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Branded Surveys


Survey Junkie Summary$1-$3 average revenue per surveyExtra point out if girlfriend screened the end of surveyAdditional methods to earn as much as $100Install survey Junkie extension for bonus


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2. Swagbucks

(Get a $5 sign-up bonus)

Swagbucks is one of the most well-known rewards program that enables you to earn points because that completing surveys. However, Swagbucks likewise offers various other money-making tasks, like:

Watching videosShopping onlinePlaying gamesBrowsing the webAnd more

Each task on Swagbucks earns friend a various amount that Swagbucks points. Because that example, completing 1 survey can acquire you $2 precious of points, while shopping online can get friend more.

Once you’ve got to a minimum payout threshold that $5, you can redeem your points because that Amazon gift cards immediately.

Swagbucks Summary18 means to knife money and e-gift cards$5 sign up bonusUp come 10% cashback once shopping online$1 minimum e-gift card withdrawal



3. InboxDollars

(Earn approximately $3 every survey)

InboxDollars is one more rewards website that allows you earn complimentary Amazon gift cards for participating in surveys and also completing various other micro-tasks favor watching videos.

Depending top top the size of an separation, personal, instance survey, you have an chance to earn between $0.25 and $3. And also the reward because that completing other tasks mainly varies between $0.02 and $0.25 every task.

What’s great about InboxDollars is the it tailors surveys based on your preferences and demographics.

Once you’ve built up $30 in rewards, you’ll be able to redeem your revenue for Amazon gift cards the you have the right to use for any Amazon purchase.

InboxDollars Summary$5 sign up bonusReferral regime – 30% that referral makesMost that the surveys salary $0.50 come $113 different ways to earn money



4. PrizeRebel

(Most surveys pay as much as $1)

PrizeRebel is another an excellent way to earn cost-free Amazon gift cards because that completing surveys and also other tiny tasks choose watching videos, referring friends, and more.

While the amount for each completed task varies, girlfriend can obtain up to $1 because that participating in paid surveys. Plus, you’ll see the precise value of completing the task prior to you even select it.

Pro tip: try to emphasis on higher-paying work to use your time efficiently and also maximize your earnings.

PrizeRebel Summary$1 average earnings per surveyEarn as lot as $50 each monthRewards are sent in 24 hoursUp to 30% because that referred user earnings


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5. InstaGC

(Get instant cost-free Amazon gift card)

InstaGC is a legit GPT (get paid to) website that rewards you with totally free Amazon gift cards because that completing surveys. This platform does what that sounds favor – allows you earn an instant totally free Amazon gift card.

On average, each inspection is worth $1 and also the best thing about InstaGC is that you deserve to withdraw your revenue immediately. This way you deserve to exchange your revenue for one Amazon gift map as soon as did you do it completed simply 1 survey.

While InstaGC mainly focuses on paid surveys, there room other rewarding micro tasks accessible as well, such as:

Shopping onlineWatching videosSearching the web
instaGC SummaryUp to $1 every surveyPays 10% for user ad earningsOnly $1 minimum cash out330+ gift cards available



3 ideal Apps come Unlock Amazon Gift map Codes by play Games

Providing your opinion isn’t the only means to earn Amazon gift cards. A variety of apps actually pay you because that playing games instead.

6. Lucktastic

(Cash prizes selection from $250 come $1 million)

Luckastic is a online scratch-off ticket application that’s accessible for iOS and Android devices. It’s free to join and also the application provides various rewarding ways the winning complimentary Amazon gift cards.

For example:

Sugarplum SurpriseReceive $250 each week that the promotion
Sweet Money ContestWin approximately $100,000 in cash
Crack the code ContestWin approximately $1 Million

What’s best about Lucktastic is that every time girlfriend play, nevertheless if you success cash prizes or not, girlfriend still earn points, which are redeemable because that gift cards native Amazon, Restaurant.com, and other brands.

What’s best, even if you nothing win significant contests, you can still earn much more tokens because that a possibility to shot again and also win.

Lucktastic SummaryFree come download and playTasks take it secondsCash the end from $56 other methods to earn



7. Mistplay

(Estimate earning potential: $2 – $5 per hour)

Mistplay is a rewards app that lets you earn cost-free Amazon gift cards because that playing games.

How much you deserve to earn play in-app gamings with MistPlay varies from retailer come retailer, yet you can expect an average of $2 – $5.

Note the MistPlay is at this time only easily accessible on Android devices.

Other than Amazon gift cards, friend can additionally redeem your Mistplay income for gift cards native Google pat or virtual Visa gift cards.

Mistplay SummaryRedeem rewards from as little as $5Gift cards space processed within 48 hours5 different ways you can earn moneyGet 100 point out by inviting her friends



8. AppNana

($5 Xbox complimentary Gift map from AppNana)

AppNana is a complimentary mobile application lucrative you with points when you download and/or beat games.

