery Door: it disguises gallery Vault together a Camera application to make human being think the is a camera app.Change application Icon: girlfriend can change the main icon to either the Album symbol or Camera icon.

Other features incorporate a practice lock display screen background, recycle bin, unlock with TouchID, change lock type, Folder lock, and so on. And like Android, it additionally comes v a premium feature like Break-in alerts.

The application has tons of comfortable features, do it one of the best totally free apps to hide photos and also videos because that iPhone & Android in 2021.

Download collection Vault on Android

Download collection Vault from application Store

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4. Calculator # Hide image Videos


Size on iPhone50 MB
Ratings on app Store (IN)4.2
PriceFree, In-App Purchase

Not just you deserve to use this application as a calculator, yet you can likewise use it because that hiding photos and videos. The application is obtainable for iphone phone only and also other than hiding photos and also videos it have the right to hide audios, documents, notes, passwords, and also to-do lists.

It comes through the usual attributes like most of the various other apps have actually on this list favor Security lock recovery, Decoy setting (Fake login), panic switch (Quickly switches to other apps to prevent snooping), and Disguise setting (Fool intruders by a fake error article box).

Other than that, you can also earlier up photos and also videos to cloud storage and also remove Ads by purchase a premium pack.

Download Calculator from application Store

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5. Photo Lock App


Size on Android3.4 MB
Ratings on beat Store4.3
PriceFree, In-App Purchase

Photo Lock app has all the basic features like fingerprint unlock, themes, fake PIN, and uninstall protection.

To additional secure her photos and also videos, the application comes with:

Intruder Selfie:
that will instantly take pictures when someone unlocks through wrong through a pin, pattern, or fingerprint.Fake pin (Decoy Locker): It creates a second PIN that opens up to a decoy gallery Lock. For this reason if your friends or family members members force you to open the app, just use the 2nd PIN and it will show them an north gallery vault.Facedown Lock: once you location your phone face down, this app will automatically close and lock itself. Friend can select other faces down actions prefer – Open another app or open a website.Fake app Lock Cover: to make your app an ext secure, you deserve to use this feature to stupid someone through either Fake pressure Stop or Fingerprint Scanning lock cover.

Other features consisted of are a built-in app locker and also browser. Overall, the photograph Lock app offers an ext features for cost-free than many of the apps on this list and is definitely one the the best videos and photos hider apps for Android.

Download picture Lock app from beat Store

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6. Photo Vault


Size top top Android25 MB
Size top top iPhone96.1 MB
Ratings on play Store4.0
Ratings on app Store (IN)4.7
PriceFree, In-App Purchase

When you will look at the photo Vault app, the an initial impression of your would-be it has actually an outdated look and doesn’t watch modern. Well, ns can’t disagree through you, but do you recognize this app has a rating the 4.7 out of 5 top top the Apple application Store.

When it concerns hiding pictures and videos, the app does the job and it additionally has a built-in web browser through which you can download images and also videos from the web.

Although you deserve to use fingerprint login to open up the application on an android yet is exclusive to the agree feature. Whereas iphone users can enjoy this feature for free.

Pro features of photo Vault are:

Unlimited PhotosUnlimited AlbumsWireless paper TransferDecoy PasswordAds-free experienceBreak-in Report

Download Private picture Vault native Play Store

Download Private picture Vault from app Store

7. Sgallery


Size top top Android9.8 MB
Ratings on play Store4.6
PriceFree, In-App Purchase

Sgallery is another complimentary video and also photos hiding application for Android. You can defend your images and also videos via PIN, Pattern, and also Fingerprint sensor. The app additionally has a Disguise Icon attribute that deserve to be readjusted to Converter, black Hole, and also Calculator app.

Other than that, you additionally get a built-in video clip player, browser, note, app lock, dark mode, recycle bin, and app hide features. Although the app Hide will certainly only work-related when her android phone is rooted.

