Celebrity chefs Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay aren"t just the best at what castle do, they"re also the ideal of friends. With a love because that food and TV hosting, the two already had a many in common prior to they met at a foodie event roughly 2004 every People. Since then, the two have actually been inseparable on and off the camera. 

When they"re not sharing playful banter if co-hosting TV shows favor Food Network Star, De Laurentiis and Flay gain each other"s company out-of-the-office too. That"s probably why they"ve to be the target of romance rumors end the years, as reported by E! News, despite the 2 have always denied being romantically involved. De Laurentiis, who"s been married when before, has uncovered love v her boyfriend, producer Shane Farley (via People); Flay, a notorious playboy per Delish, has actually been married and divorced 3 times.

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Despite having actually a lot of on both their plates, personally and professionally, De Laurentiis and Flay prioritize your friendship, especially if there"s good food involved. In 2020, they even embarked on a trip to Italy to shoot the discovery+ travelogue series, Bobby and Giada in Italy. You think you understand all the ingredient that comprise Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis" relationship? Think again. 

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Giada De Laurentiis and also Bobby Flay didn"t satisfy in a TV studio as one might expect, though the truth isn"t as well far-fetched; the celebrity chefs were presented at a food expo in Philadelphia about 2004, according to People. The was just a year after De Laurentiis got her start on the Food Network as the organize of Everyday Italian. At the time, Flay had actually been a Food Network staple since the "90s thanks to his first show, Grillin" and also Chillin", according to his Food Network bio. 

After virtually two decades of friendship, and 14 seasons of co-hosting Food Network Star, Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay"s connection is solid. In one interview on the podcast Beyond the Plate, De Laurentiis shared the things she loves about her close friend. "I think that Bobby is among those world that if you are his friend, he has your back forever and also he will certainly stand up because that you," she revealed. "He"s one of those males you can call in a pinch and he will get you the end of it. He"s unique in the sense." Seems choose these 2 were destined to be friends.

Before Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis met at a food expo in Philadelphia, Flay currently knew De Laurentiis was talented. He explained to The brand-new York Times in a joint video interview v De Laurentiis that a producer had asked his opinion the her prior to Everyday Italian premiered top top the Food Network in 2003. 

When Flay saw a video clip of De Laurentiis hosting the show, his an initial observation was "man, she has actually a most teeth," which brought about De Laurentiis to flash she award-winning smile. ~ above a an ext serious note, however, Flay said he believed De Laurentiis was "really confident, very pretty," noting the the network didn"t have many Italian chefs at the time, except for Mario Batali. Furthermore, as soon as the producer request Flay if he assumed De Laurentiis was different enough, Flay said "absolutely." It"s no wonder why the two ended up being friends then. It looks like Flay aided play a function in securing De Laurentiis" career on the Food Network.

It"s not always easy working through close friends, but Giada De Laurentiis and also Bobby Flay do it look fun. ~ all, lock co-hosted 14 seasons of Food Network Star and managed to stay friends. In the series, De Laurentiis and Flay to be tasked with finding out the network"s next star, follow to Food Network. And also from the outside, De Laurentiis and Flay seemed to have actually fun working together and traveling to fun destinations, like Universal Orlando Resort"s Volcano bay (via People). 

Laughs were definitely never in quick supply ~ above Food Network Star, as seen in the teaser trailer for the 14th season, i m sorry aired in 2018. "We"re always right," Flay called the camera prior to cracking up through De Laurentiis beside him. 

Though the celebrity chefs have different cooking styles, they"re both quite humble once it pertains to their skills, in ~ least throughout their earlier years. In a share interview with The brand-new York Times, both chefs admitted that neither of castle would have done well on the Food Network Star once they were younger. "I wouldn"t have won Food Network Star," Flay said. De Laurentiis agreed, explaining, "Nobody"s an excellent in the beginning."

Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay space two that the biggest TV chefs of all time, however they have different views on what it takes to perform what lock do. In a joint interview v The brand-new York Times, De Laurentiis and Flay do not agree on what renders a successful Food Network host. They are experts, after ~ all, having hosted Food Network Star for 14 seasons, and a myriad of various other successful cooking shows per People

Flay defined that he to trust someone"s capability to cook takes precedence over star power. "My an easy philosophy is... If you"re a really great cook, climate I can teach you to carry out television end time," that shared. However, De Laurentiis trust the precise opposite. "I don"t think you deserve to teach someone to be dynamic ~ above television," she declared. "You deserve to polish them to be much better at your craft...I don"t think you deserve to teach it." even so, De Laurentiis added that a future celebrity chef must have basic cooking skills under their belt. Even the greatest in your craft target heads sometimes, yet at the end of the day, they"re still friends.

