Beyoncé and Jay-Z space two civilization who truly need no introduction, but allow us come walk you through one simply in case. Shawn Corey Carter, aka Jay-Z, to be born ~ above December 4, 1969. He got his start in music as soon as he established Roc-A-Fella records in 1996 and released his own album, "Reasonable Doubt," come tremendous an essential praise (per CNBC). Because then, Jay-Z has gone on to tack on fairly a couple of titles and also roles: businessman, rapper, songwriter, and also record executive to surname a few.

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Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, ~ above the various other hand, entered the civilization on September 4, 1981 (bless the day). She began performing together a child and also quickly shot to stardom as one of the members that the 1990s singing team Destiny"s Child. In addition to singing and performing, Beyoncé designs she own clothes line and also has influenced a legion of pan so rabid they have been coined the Beyhive (via The Guardian).

With this much star power between them, it was just a issue time prior to Jay-Z and also Beyoncé met. Here"s a look right into their marriage, consisting of the ups, downs, and everything that"s happened in in between (that we understand of).

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Beyoncé and Jay-Z met the old-fashioned way: on a trip to Cancun! you know, as with the rest of us. The details the their meeting weren"t clear for years; in 2008, Beyoncé revealed to civilization that she was 18 year old when the pair met, noting the they began dating a year later (via PopSugar). Brides confirmed that the two were seated beside one another on a trip to the MTV spring Break Music Festival in 2000. 

Jay-Z eventually confirmed the story together well, as he rapped ~ above the tune "713," "We played it cool in ~ the swimming pool in Cancun VMA," adding, as provided on Beyoncé"s website, "Fate had me sittin" next to you ~ above a aircraft / and also I knew straight away."

Though they had met, neither made a move until the adhering to year. Beyoncé described to Oprah Winfrey that the two were girlfriend for fairly some time before taking the plunge. "We to be friends very first for a year and a fifty percent before we went on any dates. We to be on the phone because that a year and a half, and that foundation is so important for a relationship. Just to have someone who you simply like is for this reason important, and someone is honest," she common (via People).

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When speak to Beyoncé in 2013, Oprah Winfrey found the truth that she and Jay-Z didn"t confirm their relationship for years endlessly funny. In an interview, she recalled (via People), "I mental the an initial time you were on the "Oprah" show, ns told you, "Don"t go about telling world who you"re dating." I think friend took the all the way." Instead, it seems like the two decided to allow their work-related speak, or perhaps sing or rap, because that itself.

In October 2002, Beyoncé showed up on Jay-Z"s tune ""03 Bonnie and also Clyde," and also while promoting the song, Jay-Z said Playboy nothing romantic existed between them. "I offered to check out her every the time," the said. "We"re not involved or anything, through the way. We"re simply cool. We"re simply friends. Us don"t really, ah, know each various other like the yet."

The whispers that surrounding the couple essentially came to be screams once Beyoncé to reduce the solo solitary "Crazy In Love," and also fans realized the track was yet another collaboration through Jay-Z (via Cosmopolitan). The course, the pair would go on to relax many much more collaborations end the years and also during their marriage.

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Fans were elated as soon as it was revealed that Beyoncé and Jay-Z had actually married in an ultra-private wedding ~ above April 4, 2008. A guest revealed to civilization that there to be just around 40 attendees, the wedding atmosphere was thick with emotion, and there were a most tears. Hair stylist Marvin Bull — that took care of Jay-Z"s mom, grandmother, sister, and also niece at the Devachan Salon before the occasion — likewise confirmed the news to the outlet, noting, "I said, "I recognize there"s a wedding today," and they to be laughing. was saying they wanted it very small, so no many world got invited."

Curiously, Beyoncé and Jay-Z didn"t straight confirm the news themselves. OK! magazine"s Laura Schreffler explained to MTV News the the 2 are just private prefer that. As many fans know, it take it the 2 a long time to also come clean around being together, for this reason in the end, it"s not a surprise that your wedding was a mystery to most. "I don"t think they"ll admit now, and also I don"t think they have to," Schreffler said. "They have actually no one to answer to."

In the end, it appears that the two preserved things private due to the fact that their lives are already so public; they simply didn"t have actually a need to include any an ext fuel come the media fire.

