that is with hefty hearts that we say good-bye to some of Indy’s most loved restaurants due to the results of COVID-19.

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We will continue to update this page as things relocate forward. Because that now, let’s remember the an excellent ones that preserved our hearts and bellies complete for years.


Brugge Brasserie

This one hits hard to every those who could never resist avoiding in for some frites and a Tripel de Ripple when strolling under the Monon towards broad Ripple Ave. Us will miss this vast Ripple gem that very first opened that doors in 2005. The Belgian influenced restaurant was known for its remarkable Belgian beer selection, pomme frites through all the sauces, waterzooi stew, & steaming pots the mussels. Via the restaurant"s on facebook page, the owner hope to reopen in a brand-new location some time in the future.


The stack Pickle

The stack Pickle newly announced that as result of the financial effects of COVID, they will be closing all Indiana locations. Oh, to it is in a fried pickle dipping right into that tangy sauce one critical time.


Redemption Alewerks

The craft brewery began in 2014 and unfortunately do the complicated decision to close the doors permanently. We will miss the craft brews, an excellent food & trivia nights therefore much but we are grateful because that the great times they provided us through in their six years of business.


Next Door Eatery

Kimball Musk"s SoBro hangout has made the daunting decision to close its doors permanently. The American bistro format eatery will be missed.



The popular northside Italian restaurant has actually been open since 1987 and in 1995 was named ideal eatery by readers of Indianapolis Monthly. It’s for sure to say the after 33 years, this ar really made its note on the community and we are sad to see it go.

Fleming’s prime Steakhouse & alcohol Bar

The popular steakhouse, return not neighborhood was very popular in ~ the Indy community. Lock have also recently make the decision not to reopen after ~ the financial push of COVID-19.

Books & Brews — mass Ave

The books & Brews" fixed Ave location will no reopen. Don"t concern though, bookworms and also beer lover — you can still get your handmade beer and great reads deal with at any kind of of the various other eight Indiana locations.

The dancing Donut

Flying Cupcake"s equally delicious sister store, to dance Donut, has closed for an excellent as that June 7th. We sure will miss out on this SoBro spot as soon as our sweet tooth is beckoning.

North end BBQ

The Northside BBQ joint well-known for its smoked meats and fine spirits repertoire has decided not come reopen that is doors.

Sherwood Cafe

Post Road"s family-owned American diner had actually a an excellent run. We"re heartbroken to view this classic comfort food point out close for good.


Board game lovers take it a major blow once Kingmakers announced the its Indy ar would not reopen. Complying with the uncertainty around the COVID-19 crisis and also the racial justice motion happening about the world, founder Malika Jacobs has determined to take it the organization in a new direction. Follow Kingmakers Facebook page for much more details.

Morton"s Steakhouse

This downtown steakhouse has shut its doors for good. While there hasn"t been main word, the good dining spot"s Facebook standing has changed to "Permanently Closed" and the Indianapolis location has actually been eliminated from its website.

Rabble Coffee

Early mornings on the close to eastside won"t it is in the same anymore currently that Rabble Coffee has actually closed. The small shop top top 10th Street was well-known for its warm atmosphere and also involvement in Indy"s activist communities. There"s a opportunity the shop will reopen under new ownership, according to this on facebook post.

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John"s renowned Stew

For end 100 years, John"s renowned Stew dished up Macedonian delights to Indy locals. A clip in the community, hearing that this Old Southside spot will not reopen to be a sucker beat to the gut. We"re walking to miss those huge bowls that stew served in humble surroundings.