10 finest Films v The Affleck Brothers, follow To IMDb Casey and Ben Affleck are among the best-known sibling gibbs duos in Hollywood, no to point out writers and also directors. IMDb ranking their finest here.

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Actor brothers Casey and also Ben Affleck
Ben and Casey Affleck room the type of duo that numerous actor brother would more than likely wish to be. Both Affleck brothers have starred in numerous highly successful tasks that have brought them acclaim both native critics and from constant viewers, in addition to success at package office. Moreover, they have been lucky enough to occupational with some of the ideal directors of current decades.

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But to truly appreciate just exactly how talented they space - since they both likewise direct and also write movie - it"s worth looking in ~ both of their filmographies to check out which of their movies are the many beloved by audiences.

Though rather forgotten nowadays, The Town was a far-reaching success, both because that Ben Affleck, that was praised for his direction and the adapted screenplay that co-wrote, and also for one of his co-stars, Jeremy Renner, that was nominated because that the Academy award and golden Globe award for finest Supporting Actor.

Based top top the 2004 novel, Prince the Thieves, the movie focuses on a group of bank robbers in Boston who decide to gain one last score - by robbing Fenway Park.

Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck in the Assassination the Jesse James
also though the an extensive title might scare some, it"s actually a worthy movie that received acclaim both because that its beautiful cinematography and Casey Affleck"s performance, because that which he was nominated for best Supporting actor at the golden Globes and also the Academy Awards.

Adapted native the novel the the same name, that depicts the relationship in between Jesse James (Brad Pitt) and Robert Ford (Casey Affleck), and the occasions that led approximately the killing.

Dazed and Confused Ben Affleck
prior to Ben Affleck came to be famous, that had much more minor roles, among them gift in Richard Linklater"s cult teenager comedy, Dazed and Confused. In fact, there were various other soon-to-be A-listers that starred in the movie, consisting of Milla Jovovich and Matthew McConaughey.

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Set in 1976, in Texas, the movie follows various groups of teens during the last day that school, right before the summer of the year.

7 Gone infant Gone (2007) - 7.6

Casey Affleck in Gone baby Gone
Ben Affleck"s feature-length directorial debut wouldn"t have actually been finish without his brother play the location role. Gone infant Gone was a an important success and also garnered numerous award nominations.

Based top top the 1998 novel by Dennis Lehane, the film follows two personal investigators looking for a young girl that was abducted from she mother"s apartment in Boston.

one more one the Ben Affleck"s directorial works, Argo also sees the actor playing the lead function alongside Bryan Cranston, man Goodman, and also others. The movie was a huge commercial and vital success, walk on to success multiple awards, including Best photo (Academy Awards and golden Globes) and Best manager (Golden Globes).

Based on actual events, it speak the story of a CIA agent who, during the 1979-1981 Iran hostage crisis, led the rescue mission of 6 U.S. Diplomats in Tehran under the guise of being sci-fi movie location scouts.

5 Ocean"s Eleven (2001) - 7.7

By far one the the many entertaining heist comedies of every time, Ocean"s Eleven doesn"t experience one little from the curse that the remake. In fact, the cast, with such big names as George Clooney and Julia Roberts (and, that course, Casey Affleck), as well as its impeccable writing and also direction, are probably the factors for its tremendous success.

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Two friends, Danny Ocean and Rusty Ryan, decide to go on a heist to steal $160 million native a casino owner, that is Ocean"s ex-wife"s lover. To do this, the 2 gather a team of experts who will make the plan possible.

The movie that provided Casey Affleck the Academy award for finest Actor, Manchester through the Sea is one of the many recent, commonly acclaimed independent dramas.

Written and also directed by Kenneth Lonergan, it follows a depressed male named Lee Chandler whose brothers dies and he i do not care entrusted with the treatment of his teenage nephew.

3 gone Girl (2014) - 8.1

One of David Fincher"s many acclaimed works, Gone Girl was a enormous commercial success. Despite most world remember Rosamund Pike"s performance, Ben Affleck was just as good in his role.

Based on the 2012 novel that the exact same name, the is collection in Missouri and also follows a man named Nick Dunne, whose mam Amy all of sudden disappears and he becomes the prime suspect in the case.

Good will certainly Hunting is both well-known as a an excellent drama and also as the movie that brought Ben Affleck and Matt Damon into the spotlight, with the two winning the ideal Original Screenplay Academy Award and also Affleck ending up being the youngest to do so to date. Casey Affleck likewise starred in the movie, though his role was much less significant.

The story adheres to a rebellious 20-year-old janitor called Will Hunting, who is privately a genius but refuses to work-related towards recognition or improving his life.

1 Interstellar (2014) - 8.6

Christopher Nolan"s Interstellar is often regarded together his ideal work - or at least one the his best movies. And even though Casey Affleck didn"t have actually a very large role in the movie, the still ranks as the highest-rated occupational in his filmography.

Set in a dystopian future where earth is progressively dying, it complies with a group of astronauts that are sent to an are to find a different planet whereby mankind have the right to survive.

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