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Three year later, there was even more to celebrate: Beyoncé shared that she to be pregnant v the couple"s an initial child at the 2011 MTV video Music Awards (via united state Weekly). The singer later provided birth come the pair"s daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, top top January 7, 2012.

In an interview through Vogue, Beyoncé recounted what she birthing suffer was like, noting that she felt especially associated to Blue throughout the experience. "I felt like as soon as I was having contractions, ns envisioned my son pushing v a really heavy door," she common (via the day-to-day Mail). She complied with that increase by explaining that she yes, really imagined her unborn daughter "doing all the work" to it is in born, which aided her focus on something besides the pains of childbirth.

Several years later, the singer opened up come Elle about her daughter again after sharing the she"d shed multiple pregnancies prior to conceiving her firstborn. "Success looks various to me now. I learned the all pain and loss is in truth a gift. Having miscarriages teach me the I had actually to mommy myself before I might be a mom to who else," she said. "Then I had actually Blue, and also the pursuit for mine purpose became so lot deeper."

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Unfortunately for the twosome, rumors that Jay-Z cheated ~ above Beyoncé have followed them for years. In 2005, countless people thought that Jay-Z and Beyoncé damaged up since he cheated on her with Rihanna, follow to Cosmopolitan. A source, biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli, later alleged the the rumors were stated to have been consisted of to aid launch Rihanna"s career, yet that didn"t avoid the gossip mills from coming up with more. 

Beyoncé did little to quell those rumors herself once she exit the song "Resentment" and "Ring the Alarm" in 2006. In "Resentment," she sings of being cheated on: "I understand she was attractive, yet I was here very first / to be ridin" through you for 6 years / Why did ns deserve come be treated this means by you?" In "Ring the Alarm," she intones, "Tell me exactly how should i feel / as soon as I know what I know / and my mrs intuition / informing me you a dog."

Rumors surfaced again in 2013, once some thought Jay-Z to be cheating on Beyoncé again — this time v Rita Ora. Jay-Z later defined that whatever with Beyoncé wasn"t totally perfect. "I simply ran right into this place and we built this big, beautiful mansion the a partnership that wasn"t totally built on the 100% truth and also it beginning cracking," the said, as mutual by brand-new York magazine (via W magazine). "Things begin happening the the public have the right to see."

The rumors showed up to it is in all but confirmed in might 2014 once footage recorded in one elevator at the year"s Met Gala after party seemed to show Beyoncé"s sister, Solange Knowles, physically and verbally berating Jay-Z. Since then, the moment leading up to this startle moment have been recounted over and also over again: Beyoncé and Jay-Z arrived at the Gala and, according to what one attendee told united state Weekly, "went inside, arm-in-arm." one anonymous resource also confirmed to the publication that the pair appeared fine in ~ the after ~ party itself and also that nothing "out that the ordinary" happened.

In the footage, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Solange, and also another male are seen gaining into an elevator together. After the doors close, Solange shows up to speak to Jay-Z before she starts to kick and punch him as Beyoncé go nothing. After the other male grabs her, Solange stop (via TMZ). Follow to Cosmopolitan, the entirety ordeal to be in response to Jay-Z allegedly cheating v Rachel Roy.

Notably, it"s additionally been rumored that Jay-Z has allegedly cheated v rapper LIV, Casey Cohen, and also Claudia Scheelan.

In 2016, Beyoncé unleashed "Lemonade" ~ above the undeserving masses and appeared to rip the lid off everything. The entire album is an ode come hope, joy, pain, anger, loss, and redemption. Together The new Yorker placed it, "Lemonade" is "a piece of talked word, a rigid film, a map of cultural reference points, and also a home window into the heart of an symbol whose inner life has constantly seemed simply out that reach."

Once the curtain was pulled back, it appeared that the once-private star had actually a hard time no talking around what happened in she marriage. She said Vogue that "broken" relationships are component of she heritage, and also her fervent hope is that her kids do not know that pain. "I come from a lineage of damaged male-female relationships, abuse the power, and also mistrust. Only once I witnessed that plainly was ns able to fix those conflicts in my very own relationship. ... I pray that i am able to rest the generational curses in mine family and also that my youngsters will have less complex lives."