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For as great friends as Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay are, also they have needed a break from each various other sometimes. According to People, the chefs fight a rocky bump at an early stage in your relationship and didn"t speak come each various other for eight months. 

Why? The "point the contention" came, as De Laurentiis shared top top the podcast Beyond the Plate, after she teamed up through Flay because that the 2006 Iron chef America against Rachael Ray and also Mario Batali"We lost and also thought it was funny," De Laurentiis revealed. "He didn"t think it was any big deal that we lost. I did not talk come him for eight months" eight months! ns did not. Nothing. Silence." 

What brought about De Laurentiis to doubt their friendship was the fact that Flay didn"t take the vain seriously and didn"t even apologize to her. "He similar to walked away and I thought, you"re a jerk and I"m never ever — I never want come be about you again," De Laurentiis continued. Luckily the friend recovered from that epic loss. 

Celebrity chefs and also friends Bobby Flay and also Giada De Laurentiis understand each other"s cooking secrets well — therefore well that one time Flay mutual a chef mystery of his own that was really De Laurentiis" during a food preparation segment on Today. The mystery was around how to make sauce stick better to pasta, as De Laurentiis explained to the The brand-new York Times during a joint interview with Flay. " and also I do Rachael Ray together and I show a secret, a tip, the my grandfather taught me about making pasta," she recalled. De Laurentiis said that she generally tosses the pasta with parmesan cheese before adding the sauce to make it stick better.

Following the segment, De Laurentiis recalled the town hall Today and hearing her girlfriend Flay re-superstructure the same specific tip, however claiming it as his own. "That"s his Italian small tip the he simply learned from his Italian little buddy Giada critical week, only he didn"t to speak that," De Laurentiis continued. "It"s a true story," Flay admitted. "But I"m simply gonna begin telling people I taught you it." 

Giada De Laurentiis and also Bobby Flay"s on-camera chemistry is undeniable, i m sorry is more than likely why they"ve to be a target of romance rumors over the years. That didn"t help matters once the two were spotted ago in 2014 enjoy it a couple of drink right before De Laurentiis announced she was dividing from she hubby, Todd Thompson. Per Page Six, De Laurentiis and Flay were viewed eating and also drinking with each other at Miami"s exclusive eatery Cecconi"s. In ~ the time, Flay was married come actress Stephanie March, yet they later break-up in 2015, according to People. Flay quickly denied a romance between him and his longtime friend by informing Page Six it was simply a familiar meal between "two colleagues and also old friends."

But the rumors persisted after ~ De Laurentiis and Flay to be spotted apparently holding hands and also looking cozy at another restaurant in 2015, per Radar Online. That year, De Laurentiis denied any romantic involvement on Watch What happens Live with Andy Cohen. "Well, we"re very an excellent friends. We"ve operated for many years together, however I don"t think that"s ever before going to happen," she said, adding that she"d never ever date one more chef.

Following the success of Food Network Star, Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay had actually plans to co-host a talk show together every The new York Times. Despite those plans dropped through, De Laurentiis found love in 2013 v what would"ve been her and also Flay"s producer, Shane Farley (via People). In an interview v the newspaper in 2018, De Laurentiis couldn"t avoid saying enough great things about her man. "Shane"s a many fun. He"s really spontaneous and also loves to laugh," she gushed. "It"s among my favourite things around our relationship."

De Laurentiis decided to go after a partnership with Farley following her break-up from designer Todd Thompson in 2014. "After I acquired divorced, i spent about a year and also a half alone, no dating, simply figuring points out," De Laurentiis continued, including that she"d been through Thompson because that 25 years. "Once I gained settled, reconnected and also I felt prefer a child again," she added. Though pan were more than likely disappointed De Laurentiis and Flay didn"t end up being an item, it looks choose the two are happy simply being friends.

Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay plainly have a zest for life, food, and also friendship. The celebrity chefs controlled to integrate all 3 in Bobby and Giada in Italy, a TV travelogue collection that debuted ~ above discovery+ in 2021. As the title suggests, the series follows the foodies as they eat and drink their way through Rome and Tuscany. De Laurentiis was born in Rome, and she offered as Flay"s overview (per the Food Network). As checked out in the show"s promo, fans have the right to expect tons of close-ups that pasta dishes, several flowing wine, and, of course, fun commentary native Flay and De Laurentiis as they communicate with the locals and also enjoy farm-fresh ingredients.

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Judging from De Laurentiis" Instagram, it"s evident the two had fun with each other in Italy; she mutual some behind-the-scene photos with fans indigenous the six weeks they were in Italy, consisting of one the Flay enjoying "la dolce vita" (also recognized as "the sweet life") with a porchetta sandwich in one hand and also an Italian soft drink in the other. De Laurentiis and Flay are plainly living the sweet life and also their friendship provides it every that lot sweeter.