Chef and author Katie Lee has been in the spotlight for quite a while. Thanks to her marital relationship with rock star Billy Joel, she kick-started her career in a people brimming with the crème de la crème of Hollywood stars and also celebrity chefs. In no time, the small-town girl native West Virginia had methods knocking at she posh new York townhouse — no to cite a song dedication by her then-husband. While the relationship never sustained, Lee"s fame grew as a television personality, cooking expert, and also author. 

Lee has hosted and judged well-known reality shows choose "Iron cook America" and "Top Chef", as well as doing her own solo shows and also writing cookbooks.

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 "I think I have actually the finest job in the world. I basically get to cook and eat because that a living. It"s a pretty an excellent gig," she claimed (via Today). Despite being a hardcore foodie who likes she French fries salty and also drenched in a ton the ketchup, Lee knows whereby to draw the line. Eat lots of vegetables, exercise 5 to 6 times a main — that"s the mantra she resides by (via Health). 

How walk Lee evolve from a straight-out-of-college cook enthusiast to a celebrity in her very own right? Here"s every you must know about Katie Lee"s stunning transformation.

Katie Lee prospered up in a tiny town amidst a large family, in Milton, West Virginia. Her good grandmother, grandparents, good aunt and uncle, all live on the exact same street (via Charleston Gazette-Mail). Out of every the members of she family, it was her grandmother, Dora Harshbarger, that was her best influence. After all, she to be the one that babysat Lee when her mommy went come work. "She teach me exactly how to cook, the idea of balance, to it is in strong, and also she had an unparalleled sense of humor," read Lee"s heart-warming eulogy for her grandma (via Instagram). 

Lee was simply a toddler as soon as she ended up being sous chief to she grandma. She remembers making biscuits through her in ~ the cracked of dawn. "I would get so uncomfortable if she began on the dough before I woke up; I would make her start over so the I can help. Biscuits to be the very first thing I ever before made, so ns guess technically i started cooking at the age of 3," she told Huntington Quarterly. 

Growing up, Lee learned the farm-to-table principle up close when her grandma would cook whatever she grandpa brought from the farm that day. This practice has actually stayed through her with the years. "When i go to the farm stand and see what"s accessible — that"s whereby I gain most of my inspiration," she said Charleston Gazette-Mail.

Katie Lee"s gym teacher need to have had actually a point or two to say around her performance. All through her school years, Lee showed small enthusiasm towards any type of sports events. "I was never athletic. I tried everything, however I simply wasn"t good," she told Huntington Quarterly. "Reading and also writing were things I yes, really enjoyed, though: I constantly had my sleep in a book," she said. 

When she was no binging on books, Lee to be perfecting her beef stroganoff. She was just 12 once her mom recorded a demonstrate of her making the Russian dish. The video had a little crowd of family members for an audience. Tiny did Lee understand then that her beef stroganoff would at some point be featured ~ above "The Rachel ray Show". 

Cooking was never a skilled career choice for Lee. She go it because it was the most organic thing come do. "Food to be a large part of my life, yet I never thought that was anything special," she said. But when she relocated out of her home and also began college, she realized that not all were as passionate about food as she was. "I couldn"t believe it – I just assumed everyone preferred to chef as lot as i did," she claimed (via Huntington Quarterly).

Being a bookworm, when it pertained to choosing topics in college, over there was small room for debate. Katie Lee double-majored in journalism and also English at Miami university in Oxford, Ohio, while also taking a few classes top top food science. Thanks to her one semester overseas in Italy, she acquired a peek into the well-off culinary society of Tuscany (via great Restaurants of lengthy Island). 

After graduating from university in 2003, Lee never worked in the ar of journalism, however instead got in cooking. Therefore why didn"t Lee seek culinary researches in the very first place? "I never ever thought I can make a career out of cooking. I thought unless you open a restaurant, there yes, really wasn"t anything rather you can do," she stated (via associated Press). Her first job fresh out of college was together a fishmonger in ~ Jeff and Eddy"s, a restaurant and fish sector in the Hamptons. Meanwhile, she, in addition to a friend, launched a website called Olive and also Peach that aimed in ~ making people much more aware the the food lock consume (via an excellent Restaurants of lengthy Island).

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A opportunity meeting v rock star Billy Joel changed Katie Lee"s life. She and a girlfriend were hanging the end at the rooftop bar of The Peninsula Hotel in new York top top "an unseasonable warmth November day". Lee must have actually excused it s her to walk to the restroom since according to her narrative of that memorable night: "I am coming the end of the bathroom, and who carry out I almost bump into however ". Lee didn"t swoon — she hardly knew his musical repertoire. Yet by the end of the night, one more date was more than likely sealed. 

