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Light Jacket work / The Perfect Date is a mock holiday celebrated on April 25th and also based top top a heat from the 2000 comedy film Miss Congeniality, in i m sorry a beauty pageant contestant mistakes a question around her appropriate romantic rendezvous for she literal favourite day the the year.


Light jacket Day, also known together "The Perfect Date," comes from a heat of conversation heard in the 2000 comedy movie Miss Congeliaty.

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<2> released on December 22nd, 2000, Miss Congeniality stars Sandra Bullock as an undercover FBI agent posing together a beauty, beauty pageant contestant. In the film, a beauty beauty pageant organize asks a contestant about her "perfect date." Misunderstanding what the host means by "date," she responds, "April 25th because its not as well hot and not too cold. Every you require is a irradiate jacket"

On April 26th, 2012, the website WeKnowMemes<4> released a display screen cap of the step (shown below).


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