Made because that the AR-15 and also similiar layout riflesPermanently modified instead of partReplaces pistol gripDoes not protrude conspicuously in ~ the activity of the weaponMolded native Nylon 6/6Made in USA

Gun legislations & Restrictions

Ammunition, Magazines and other items are limited in miscellaneous jurisdictions throughout the joined States. Please know the laws in your regional jurisdiction. Dark Storm sectors will job-related with you come accommodate any type of legal purchase in this areas. Listed below are a couple of examples. Please contact us with any questions.

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New York City - Ammunition order up to 200 rounds only. The the person who lives must provide a copy of their NYC Rifle / Pistol Permit before the order deserve to ship. The easiest method to do this is just photograph it v your smart Phone and email it to info with your bespeak number.

New York State - Ammunition might be notified online but only because that in-store pickup. Effective 30 work from when the NYSP puts your background check system online, girlfriend will need to provide any forced information (TBD) and also pass the background check to complete the transaction. If you space purchasing ammunition because that a pistol you will need to display your NYS pistol permit.

Connecticut - because that ammunition orders, the buyer need to email a copy of their Connecticut pistol permit, eligibility certificate, lengthy gun eligibility certificate or one ammunition certificate together with a valid kind of identification in bespeak to acquisition ammunition. The easiest method to perform this is merely photograph it with your smart Phone and also email it come info v your bespeak number.

Stun Guns and Tasers

New York State - no sales to inhabitants of brand-new York City. All other counties space ok for sleeve or shipment.

Rifles & Magazines

Law Enforcement - If you room attempting to purchase a firearm or newspaper in a jurisdiction wherein they are restricted to legislation Enforcement Only, girlfriend will need to provide a copy of your regulation enforcement i would card before we have the right to ship and if stated below, a letter authorizing the acquisition for duty usage on agency letterhead.

Below is a compilation that publicly obtainable information to aid you in your purchases. The information included herein must not be taken into consideration legal advise or any guarantee that legality. Customers should contact local law enforcement because that clarification.


DS-15 Type

Mag Capacity

LE Exempt



Fixed Mag, Featureless


Duty Use just w/ Letter

No .50 Caliber. No DS-15 or DS-9 pistols.




Duty Use only w/ Letter


Fixed Mag, Firearm (Non-NFA)



Under 21 years old - 5 Rounds and also 30" minimum length. Resolved Mag Pistols Allowed




Fixed Mag Pistols Allowed


See Notes


No in Chicago,Duty Use just w/ Letter Elsewhere

Semiauto rifles banned in Aurora, Chicago or cook County,Fixed Mag only in City of Highland Park


Post Ban

Cities of Gary and East Chicago


HBAR, Standard



DS-15 Lightning (Standard), other DS-15"s HBAR Only. DS-9 and DS-10 Standard


Post Ban, resolved Mag



Post ban DS-9 only. DS-10 and DS-15 have to be resolved Mag

New Jersey

Post Ban,Firearm (Non-NFA)



Fixed Mag Pistols Allowed

New York

Fixed Mag orFeatureless

10 (5 in NYC)


No DS-15"s in NYC. Addressed Mag Pistols different by County.

Puerto Rico

Post Ban


Duty Use just w/ Letter

No Springfield XD, XD-M or XD-S Pistols

Washington DC

Fixed Mag orFeatureless


Duty Use just w/ Letter

.50 BMG Prohibited

Returns and Defective Product

Your satisfaction is vital to Dark Storm Industries. If you should return a product, we will make every reasonable initiative to accomplish you.

Proof of purchase is required for every returns. This is your printed register receipt for in save purchases or order # for online sales connected to your account.Returns or exchanges must be processed in ~ 30 job of purchase. All returns or exchanges have to be in new, unused, sale-able problem unless it is defective.There room no returns or exchanges on firearms, ammunition, body armor, shock guns, tasers, pepper spray, discontinued, or clearance items.Training might be rescheduled there is no any added fees, yet it non-cancellable / non-refundableA 20% restocking fee will use to every order cancellations or changes. This contains delayed NICS transactions the are asked for to be cancelled.A $50.00 fee will be assessed on every NICS refuse Refunds.Items v prices finishing in "XX.77" are discontinued and/or clearance itemsIf you deliver in a firearm that is no compliant or you are unable to possess, the firearm will certainly be shipped ago atyourexpense. By attempting to move non-compliant guns, friend will additionally forfeit your deliver fee.If you order a firearm that is no legal in your location, a 20% restocking fee will certainly be assessed top top the order being refunded.Gift Cards have to be treated as cash as they cannot be changed if shed or stolen. Gift Cards can not be redeemed for cash. Gift cards carry out not expire or charge fees.Lead time on guns are estimations and are subject to change. As result of ongoing supply chain concerns which were caused by the an international pandemic, we cannot insurance any specific timeframe. We do our absolute ideal to that s right estimate said lead times.

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Please contact our customer organization department via email at info or phone at 800-963-7700 to acquire an RMA # before shipping your item back to us.