The NYPD is proactively impounding dust bikes and also ATVs, both illegal to ride in ~ NYC, in anticipation of the summer season, the mayor says.

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NEW YORK CITY, NY — If you ride your dirt bike or ATV with the streets of new York City, it will be taken away from you and crushed ~ above television, mayor Bill De Blasio claimed at a Monday press conference.

Both dust bikes and ATVs are banned in NYC.

Even so, part city inhabitants — NYC Police Commissioner bill Bratton labeled them "clowns" and "knuckleheads" in ~ the presser, amongst other points — journey them approximately the city each year when the weather warms up, Bratton said, frequently in large groups.

The little vehicles disrupt traffic and make roads and sidewalks much less safe, Bratton said, adding that the NYPD attributed 3 shootings critical year come gunmen riding dirt bikes.

So, in anticipation that this year"s talk season, the department is proactively searching for and impounding the vehicles, the said.

The NYPD has already seized 312 vehicles so much in 2016, follow to chief Carlos Gomez — twin their haul throughout the very first quarter the 2015.

Unless you want to turn your ATV or dirt bike over to us, don"t ride the on NYC streets. #VisionZero #UseItAndLoseIt

NYPDnews) April 3, 2016

To show they median business, Bratton and De Blasio said the city intends to publicly destroy the vehicles.

"We"re going come crush castle on TV to do a point," the mayor said.

The NYPD likewise asked members of the public to assist keep dust bikes and also ATVs turn off the highways by calling 911 when they spot one of the vehicles, either in activity or in storage.

Another falling soldier. R.i.P Tray walker from a dust bike accident
Brooklyn, new York

— igotframe (
igotframe) march 18, 2016

Everybody and also their mommy is ~ above a dirt bike top top the block best now. Ooklyn

— irby (
stevesweatpants) February 28, 2016

Just experienced a dust bike crew law wheelies up the street in Brooklyn choose ASAP Ferg

— Spooky Zack (
sirzackofdajets) February 21, 2016

To request removal of her name native an arrest report, send these forced items to arrestreports

De Blasio says He'll Crush her ATV on television if girlfriend Ride It through NYC

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