While part apps call for you to just install them, others may require you to reach specific levels in the game.

Points you earning with AppNana are referred to as “nanas”, which you deserve to redeem for gift cards indigenous Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and Xbox.

Some ways you can earn “nanas”:

Log in every dayDownload a gameReaching a certain level in ~ the gameWatch videos and also adsDownload an app and keep it open for a certain period of time
AppNana SummarySign increase bonusGenerous referral programRedeem rewards indigenous $1Available worldwide



3 finest Apps come Get free Amazon Gift Cards by Shopping

In instance you don’t desire to complete surveys or play games, there space apps the offer totally free Amazon gift cards because that shopping – what you’re already doing anyway.

What’s good, friend can also get rewarded as soon as you do regular grocery shopping.

9. Shopkick

($1 bonus because that referring friends come download Shopkick app)

As one of the best shopping rewards apps, Shopkick provides different ways of earning point out which space redeemable for Amazon gift cards.

What’s good, Shopkick has actually a pretty low minimum withdrawal limit; you can redeem your revenue as soon as you’ve built up 500 points ($2).

You can earn Shopkick point out by:

Watching videos – 3 points every videoWalking into stores – between 30 and 100 pointsScanning items in stores – 10 points every scanSubmitting receipts the in-store or in-app purchase – revenue varyShopping online or in-store – e.g. 3 points for each $1 spent on eBayInviting friends – 250 points once a girlfriend joins the app

250 points equal $1.

Shopkick SummarySign up with promo code: vxcialistoufjg.com5Get a $5 bonus by earning 25 kicksEarn more than $1 native each keep visitLow minimum cash the end amount of $2



10. Drop

(Earn $10 – $20 for each $100 you spend)

Drop is a shopping application that rewards you v points that space redeemable for gift cards native Amazon, Target, and more.

What’s good, Drop allows you earn these points once you execute your continual grocery shopping. So they don’t encourage you to spend any extra money to knife rewards.

Moreover, you can simply affix the application to your debit or credit card once and seamlessly earn cash-backs when you purchase qualifying products.

Here’s the example of what you can earn with the drop app:

Walmart2 points because that each $1 spent
Trader Joe’s12 points for each $1 spent

1,000 fall points = $1

You’ll also receive 5,000 points as soon as you invite 10 friend to sign up with the platform.

Drop application SummaryEarn $10 native Drop Flash deal offersGet your reward within 3 work of redeemingEarn as much as $50 from introduce friends5 different ways to earn rewards



11. Ibotta

(Earn on average $150 per year)

Ibotta is a savings application that provides cash-backs top top your consistent online or in-store purchases at popular stores prefer Amazon, Target, and also more.

Here’s the perform of some of the cash-back provides you can find on Ibotta:

StoreCash-back Amount
Walmart$0.25 – $4 cash-back
Petsmart.com10% cash-back
Bed, bath & Beyond2% cash-back
Macy’s15% cash-back

You’ll get $20 as a ‘Welcome Bonus’ when you join Ibotta:

$5 once you redeem your very first Ibotta offer within 7 work after registering$15 once you redeem your very first 9 in-store to buy offers

As quickly as her Ibotta earnings reach $20, you’ll have an alternative to redeem her funds because that gift cards from Amazon, Walmart, Target, Starbucks, and also more.

Ibotta SummaryThe typical Ibotta user earns $150 a yearUp to 30% cashback$5 bonus because that each friend referredClose come 1500 shop available



3 methods to Get free Amazon Gift Cards straight from Amazon

12. Trade-in her Electronics

Amazon Trade-In program accepts her used computer in exchange because that an Amazon gift card that you deserve to use for your following Amazon purchases.

There space 2 methods you can get Amazon gift cards in exchange for her old electronics:

Either way, you’ll obtain an instant offer and also receive one Amazon gift map within 2 work after your item it s okay delivered.

13. Job-related for Amazon

If you’re in search of a versatile side hustle idea, you can join the Amazon mechanically Turk (MTurk) program.

By involvement this program, you will do it be earning money that you can withdraw together Amazon gift cards for completing micro work for Amazon online.

The work you’ll it is in assigned to may vary indigenous day to day, but generally include the following:

Transcribing dataTaking surveysProcessing videosAnd more.

14. Come to be an Amazon Affiliate

Whether you’re reasoning of starting a blog or a YouTube channel, or desire to monetize an present one, friend can advantage from the Amazon Affiliate Program.

Simply sign up as an Amazon Associate and also start proclaiming some of Amazon commodities on your website or in her videos. Each time someone provides an Amazon acquisition with her affiliate link, you’ll acquire a commission.

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All of her Amazon affiliate commissions are built up within the platform until you request a withdrawal right into your bank account or Amazon gift card.