Cities, counties and the governor have actually issued momentary closures of our treasured beaches to help minimize the impact of coronavirus top top California’s citizens. We have been scanning the news for directives related to beach access and we’ll try to store this web page updated through what we learn.


The “Stay in ~ Home” Directive

March 19th, 2020 – the governor has actually issued a wide directive to obtain Californian’s come stay residence unless they need to leave for crucial needs or work. Technically disobeying state orders like this can result in a hefty fine, however the governor claimed that he prefers peer press over regulation enforcement, the is, uneven someone division the regulation by beginning a closed park or coast (recently a surfer in LA to be fined because that ignoring plainly posted signs).

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In general, we recommend continuing to be at home, other than for obtaining exercise i beg your pardon helps your physical and also emotional well-being.

Getting external For her Health

Exercise is considered vital need, therefore if you room visiting a beach to walk, jog, or drive a bike, and also it hasn’t to be closed to the public, you are not break the rules. Parking lots might be closed to deter visitation, but if friend can obtain to a beach and still store a safe social street while exercising (6 feet minimum indigenous others), then walk for it. Try to protect against the busiest beach accessibility points and also places whereby others room congregating. Usually, weekdays room a far better time come visit parks and also beaches than weekends are.

Officials recommend working out in your local ar rather 보다 at distant parks and also beaches, however there room safe open up spaces out there follow me our coast. Simply heed every closures post or not.

State Parks and also State Beaches

This is a state-wide closure that results all regions. The California State Parks room has determined to temporarily close every state park to automobile access, and this includes all California state beaches. This way that the parking too many will probably be gated as soon as you obtain to a state beach, yet it doesn’t necessarily median the beach is closed. The CA state parks website has actually a perform of parks the are totally closed to the general public that they intended to save updated. Note that visitor centers, campgrounds, bathrooms, and other facilities will be unavailable in ~ state-run parks till the closure is lifted.

Southern California coast Closures

San Diego County, Orange County, and also Los Angeles County have actually each authorize their own directives the close beaches to minimization transmission the the virus to their residents.

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Several coastal Socal cities have likewise decided come close city-run beaches and coastal parks. This list consists of LA, mountain Diego, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Malibu, Redondo Beach, Santa Monica, and also Long Beach.

Typically this closures contains beaches, parks, piers, trails, boardwalks, bike paths, and the parking lots. In some cases, the general public spaces like parks and beaches space still open, but the lots room closed.

Catalina Island is closeup of the door to visitors at this time.

Northern California beach Closures

San Francisco just Area counties have issued directives to remain at house as well. Marin County, Sonoma County, and also San Mateo ar have completely closed every parks at this time, but seaside beaches can be open also of the parking lots room locked. In countless cases, it’s not helpful to visit these beaches if the lots are not open. Marin is asking that occupants only visit beaches they have the right to walk to.

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Other counties, especially those in eastern Bay, have closed some parks when others continue to be open. Restrooms and also playgrounds might be closed also if a park chin is open. Visit the separation, personal, instance county websites to view which parks and also beaches have been closed.

In the city of san Francisco countless parking lots have actually been closed that provide accessibility to beaches and also that includes facilities in gold Gate national Recreation Area (see much more on the below).

California’s national Parks

The national Park company has closed plenty of national parks across the country and also several California parks with ocean beaches room included.

The main coastal national park in California that is influenced at this time is allude Reyes national Seashore in Marin ar where many roads and also parking lots room closed.