They wrote and also starred in Good will Hunting together and also have well-known each other for decades yet Matt Damon would fairly not flaunt his friendship through Ben Affleck. The Stillwater star stated in a recent interview he prefers not to be Affleck’s “friend in public.”

Matt Damon and also Ben Affleck have actually been friends due to the fact that childhood

Damon and also Affleck go method back. They’re one of the most popular celebrity friendships after climbing to call in the so late ‘90s together the Oscar-winning stars the Good will Hunting. But they didn’t satisfy while they to be trying to do it in Hollywood. Lock met as kids having get an impressive up down the street from each various other in Massachusetts.

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Their friendship has sustained through the years. Damon and Affleck have worked together on chance and, for many, they room the epitome finest friend goals.

Matt Damon’s friendship with Ben Affleck is ‘way as well important’ to it is in friends ‘in public’


Matt Damon and also Ben Affleck | Jerod Harris/WireImage

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Damon opened up around just how essential his friendship with Affleck is in an October 2021 GQ cover interview. The Bourne star stated their friendship is method bigger 보다 being friends in public.

“Like, ns don’t desire to it is in his friend in public, you understand what i mean?” Damon said. “It’s way too essential a friendship because that that, and it go so past this career or anything. Girlfriend know, the a far-reaching part of my life and not because that public consumption in the way.”

So that’s more than likely why Damon and also Affleck aren’t regularly seen with each other publicly as well as awards shows and also movie premieres.

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Ben Affleck defending Matt Damon in a fight marked a ‘big moment’ in their friendship

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Damon common the minute he realized Affleck to be a “good friend” that his in a 2019 interview v Conan O’Brien. The recalled a fight breaking out when he and Affleck were play football together kids. 

“Before ns knew it, ns was on the ground. That was over me, and also I was like ‘This is walking to be bad.’ and also it was right then that small 5’2” Ben Affleck tackled this dude off of me out of nowhere,” Damon recalled. “I to be a junior, and he was a freshman. And also he tackled this child off that me literally in ~ the risk of his very own life. And also really easily then everyone broke it up.”

Damon continued, saying it to be a “big moment” for him. “I remember that was a big moment, going choose ‘This male will put himself in a really bad spot because that me. This is a great friend.’”

Expect to check out Damon and also Affleck not in public however on display in Ridley Scott’s historic drama The critical Duel. Not only does the duo star in the film however they additionally co-wrote the screenplay with screenwriter Nicole Holofcener. The last Duel, i beg your pardon premieres ~ above Oct. 15, 2021, features a star-studded cast including Adam Driver, Killing Eve’s Jodie Comer, and, the course, Affleck and Damon.