Many world have exceptional treasures in your possession and don’t also know it. Antiques handed under from relatives. Paints hanging on the walls. A stack of old books in the basement. The most an useful wheat pennies have actually traveled great distances before finally being discovered.

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Some that the many incredible collectible item sit undetected for years as your owners just don’t consider them to have actually much value. Occasionally they might not also realize they very own them in ~ all. Even among the loosened change in your workdesk drawer, an undiscovered nugget can be hiding. It just can pay turn off to familiarize yourself through the most beneficial wheat pennies.

The facts are that many civilization have no idea an old penny could have lot value. If you uncover a wheat penny lying around, you can want to take a closer look. You can have a coin worth hundreds of dollars right under your nose.


The wheat penny was minted at the Philadelphia Mint and also San Francisco Mint indigenous 1909 to 1956. In ~ this time, the coin was mostly made from copper, with steel pennies minted only during human being War II. Coins produced at the Philadelphia mint to be not significant in any type of way. The coins indigenous the mountain Francisco mint were marked with one S.

Nearly 28 million wheat cents were win in Philadelphia, do them fairly common. However, a variation of the coin produced with Victor David Brenner’s initials referred to as the 1909-s VDB, i m sorry is incredibly rare. Only around a half-million coins were developed with this markings. In 1911, the Denver Mint began production the the wheat penny and a “D” mintmark.

Lincoln Wheat Cent Design

The style of the Lincoln cent came from Victor David Brenner, who emigrated to brand-new York City indigenous Lithuania. He come in brand-new York City with very small except skill in gem and seal engraving, a trade his father had actually taught him.

Brenner suggest a style for a coin the would later on be known as the Lincoln coin or Lincoln cent. The featured Abraham Lincoln on one side and also two wheat stalks on the other. U.S. Chairman Theodore Roosevelt chose Brenner’s design and ordered it to begin production in 1909 to commemorate the 100th anniversary the Abraham Lincoln birth.


Condition of valuable Pennies

Now that you’ve found a couple of Lincoln Wheat Pennies lying roughly the house, it’s time to find out if lock have any value. The very first step in analyzing your Lincoln penny worth is to check the problem of the coin.

The highest valued coins room in terrific condition but don’t give up quite yet if your penny reflects a little wear and tear. Great condition or average problem Lincoln wheat cents deserve to still be worth a pretty penny, depending on the rarity of the year produced.

Cleaning a Wheat Penny

Let’s to speak you uncovered a wheat coin that demands a scrubbing. Dominance number one is don’t wipe the dust off. A an important wheat coin will scrape easily. One coin experienced recommends utilizing a brass brush because that cleaning pennies because brass is softer 보다 copper and won’t scratch the surface. Girlfriend can additionally soak negative condition wheat pennies in a vinegar solution. Many coin shops sell cleaning products such together Dellar’s Darkener.

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Values of wheat pennies vary relying on the year the coin was produced. But one overlooked segment that the collector coin sector by freshman is the error coins. These deserve to sometimes be far more valuable 보다 mint problem coins due to the fact that of the rarity. As for the wheat pennies, the most beneficial errors room the off-metal errors published in 1943 and also 1944 during people War II.

The steel planchets were periodically struck, creating off-centered coins. A planchet is a empty coin ready to be struck by in the coin press. Few of the 1944 error one-cent coins have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars at auctions.