Matt Damon and also Ben Affleck can be longtime friends. Yet in some respects — such together their reputations in the media — lock couldn’t be more different. While Affleck’s love life and an individual struggles have actually been constantly scrutinized, Damon’s personal life has largely remained that way. Still, with it all, the two stars have remained close. Damon as soon as opened up around the minute he knew their friendship to be a special one.

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Matt Damon and Ben Affleck | ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck to be friends long before ‘Good will Hunting’

Damon and Affleck to be thrust right into the spotlight in 1998 when their screenplay for Good will certainly Hunting — a film in which castle both appear, Damon in the title function — winner the Academy Award. Yet the actor’s friendship had actually much deeper roots. In fact, the 2 actors attended institution together ago in Massachusetts. And also they entered the to chat industry about the exact same time together well.

After Good will Hunting, Damon and also Affleck shared the screen together numerous times. Most notably, they paired up for several comedies written and also directed by Kevin Smith. And also the actors also parodied Good will certainly Hunting in 2001’s Jay and also Silent Bob win Back. However, their friendship has withstood largely since its roots go ago so far, predating either man’s rise to stardom.

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The gibbs once obtained wrapped up in a childhood struggle together

In a 2019 interview top top Conan, Damon and also host Conan O’Brien disputed Damon’s new movie Ford v Ferrari. And while emotional on a fight scene between Damon and also co-star Christian Bale, the Good will certainly Hunting actor revealed how a fight led to a pivotal minute for him and also Affleck. The started once Damon reportedly mouthed turn off to a lot bigger schoolmate during a game of handle football, causing a physical confrontation.

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“Before ns knew it, i was on the ground. The was above me, and also I was like ‘This is going to be bad.’ and also it was right then that tiny 5’2” Ben Affleck tackled this dude turn off of me the end of nowhere. I was a junior, and he was a freshman. And he tackled this kid off of me literally in ~ the danger of his very own life. And really conveniently then everyone broke it up. … however I remember the was a large moment, going prefer ‘This man will placed himself in a really bad spot because that me. This is a an excellent friend.’ … So the was the other time in my life I’ve been in a fight through Batman.”

Of course, Damon’s last comment plays right into the fact that both Bale and also Affleck walk on come play the DC superhero Batman. Yet the rest of his story puts the last 20+ year of their film careers in a whole new light. Clearly, Damon and also Affleck’s friendship had actually a solid foundation to construct upon. And also without such a strong bond at the outset, who’s to say just how the pressures of Hollywood could have experiment their commitment to each other?

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Matt Damon and also Ben Affleck are set to co-star in ‘The last Duel’

In any kind of case, Damon and also Affleck room working on another movie together. The two actors co-wrote the screenplay because that director Ridley Scott’s upcoming historic drama The last Duel with screenwriter Nicole Holofcener. And much favor Good will certainly Hunting, they star in the film alongside Adam Driver and Jodie Comer.

Originally, The last Duel was meant to come in theatre in late 2020 in the heart of awards season. As it now stands, it’s reserved for release on Oct. 15, 2021. With this creative team, the movie could very well wind up being a major contender at the 2022 Academy Awards, 25 years after Good will certainly Hunting‘s release.