The website Money Pop published a list of restaurant chain purportedly "turning off your burners and also closing up shop" in 2020.

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Published24 December 2020

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The society media headline read: “These Restaurant chain Are transforming Off your Burners and also Closing increase Shop.” This was misleading. Taco Bell was no closing or going the end of service in 2020.

While the social media headline made it show up that Taco Bell was closing its doors, the headline on Money pop was quite different: “These well-known Restaurant chains Are shedding Money Fast.” The post included a page about Taco Bell, yet did not point out anything about the restaurant chain “closing increase shop”:

Taco Bell Is No longer The totality Enchilada

What started off together a dream for a male working a warm dog was standing turned right into one that the most renowned “Mexican” fast-food chains in America. Valley Bell opened up the very first Taco Bell in 1962, ~ watching the mexican restaurant alongside his stand make way more money 보다 him. Bell’s an initial restaurant to be actually called Taco Tia, basing his foods off of the neighboring Mexican stands.

As us all know, the name adjusted to Taco Bell, and also the restaurant quickly expanded. Unfortunately, it has been announced the there will be some cutbacks in places in 2020. Be sure to get an additional Cheetos Burrito before they’re every gone!

According to the page source code of the Money pop story, the write-up was last updated top top Dec. 14, 2020. Yet the human being or civilization who operate Money popular music did not upgrade the story to point out that Taco Bell was not closing. They also did not upgrade the story come say that much more Taco Bell restaurant areas were operation in 2020 than in 2019. Taco Bell’s Q3 2020 financial results reported that it had 7,191 restaurants operation in Q3 2019. In Q3 2020, Taco Bell elevated that number come 7,400 restaurants.

Further, Yum! Brands, which own Taco Bell, reported no that it to be closing, however rather the the Taco Bell division made higher core operating earnings in Q3 2020 보다 the KFC or Pizza Hut divisions. Q3 2020 covered June 1 with Sept. 30.

The Money pop story additionally failed to mention that Taco Bell announced to plan in respectable 2020 for new “Go Mobile” locations. Taco Bell walk Mobile restaurants will certainly launch in 2021, featuring smaller sized buildings, a one-of-a-kind drive-thru for fast mobile application order pickup, a “synchronized digital experience,” curbside pick-up, and even “bellhops,” or employees acquisition orders in the parking lots with tablets.

“Taco Bell walk Mobile” ide art. (Courtesy: Taco Bell)

If this “news” about Taco Bell supposedly closing its doors seems choose déjà vu, readers may be reasoning of a troll website indigenous 2016. Additionally, we have previously covered similar closure rumors about The Cheesecake Factory, and also Subway and Pizza Hut.

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Published24 December 2020