In 2019, Beyoncé told Elle the she had actually to it is in "reborn" to move forward after dying in she relationship. Through "Lemonade," Beyoncé showed up to check what everyone already knew, and also all eye shifted come Jay-Z.

It seemed like it took longer for Jay-Z to confirm the news himself, but he eventually started to publicly very own the narrative he required his wife through. After releasing his own album, "4:44," ~ "Lemonade," Jay-Z appeared to realize that lyrics didn"t exactly spell things out the method fans that the pair needed him to. For instance, ~ above the song "4:44," he rapped (via Genius), "And ns apologize "cause at her best, you are love / and also because ns fall quick of what i say I"m all around / your eyes leave through the soul that your body when housed / and also you stare blankly into space / Thinkin" of every the time, friend wasted the on all this an easy s**t / So ns apologize."

While speaking to T Magazine, Jay-Z came clean. The rapper said that farming up under difficult circumstances taught him come "go right into survival mode," which consequently taught that to distance himself native his emotions as a method to cope. "In mine case, prefer it"s, it"s deep. And then all the things happen from there: infidelity ... ," that said.

Once he opened up up, Jay-Z took things a step further and went into detail around the occupational he had actually to do to heal his marriage from the within out. After being asked through CNN"s valve Jones why he want to conserve his marital relationship in the first place, Jay-Z said the answer was clear. "Well, that"s mine soulmate. It"s the human being I love," he shared. "And you deserve to be in love through someone, you deserve to love who ... And if girlfriend haven"t proficient love and also you don"t recognize it and you don"t have actually the devices to move forward, climate you"re walking to have complications, period."

He included that the couple also made decision to work on points together because that the three people who matter the most to them: their children, Blue Ivy and twins Sir and also Rumi. Together he explained, the selection was pretty clear: discuss and also overcome the problem available or behave as if it doesn"t exist and also watch the life lock had built fall apart. In the end, they had actually to push each various other to fight because that a brighter future and a new reality for their children.

One method Beyoncé and Jay-Z healed their marital relationship was with the art that carried them with each other in the an initial place: music. The pair released "Lemonade" and also "4:44" only around a year apart, and also Jay-Z later on revealed the the albums were taped at the same time. The process was at some point rewarding, though it forced the two to sit together v the ache they now shared.

Jay-Z called Vogue that while lock were initially working top top a share album, things shifted. "It occurred — us were utilizing our art virtually like a treatment session. And also we began making music together," he explained. "And climate the music she to be making at the time was additional along. So her album come out as opposed come the share album that we were functioning on."

He was also asked what that was favor to hear one another"s lyrics, specifically as they to be so often around an endure the two would most likely want to placed behind themselves. Jay-Z poetically contrasted the case to gift in the eye that a hurricane, noting that the safest place to be is best in the middle. Eventually, the two would go on to relax their share album "Everything Is Love" in 2018 (via Pitchfork).

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Happily, Jay-Z and Beyoncé have actually made it work, possibly beyond even your wildest dreams. In addition to Blue Ivy, the two space mom and also dad to twins Sir and Rumi, who were born ~ above June 13, 2017 (via People).

Since becoming parents, Beyoncé and Jay-Z have actually seemed to retreat ago into your shells in a bid to defend their children from public scrutiny. Yet every for this reason often, one of them opens up up around parenting and what your parenting formats are like. Beyoncé said Vogue that parenthood regularly weighs greatly on her mind. As a woman and parent of 2 daughters, she claimed that she wants to make certain her daughters deserve to see themselves reflected in the media and society around them. "It"s vital to me the they watch themselves together CEOs, as bosses, and also that they know they have the right to write the script for their very own lives," she noted. As soon as it concerns her son, she has her own hopes, saying, "I want my child to have actually a high emotional IQ whereby he is free to it is in caring, truthful, and also honest. It"s everything a woman desires in a man, and also yet us don"t teach it to our boys." 

Jay-Z an in similar way told The Times the he just wishes his youngsters feel loved. "Feeling love is the most vital thing a kid needs, girlfriend know? not "Here"s this company that I"m going come hand over to you, the I"m creating for you.""