"We had actually this great dinner, and also we had pasta and white truffles, and he was yes, really trying to impress me," claimed Lee. Joel also treated them come his performance at his Broadway show "Movin" Out" (via Complying with that high-octane night, the duo began dating and also eventually got married a year later in 2004 (via brand-new York Post). Joel turned out to it is in Lee"s lucky charm. As shortly as Katie Lee became Katie Joel, a flood of avenues came her way. "I"m the first person come say having that critical name aided me acquire a foot in the door, but I feel favor I deserve to stand on my own two feet working toward my dreams," she told new York Magazine. 

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Katie Lee stepped right into the television sector as the organize of the then-brand-new reality cooking show "Top Chef" (via truth TV World). In ~ the time, she to be still environment-friendly in the cooking scene, and also "Top Chef" to be a ide that no one had actually heard of. Nobody knew what to intend from the series or the host, however it turned out that the present was a roaring success. But, af=fter the first season, Lee was changed by the an ext experienced television personality, author, and also chef Padma Lakshmi. 

Lakshmi made a far far better host 보다 Lee, follow to some users ~ above Reddit"s r/TopChef. One composed that "You will find that many world did not prefer Katie as a host" due to the fact that she was nervous and also didn"t yet know just how to effectively shift between segments. 

Yet one more Redditor believed Katie"s tone to be a tad robotic. Since then, she has developed her visibility in the human being of fact television appearing as a judge on "Iron Chef" and also "Beat Bobby Flay", as a guest ~ above "Paula"s Party", "The Wendy Williams Show" and also "Today", and co-hosting "The Kitchen" (via IMDb). 

Katie Lee"s marital relationship with superstar Billy Joel shed all that is twinkle in five years. They two divorced in 2009 — a break-up that went therefore amicably that Lee calls that the "best ex-husband a girl might ever asking for" (via HollywoodLife). Follow to new York Post, there were rumors the the two split since of Lee"s alleged affair v Israeli designer Yigal Azrouel. But, according to Lee, it wasn"t as dramatic as the media reported: "Between both of our careers, we started to flourish apart and were can not to uncover a means back to each other" (via new York Magazine).

The divorce was difficult on Lee, provided how it had actually all unraveled in the public eye. She uncovered healing in a sports that was fairly strange to she at the time: surfing. Lee was, in fact, "terrified the the ocean" as soon as she an initial began surfing. "I to be going through a difficult time in mine life, therefore I wanted to shot something entirely different. <...> if you try something new, and also conquer fear, it brings you this whole new sense of confidence," she stated (via Simon and also Schuster Books). 

Surfing didn"t just assist Katie Lee heal, it likewise pushed she to branch out together a fiction writer. V her journalism and English degree, Lee had the skills, not to cite the years-long intention to pen a novel. Yet she didn"t carry out it due to the fact that she often minimal herself, reasoning that the publication had to be around food. She probably hadn"t read Anthony Bourdain"s early-career crime fiction, i beg your pardon may have inspired she (via Eater). 

Surfing had changed her together a human being — she was no much longer scared to shot something new. Together a result, she discovered herself creating a story influenced by her own life (via HollywoodLife). How did Joel reaction to it? "He thought it to be well written. That thought maybe it was a little too "chick" because that him," said Lee.

Lee"s protagonist in "Groundswell", published in 2011, is a woman called Emma Guthrie. Just like Lee, Emma marries a celebrity, gets divorced, and regains her confidence by learning exactly how to surf. HuffPost reports the the opened scene is set at the Met"s Costume academy Gala, which Lee and also Joel offered to attend together as soon as they to be still husband and wife. 

After Katie Lee and also Billy Joel"s wedding, they moved into a posh townhouse in the West village of new York City (via "The Oprah Winfrey Show"). In the very first two years of their marriage, castle bought two various other properties appropriate by the beach, in Sagaponack, brand-new York. Both of these beach nature were put on the sector soon after your divorce in 2009, according to Variety. No one wants to cave on come old memories, do they? As far as the West town house is concerned, it visited Lee as component of the divorce settlement. Lee then sold it because that close to $12 million and went for a fresh start in the Hamptons (via Curbed).

There, DuJour reports that she to buy a 7,000 square-foot mansion. The house, v its large lounge area and a 42-foot pool, remained Lee"s abode for 4 years prior to she provided it on the industry in 2015. "I to be working more and I want to simplify.," she said the wall surface Street Journal, "I have constantly enjoyed the process of renovating and also decorating and I"m prepared for my following project." though she ultimately sold that specific property, she proceeds to speak to the Hamptons she home, according to Closer Weekly.

