Is Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) thinking about proposing marriage to ATF unique agent Zoe (Marisol Nichols)?

Bishop (Emily Wickersham) tells McGee (Sean Murray) the Tony and Zoe are having actually problems, yet could the trouble be that Tony is thinking about popping the question? when Tony come in, the is in a cheery mood, for this reason there"s no clues of any kind of problem there. Climate Tony shares that he is walking to obtain the results of a DNA check to find out that his ancestors are. It sounds as if he can be interested in nesting.

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Tony teases his co-workers that if he gets the outcomes he really hopes for, they will have actually to call him "Lord Anthony."

At the same time, Bishop is additionally having partnership issues. Things aren"t obtaining any much better between her and Jake (Jamie Bamber), so she to plan a pilgrimage to St. Johns in the Virgin archipelago so she and also Jake can rekindle your marriage.

Unlike critical week, the "Incognito" episode is mainly about the case. Gibbs it s okay a phone call from a Maj. Newton, that was connected in one armory-theft situation that Gibbs and DiNozzo had worked earlier and considered closed. But Newton was prefer a dog with a bone and refused come let it go. He constantly thought there to be an accomplice, yet when Gibbs and DiNozzo go out to Quantico to satisfy with Newton, he transforms up dead.

At first, it looks together if he fell while jogging, but there isn"t sufficient blood in ~ the scene and Ducky (David McCallum) states he has to discover out why. However it is Abby (Pauley Perrette) that discovers the truth. Abby puts the data from Newton"s fitness tracker in her computer, which shows that the major"s heart stopped beating yet his body preserved moving! and since this isn"t a show around the undead, Newton"s fatality is labeled a murder.

When they examine Newton"s quarters, DiNozzo discovers a plastic knife, covering in a napkin within an envelope. Gibbs numbers that that is proof that Newton to be going to rotate over, but he doesn"t understand to what it"s connected.

A finger publish on the knife leader them come Captain Dean Hudson (Bart Johnson) and his mam Lauren (Stephanie Koenig), who deny having actually seen Newton if he was in D.C.

Gibbs meets with Lauren"s lawyer, that tells him the Lauren"s marriage to Dean to be the just thing she father ever disapproved of that she had actually done. Even so, the left she his fortune.

When security footage indigenous the commissary top top the base mirrors the Hudsons through Newton, Gibbs sends Bishop and McGee undercover together a married couple -- shades of Ziva (Cote de Pablo) and also DiNozzo, who did this and had a cool time in a hotel. Yet things room rough in between Bishop and also McGee, because McGee had actually inadvertently flood the bean to Jake around the trip to the Virgin Islands, not understanding it was a surprised Bishop planned for your anniversary.

The pair don"t find out much undercover, but ago at the lab, Abby discovers a discrepancy between the picture on Lauren"s north Carolina and Virginia driver"s licenses. Once she dual checks the fingerprints, she realizes the they don"t belong to the exact same woman!

As Gibbs and DiNozzo journey to arrest the Hudsons, Gibbs asks what"s up v the sudden interest in his ancestry. DiNozzo replies, "All I have is senior (Robert Wagner). I"ve been thinking around family. I don"t see kids in my future. Ns guess i am trying to find a sense of belonging." Which means Bishop to be right: DiNozzo and Zoe are having actually problems.

McGee is through Lauren once he learns the she is a fake, yet his covering is busted by a Marine, questioning him if Newton"s murder has actually been solved. Lauren runs, but doesn"t obtain far and McGee arrests her at gunpoint.

Meanwhile, Bishop decides come break into the Hudsons" home. She speak Abby, "Gibbs is constantly telling me to take it the initiative." She asks Abby to watch the monitors, and she goes throughout the street, climbs in the bathroom window, and also starts opened boxes.

In among them, she finds Dean"s actual wife dead, preserved and vacuum-sealed so that there isn"t any type of odor. Simply then, Abby spies Dean returning, and tries to warn Bishop, however Bishop left she phone earlier in the security house.

Dean tries come strangle Bishop -- and also he is succeeding since he outweighs her by a great 75 pounds -- when Bishop grabs the scissors she was utilizing to open the boxes and stabs him in the back. He falls, pushing them in also further. An additional dead Marine, however this case is closed.

Back at the office, Gibbs asks DiNozzo if the still plans come visit England, and also DiNozzo says he will take the trip later. Climate he comes clean. While it is true that he is regarded Archibald Drummond, the 17th Earl the Trent, Archibald was a scoundrel and also died in Newgate Prison. And there space those that think he might have been Jack the Ripper. So lot for DiNozzo"s desires of nobility.

Also, McGee sends out Bishop flowers, so every is forgiven. Besides, Jake had actually to travel to Asia on assignment, so he couldn"t have actually made the anniversary trip anyway.

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"NCIS" airs Tuesday nights top top CBS.

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