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On Sunday,Kim,KourtneyandKhloeKardashian andKris,KendallandKylieJenner sat down through Andy Cohen for the last installmentof theirKeeping Up with the Kardashians: The final Curtainreunion special. But of course, two significant members of the family members were absent from the reunion: Caitlyn Jenner and also Rob Kardashian.

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Rob"s lack at the reunion -- and brief return to the show in the final season -- to be addressed by Khloe, who common that her younger brother "just required a break" from the reality TV lifestyle.

"It"s no so much around physical appearance," she explained,"it"s about how the felt internally about some that the females in his life, and also how they treated him or exactly how he felt they might have offered him to gain to details areas or levels."

"I think that really affected him, because my brother is such a lover, and has the many incredible heart and also personality," Khloe continued."I think he"s just getting stronger. I think you have to obtain heartbroken and also learn from her mistakes, and I think he"s simply stronger and also feeling better to be around, and be much more vulnerable or exposed."

Rob stepped back from the spotlightseveral year ago, followinghis public relationship and split native Blac Chyna -- v whom he share a 4-year-old daughter, Dream --and a health fight with diabetes. A resource told ET in March that the youngest Kardashian sibling is currently "in a really great place."

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"After his daughter was born, he cursed to taking better care of his wellness so he could have the energy to keep up through her, and the services of that room visible," the source said in ~ the time. "He looks great and appears happy. This wasn"t about a rapid fix."

During the reunion, Khloe echoed that her brother is "feeling really an excellent about himself right now, and he"s functioning really hard on himself," but noted that rob isn"t quite ready because that a public event like the reunion, wherein he"d need to "address the components that made him desire to take a break."

For now, the household said that Rob is dating again, and working ~ above co-parenting v Blac Chyna -- who is right now embroiled in a legal battle with his famous family over the cancellation of your E! spinoff series, Rob & Chyna.

"We can only imagine how difficult that is because that him, and I recognize he feels yes, really guilty around that, therefore none that us ever before make him feeling bad around it," Khloe said.

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"Dream is honestly among the many incredible little girls in the entire world," she added of she niece."We never blur the two... We respect that Chyna is the mother of Dream, and also we"ll constantly respect the that"s she position. So us never try to and also make rob feel an ext guilty. "Cause that"s the end of his control."

See more from the reunion in the video clip below.

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