When man Peyton to be tapped to command Dine Brands, parent agency of Applebee’s and also IHOP, he knew he was inheriting a solid management team. Starting his brand-new role that CEO ~ above January 4, Peyton started a wire of promotions from in ~ to additional bolster his C-suite.

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“It’s all around broadening the team and also making it much more diverse,” Peyton said. “I really think in the wisdom that the crowd.”

He promoted Allison hall to an elderly vice president and chief bookkeeping officer; Christine child to an elderly vice president of legal, basic counsel and secretary; Scott Gladstone to senior vice chairman of strategy and innovation; and hired Vance Chang together chief financial officer.

“I love this mix we have actually now of people new to the company and those that have actually been promoted from within, longtime veterans,” Peyton said. “It’s a good group now, there space 11 of us including me, that with each other can aid Dine grow and also have really good rebound conversations through each other about what’s essential to relocate the agency forward.”


John Peyton, CEO that Dine Brands worldwide since January 2021. 

Prior come joining Dine Brands, Peyton offered as president and CEO the the Realogy Franchise Group, and previously held operations and also marketing duties for 18 year at Starwood many hotels & resorts Worldwide—the parent agency of brands such together Sheraton, Westin and also W Hotels—that was gained by Marriott worldwide in 2016. Though he come from outside the restaurant industry, Peyton stated his background assisted prepare him because that his current role.

“It was at Starwood the I dropped in love v hospitality and franchising,” he said. “…I acquired deep experience on both the operations and the brand side, which to be the perfect mix to concerned Dine…when I obtained the speak to last summer to take into consideration joining Dine as CEO, I recognize it’s cliché, but they had me in ~ hello. After 4 years of discovering residential real estate, I want to come ago to hospitality, and also restaurants space a super near cousin the hotels.”

Ghost kitchens and the ‘restaurant renaissance’

Peyton to plan to grow IHOP and Applebee’s in three ways: Same-store sales, adding new restaurants and exploring new sources of revenue, such as ghost kitchens. Over there are 5 Applebee’s ghost kitchens gift launched and managed through franchisees in the U.S., for example, and ghost kitchens in the works in the Middle eastern by franchisees of both brands.

“There space others tho in development, and we’re working very closely with franchisees come prove the end the concept and share the finest practices for this reason that various other franchisees can take benefit of it, and also so we have actually the chance to carry out the exact same as well,” Peyton said. “What ns like around ghost kitchens, and also same with virtual brands, is that it’s a low-risk, low-capital investment means to broaden brands into new markets.”

If the team at Dine brand thinks the industry appeal for either IHOP or Applebee’s will never ever be big enough because that a brick-and-mortar unit in a details location, that’s wherein the ghost kitchen strategy comes in. Or, they’ll usage them to assist build demand and demonstrate the require for the brand in details markets, “so if we do open up brick and also mortars, lock open solid and deserve to scale quickly. That a good vehicle for both objectives,” Peyton added.

Peyton and also his team have undertaken a top-to-bottom review of the agency and space preparing a three-year, long-term development plan, i m sorry they’ll share with the board of director in the fall.

They’ve also coined the phrase of gift in the midst of a "restaurant renaissance," Peyton said, which "is all about discovery and being reborn ~ Americans have actually been reduction up in their dwellings for 15 months. In the last 4 to eight weeks as the country rapidly opened up up, Americans room rushing come restaurants and also bars and also retail experiences due to the fact that we’re human beings and also we don’t favor being reduction up.”

Dine brands Global first quarter outcomes of 2021 reported that Applebee’s year-over-year comparable same-restaurant sales raised 11.9 percent. Compared to a 10.6 percent decrease for Q1 the 2020, this represents a net rise of 22.5 portion points.

IHOP’s equivalent same-restaurant sales reduced 0.9 percent for the an initial quarter the 2021. This compares to a diminish of 14.7 percent for Q1 of 2020, representing a net boost of 13.8 portion points.

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“What us all learned, franchisees and also team members in ~ IHOP and also Applebee’s throughout the critical 15 months, was how to it is in resilient and also flexible, and also that all of our team members and also franchisees room stronger because of the critical 15 months,” Peyton said.

“When I was in high school, mine parents owned a restaurant and my an initial job to be waiting and bussing tables, and I knew together a 17-year-old watching mine parents exactly how passionate restaurants owners are, but how hard the project is,” the added. “It’s a 24/7 job, and also now having seen what ours franchisees have actually done during the last 15 months to treatment for their guests, team members and businesses…they can not wait come welcome guest back. That’s why we’re in this business.”