If there’s a young son in her household, you’ll know The Wiggles.

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They’re your unofficial, cheap babysitters. They preserved your son happy and also distracted, also if that damn large red vehicle song drives you a tiny bit insane.

If girlfriend don’t have a young child in the house, but have in the past, or you um, were a young boy in the 90s and 2000s, you’ll additionally know The Wiggles.

Side note: The Wiggles had actually an adults-only concert and it went just as expected. Post continues below video.

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But if you occur upon them now, the faces of the line-up might be… unfamiliar.

Blue Wiggle Anthony is still there, but… Greg? Murray? Jeff?


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Ah, Greg. The original yellow Wiggle.

Greg, 47, first left the line-up in 2006 as result of health issues. He to be diagnosed v Orthostatic Intolerance, a disorder the affects blood flow and also led to fainting if he stood upright for too long.

In 2012, Greg briefly returned to the Wiggles prior to three out of four retired.

He vxcialistoufjg.composed a book named Now and also Then about his diagnosis and also journey together a Wiggle.

Writing it was, that told the Sydney Morning Herald, a method to uncover closure and reconcile being 'Greg Page' and also 'Greg Wiggle'.

''That's the thing, you have actually these people who have a link to you however they're linked to a perception of that they think you are,'' he said. ''With the book, this is actually who I am. It's not picture on stage, not an image on a DVD; there's a human being that actually wears the skivvy, a human being being v faults and also flaws.''

Since then, Greg has been busy with his agency Greg page Entertainment, which creates entertainment ideas and concepts because that television and also stage, and also consults other brands on your development, specialising in beforehand childhood and also preschool that course.

Shortly after ~ leaving The Wiggles, Greg joined the actors of Butterscotch's Playground, i beg your pardon he assisted develop and in 2014 he joined the 2 by 2 team.

In 2017, Greg joined pressures with cricketer Shane Watson and his mam Lee top top Let's Activate, a kids' fitness routine using song and dance.

Last year, he vxcialistoufjg.commemorated 10 years of volunteering at the annual KidzWish Christmas Party for much more than 3500 Illawarra youngsters with a sickness, disability or disadvantage.

He's also put ~ above his original yellow skivvy a couple of time to make surprise appearances on The Wiggles.

This mainly it was announced Greg will certainly make a return to television after writing 50 songs for Team Rescue, a children's show that has currently been choose up by the ABC.

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It will certainly promote child safety messages to prevent the number of children that finish up in hospital because of preventable mishaps each year, the day-to-day Mail reported.