Furthermore, you can use the exclusive camera function that comes with it. Every it does is produce a home display shortcut on her launcher for a private camera that have the right to take photos and automatically encrypt them into a vault.

If girlfriend want an ext powerful features and safety, you can go for your premium package. The premium attributes are:

No AdsTheme ManagerIcon DisguiseIntruder SelfieProhibit ScreenshotsShake CloseFake PasswordRandom Password KeyboardTime PinCustom Wallpaper

Even though most of the amazing attributes are in the premium plan, quiet the totally free version would certainly be sufficient for many of the users.

Download Sgalley indigenous Play Store

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8. Dialer Vault – app Hider


Size on Android13 MB
Ratings on pat Store4.3
PriceFree, In-App Purchase

As you can understand native the name, it definitely looks prefer a phone dialer app. Also, when I unlocked the app, the very first thing i noticed was that it looks an ext like a launcher 보다 an application hider.

Dialer Vault is no only qualified of hiding your secret photos and videos, but you can also hide apps. However actually, it is no hiding the app, it’s much more like producing the clone of the application (just choose parallel space) and later deleting that from the main app drawer.

You deserve to also permit fingerprint to unlock and hide from a recent task to more secure photos and videos.

Download Dialer Vault indigenous Play Store

9. Vault

Vault because that Android
Size top top AndroidVaries through device
Size top top iPhone42 MB
Ratings on play Store4.4
Ratings on app Store (IN)3.9
PriceFree, In-App Purchase

Vault is among the most famous apps out there, having actually over 50 million downloads. V this app not just you deserve to hide photos and videos but also use the for exclusive browsing, securing her apps through a built-in app locker and 1 GB of totally free cloud storage.

The app additionally comes with various other unlocking options, such together Unlock through Pattern and Fingerprint.

Vault for iPhone

For iphone users, they get 2 added features:

Unlock v TouchIDFace under Lock: Just confront down the screen and the vault will exit and also another app will it is in launched. You can choose between Messages, Mail, Music, and Safari.

Another added feature you get is – girlfriend can include a vault camera icon on your residence screen. So photos taken native the vault camera will be directly saved to the vault instead of a picture gallery. You can also set a defense email because that resetting her password once you forget it.

Although the complimentary version the this application would be enough for most of friend guys, there are also premium functions you might want to consider.

Fake Vault: v this feature, you have the right to secure your exclusive images and videos even more. Every you should do is develop a fake vault and also if who asks girlfriend to open up the app, climate it will show the fake one and they will never know the difference.Break-in Alerts: take away the photo as soon as someone tries to sneak right into your vault.Stealth Mode: make the vault icon disappear from her phone’s application screen.

Download Vault native Play Store

Download Vault from app Store

10. Hide Something


Size top top AndroidVaries v device
Ratings on pat Store4.6
PriceFree, In-App Purchase

Hide other is a free, simple, and also easy-to-use app and has end 10 million downloads on Google pat Store. You deserve to hide her images and videos easily and protect them with a Pin, Pattern, or Fingerprint lock. To make your document more secure, that comes through two cool attributes – Camouflage application (Using a Calculator application to hide photos and also videos) and Fake mode (Use a fake password come unlock and only visible photos can be seen).

This app additionally comes v Stealth mode, email for recovering passwords, and dark mode. Yet the attribute that stands out from the rest of the apps is: the backs increase all private photos and videos come Google Drive, and also you can browse them v a desktop browser.

Overall, Hide something doesn’t have too numerous features contrasted to that competitors yet still capable enough to secure your photos & videos and the desktop computer browser function just makes accessing files much more convenient.

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Download Hide Something from Play Store


These were the perform of 10 finest apps to hide photos and also videos ~ above iPhone and also Android in 2021. You may uncover some apps having actually fewer functions or having progressed features, but what problem is lock all can hide your files. Also, the apps are listed in arbitrarily order so install any type of app the you think deserve to keep your secret files in ~ maximum security.