Navigating a relationship deserve to be pretty tough and tricky. The becomes also more an overwhelming when the partners’ lifestyles and also habits clash top top a daily basis. TLC’s ’90 work Fiancé’ is a study of such cross-border couples who take a challenge to shot and resolve down in ~ 90 days. Concentrating on united state citizens and their partners who are foreign nationals, the series charts the foreign partner’s arrival on a K-1 visa, which enables the holder to stay on us soil for 90 days, within which they need to marry. Failing to execute so will an outcome in them acquiring sent ago to your country.

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With the present focusing top top a wide range of couples, some instantly stand the end to the audience. Angela Deem and also Michael Ilesanmi to be one such pair that stood out because of their huge age difference. An initial appearing ~ above season 2 of ‘90 work Fiancé: before the 90 Days,’ the pair soon ended up being quite popular amongst fans. Permit us discover out if Angela and Michael room still together, shall we?

Angela and also Michael’s 90 job Fiancé Journey

Angela Deem to be 52 once she very first appeared ~ above season 2 the ‘90 work Fiancé: before the 90 Days.’ her previous marriage was a poor experience, and also she did cite that she had lost all belief in the institution. However, once she met Nigerian native Michael Ilesanmi online, Angela began falling for him. Initially, both Michael and also Angela lied around their age, with Angela declare she to be 50 and also Michael alleging he to be 40. Angela likewise feared gaining scammed, due to the fact that Michael hails indigenous Nigeria, i m sorry is infamous for internet fraud.


However, when they started getting to understand each other, they occurred a bond and entered into a relationship. ~ that, that did not take lengthy for Michael to use for a K-1 visa. Unfortunately, Michael’s visa acquired denied, and also Angela had actually to fly over to satisfy him. There to be hitches in their connection right indigenous the an extremely beginning together Angela uncovered out the Michael had actually cheated on her. She to be also really insecure around him and also did not choose him providing attention to other girls. This insecurity and also mistrust offered rise to multiple crack in your relationship, and also the couple was often at loggerheads over minor matters.

Moreover, the pair can not agree on the inquiry of babies and their future plans. V the partnership falling apart, it appeared as if Angela would need to return come the says as a single woman. However, the two eventually worked things out and also reached one understanding. The couple agreed that the love they had for each various other was far an ext important than their petty fights. Finally, Angela and Michael tied the node in a ceremony in Nigeria in 2020.

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Are Angela and also Michael still Together?

Although Angela and Michael have remained in some hot water lately, castle seem come still it is in together. The early year of their marital relationship was stormy for both together they repeatedly combated over different things. Moreover, with the cultural difference in between them being vast, Michael can not suit himself come someone as opinionated as Angela, which brought about even much more altercations. The pair also might not see eye on eye ~ above Angela wanting load loss surgery. Michael was totally against the idea and really open around his displeasure.