As lot as Tana Mongeau plainly values she independence, the renowned YouTuber has actually been involved in numerous relationships over the food of her burgeoning career. Native Bella Thorne and Lil Xan come Mod Sun and also Jake Paul, Tana has quite the date history. 

Nowadays, the former MTV truth star, who identifies together pansexual, is seemingly single … and also ready come mingle! That said, once Tana does decide to work out down again, she has actually a couple of conditions for her future lover.

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“I think I’m certainly at a point in my life whereby if the connection isn’t worth giving up so much of mine time and also my energy and stuff favor that, it’s most likely not something ns going to desire to ,” the “Hefner” artist formerly told Life & Style, including that “dishonesty” is a major red flag for her. Together for maintaining in touch v exes? Tana isn’t one to hold a grudge … most of the time, anyway.

“I think whatever happens because that a reason. Sometimes, things don’t job-related out, great, yet at the exact same time, ns think I constantly say this, ns like, ‘If you have actually beef v me, it is therefore one-sided,’” the ras Vegas indigenous explained. “To me, having beef with someone, specifically an ex, needs energy. And I think placing that energy into miscellaneous so an adverse is just not cute, to it is in frank.”


Ultimately, Tana makes it a point to be so vocal around her love life (and sex life!) as a way of inspiring her followers. “I constantly want to authorize those young girl to do every little thing they want with their bodies and to do their decisions and not let anyone take that away indigenous them, especially men,” she expressed.

Well said, girl! No matter who Tana is dating, she’s constantly authentically it s her — and that’s miscellaneous to it is in admired. 

Scroll through the gallery below to see Tana Mongeau’s finish dating history over the years. 


Bella Thorne

“Bella and I just f–ked through each other and also when we were together, that’s what mattered,” Tana defined during a January 2019 YouTube video. The pair date on-and-off for practically two year while castle were additionally involved with various other people, consisting of Mod Sun. 



Hunter Moreno

If you’ve to be a pan of Tana because that a while, then you currently know the Hunter isn’t just her best friend and photographer, he’s likewise her ex-boyfriend. The pair dated just briefly prior to calling it quits. Also so, pan remain encouraged that there space still part romantic feelings between them.


Lil Xan

Tana has a little of a soft spot for rappers. In fact, come quote she directly, “rapper d–k simply hits different.” In may 2019, the “Facetime” singer post a video on YouTube around how she and Xan began their short love affair. In short, that cheated ~ above her and also then moved on with Noah Cyrus — who, by the way, is currently her finest friend.

Jay Alvarrez

Jay is a famous travel blogger and model who provided to date fellow influencer Alexis Ren. When he and also Tana didn’t have a relationship, per se, they did film a “boyfriend tag” video together on YouTube. Also, the seems favor they hooked up throughout an influencer trip to greece in 2018. 

Mac Miller

Shortly after ~ Mac’s tragic fatality in September 2018, Tana took to Instagram come share a sweet message exchanged between the pair. When she has never explicitly shown that there was anything romantic walking on in between them, Tana and Mac plainly had a very strong bond. “He to be human and incredible and also he truly affected my life. I want people to know that not just now but forever,” she created at the time.

Brad Sousa

Despite just dating because that a couple of months, Brad and also Tana quickly became one the Instagram’s cutest couples. Unfortunately, they referred to as it quits after ~ the Canadian influencer accused cheated ~ above her. Brad attempted to apologize on YouTube, yet it backfired … hard.

Jake Paul

What started off together a hoax relationship at some point turned right into a full-blown romance. Not only were Jake and also Tana together, yet the pair likewise hosted an over-the-top ras Vegas wedding in July 2019. They have since split and remain near friends. 

Mod Sun

In a December 2020 YouTube video, Tana shown that she and also Mod date after both of them moved on from Bella. However, according to her, things didn’t end very well. In fact, Tana declared Mod’s solitary “Karma” is actually around her.

“I hope you choking on every lied you claimed to me / i hope you move out of this city suddenly / i hope girlfriend get everything you deserve/ Karma’s a bitch, i heard,” is the intro the the song. Yikes!

Chris Miles

On march 27, Tana common a ~spicy~ clip to she Instagram stories featuring a secret man, that was later determined as chris Miles.

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Since then, the pair has posted numerous photos together on social media and Chris also joined Tana top top a holidays to Mexico through her friend group. However, they have yet to check they’re dating!

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