Katie Lee, whose project has constantly revolved around creating and also tasting recipes, knows the her task is full of temptation. "There"s food everywhere, and also even turn off camera, there"s craft services, wherein you can just walk by and also grab a grasp of chips," she called Health. So exactly how does Lee continue to be fit? Self-restraint, part discipline, and a ton of vegetables and fruits. 

Lee beginning off her day with exercise. As she called Hamptons, it deserve to be anything from a power walk through her pet dog Gus to an virtual fitness class. She prefers working out at home to hitting the gym. Obé, an app that supplies live fitness classes that can be streamed native anywhere, was especially well-suited her travel-heavy lifestyle. "I chosen it for this reason much, i invested in the company, actually," she said. In 2018, she also transitioned indigenous a workout subscriber come a trainer on Obé. "My fave workout
obe_ourbodyelectric inquiry me come come teach a class on Sunday!!," she announced on Instagram. 

Despite she routine, Lee, like so plenty of other world regardless the fitness or body shape, had to resolve insecurity. "I just shot to no beat myself up," she said. "I always remind myself that I"m healthy, and that"s the most necessary thing," she included (via Health).

After her first divorce, Katie Lee invested a most time re-discovering herself. She learned to surf, composed a novel, and started hosting a collection called "Beach Bites v Katie Lee". Lee"s experienced career to be on track, for this reason she didn"t think much around her personal one. "I kinda assumed I never ever want to acquire married again," claimed Lee (via Health). 

But Cupid had various plans. Lee an initial met her "cute" producer Ryan Biegel on the sets of her beach-themed present in 2016. Despite Lee to be seeing Beigel for the first time, Biegel already knew the Lee. "He said me later on that he"d seen a TV segment the me promoting my critical cookbook, and also he was like, "I"m gonna marry the girl." ns was his crush," Lee said Health.

Lee and Biegel came to be friends and began to enjoy each other"s company. "The much more time I spent with him, the more I thought, "This is the kind of life I want to live." Forget the love stuff—I really favor him, too," claimed Lee. After a romantic proposal in Paris, it just took a pair of months for the love bird to tie the node at Lo Scoglio top top Italy"s Amalfi shore — the location where they dropped in love (via Vogue).

Katie Lee and also her husband Ryan Biegel had planned to start a household soon after your wedding. "I naively believed it would certainly be easy," she stated on Instagram. However the fact was far from it. Once it was clear the they wouldn"t be able to have a infant the old-fashioned way, they move on come fertility therapies (via Babe Hatch). This unforeseen worry took Lee by surprise as she was scrupulous v her health and fitness routine. 

"We to be trying, I had to have surgery to correct a problem, obtained an infection, then ns was so operation down I obtained shingles," she wrote in she Instagram post. Finally, the pair decided to offer in vitro fertilization a shot. But sadly, the very first attempt was unsuccessful.

While the whole process was emotionally draining, what also didn"t aid was the barrage of comments from fans. As Lee composed in she Instagram post: "I gain comments saying i look choose I"ve obtained weight, so I must be pregnant <...> I finally responded that it"s no ok to discuss a woman"s body and you never recognize what who is walk through." The arduous journey, fortunately, had a happy ending. Lee announced her pregnancy in February 2020 (via Instagram).

For Katie Lee and also Ryan Biegel, it to be one challenge after another. As soon as they announced your pregnancy, the whole country went right into lockdown since of the coronavirus pandemic. "We"re acquisition life at some point at a time and instead that worrying around the future, I"m concentrating on what i can regulate in the current to keep us safe and my stress and anxiety to a minimum," she told Babe Hatch.

The lockdown, together it turn out, was likewise a blessing in disguise, together it gave both of lock the chance to continue to be close and embrace the journey together. Lee ongoing to co-host "The Kitchen" from home as well. Luckily for her, she had her husband, a TV producer ideal by she side come ensure the at-home shoot go smoothly. The show was fairly an integral component for the pair through the lockdown. According to People, they even did their baby"s sex reveal party on one of its episodes.

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Their infant girl, Iris Marion Biegel, to be born in September 2020, as world reported. "I simply love being a mom. Ns knew that was going to reap it, but I had actually no idea that i would do this much. Mine favorite thing is obtaining her increase in the morning, walking in there and also seeing her tiny face smiling," said Lee (via People).