Actress Olivia Munn and also Green only Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers damaged up in April 2017 after dating for 3 years. While neither has talked directly around their relationship and split, castle each have made veiled recommendations to what did (and didn"t) go wrong.

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In October 2017, Rodgers defined to ESPN that merely being a public pair was a challenge. "When you room living out a connection in the public eye, it"s definitely... It"s difficult," he said. "It has actually some extra constraints because you have other opinions around your relationship, just how it influence your work and, girlfriend know, just some unreasonable connections." however the reason of your breakup can not be that straightforward.

Munn has actually made rather a couple of references to a disappointing past relationship, and many people believe those references are about Rodgers. The Detroit News reported that while speaking at the 2019 Forbes Under 30 occasion held in the city, Munn divulged rather a couple of personal details about a vault relationship. "It wasn"t until I had actually exited the relationship and I was able to look ago and establish I had sold two various TV shows while I remained in that relationship, i m sorry is extremely an overwhelming to do," she shared.

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Olivia Munn continued by expressing her belief that this past relationship she remained in (which many thought to it is in the one with Aaron Rodgers) to be truly not supportive. "Because that relationship finished not having that support from him and him wanting me come just always be there to cater come every require of his and not be supportive of my needs... Ns was left so empty at the end," she claimed at the Forbes event (via The Detroit News).

Munn and Rodgers had actually to contend with rather a couple of rumors when together. Many people blamed Munn for the truth that Rodgers to be estranged native his family. She even addressed this particular rumor while speaking to Andy Cohen ~ above his podcast Radio Andy, and it sounds choose the problems started well prior to she and Rodgers ever before met.

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"I to be friendly through Jordan," Munn mutual in the may 2018 podcast interview. "I met the parents only a pair of times. Prior to he and I started dating he hadn"t talked to the parents and also one brothers for favor eight months before we began dating."

Fans might never get all the answers about these two, however at the very least Munn had a opportunity to clear the waiting — and clear her name.