Though Kristen Stewart and also Robert Pattinson absolutely weren’t unknown prior to being cast in Twilight, illustrating Bella Swan and Edward Cullen definitely transformed their lives. In simply a couple years’ time, they to be making millions and being hounded by fans and also paparazzi. And also when the media recorded wind that the pair were dating in actual life, the frenzy about them reached a heat pitch.

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Kristen Stewart and also Robert Pattinson | Anita Bugge/WireImage

Stewart and Pattinson actually hit that off right off the bat. Though Pattinson to be intimidated through Stewart at an initial because of she resume, he had actually a great deal of respect because that her together an actor. But Stewart wasn’t immune to Pattinson’s talent or charm either. In fact, she all however campaigned because that him to obtain the component over the other actors who were vying for the function of Edward.

Kristen Stewart says she cast Robert Pattinson in ‘Twilight’

“Well, ns basically cast him,” Stewart revealed in one interview with Vanity Fair. “We did at some point of auditions and also a bunch of males came in. Catherine Hardwicke, the director, after that was like, ‘What carry out you think? This is together a hard choice.’ i was like, ‘Are friend kidding me!? It’s together an noticeable choice!’ it couldn’t have actually been better. The was kind of perfect.”

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Stewart may have taken credit for Pattinson being cast in Twilight, however Hardwicke wasn’t immune to the pair’s chemistry. “When Rob and Kristen job-related together, you know, you might feel the in the room,” the director shared with Collider. “It was kind of scary. Type of cool friend know?”

The chemistry between the gibbs extended past the ‘Twilight’ movies

It appears the chemistry in between the pair interpreted to actual life also. And also it wasn’t long before the pair started dating. Despite they were both quite tight-lipped around their romantic relationship, with the exception of making outlandish jokes, most human being knew they were together. Naturally, part fans the Twilight started comparing Stewart and also Pattinson’s partnership to Bella and Edward’s, advertising that they too would be with each other forever.

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Contrastingly, some world accused Pattinson and Stewart that faking their romantic relationship and also declared that it to be nothing an ext than a public stunt. These varying opinions around their connection certainly influenced the actors. In fact, in one interview v The brand-new York time T Magazine, the Happiest Season actor common that the media frenzy about her dating Pattinson take it a toll fee on her and also their relationship.

Stewart insurance claims that the civilization made her relationship with Pattinson feel gross

“People want me and also Rob to be together so badly that our relationship was made into a product,” Stewart shared. “It wasn’t actual life anymore. And that to be gross come me. It’s no that I want to hide who I to be or hide something I’m doing in mine life. It’s that ns don’t desire to become a part of a story because that entertainment value.” It provides sense the Stewart was uncomfortable v millions of human being weighing in on she relationship. Fortunately, both she and also Pattinson have actually found more privacy in their an individual and romantic lives in write-up Twilight.