Medically reviewed by Debra Sullivan, Ph.D., MSN, R.N., CNE, COI — composed by joanne Lewsley on may 27, 2020

It is unclear even if it is or no eating boogers has any kind of benefits. However, over there is some evidence to imply that this habit can expose the human body to germs. Too much nose choose can additionally damage the sleep passages.

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In a research from 1995, 91% of civilization admitted come picking your nose. However, it is no clear just how many people eat your boogers. The medical term for this habit is mucophagy.

This short article looks in ~ the benefits and also potential risks linked with eat boogers. It also explains why kids sometimes take on this habit and also what procedures a person deserve to take to protect against or reduce excessive nose picking.

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There is no a most research to indicate that there space benefits to eating boogers.

However, one study argues that the salivary mucins current in boogers helps form a protective obstacle on the teeth. This barrier may mitigate dental cavities.

Another examine notes the salivary mucins can help suppress details microbes, such together Candida albicans. This is the major microbe that reasons oral thrush.

Scientists need to lug out an ext research into eating boogers to recognize whether or not there are any type of health benefits.


There is an ext reliable research study on the threats of eat boogers.

Mucus in the nose acts together a filter device for viruses and bacteria make the efforts to invade the body. Together a result, each booger might contain a hold of harmful microorganisms.

The adhering to sections rundown some various other potential risks connected with eating boogers.


People that pick their sleep have higher levels the the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus in their nose. S. Aureus walk not constantly cause harm, but if a human being scratches or cut their nose by accident, it have the right to potentially cause infection.

People sometimes speak to infections brought about by staphylococcus bacteria “staph infections” because that short. The symptoms of a staph epidemic include:

rednessswellingskin blemishespain

Sometimes, a staph epidemic will settle by itself. If not, a doctor may recommend dental antibiotics or object antimicrobial treatments. If a person has boils, a medical professional will drainpipe them under regional anesthetic.


The mucous membrane that lines the nose includes many blood vessels. Too much nose picking can reason damage to the lining, and also this may reason nosebleeds, or epistaxis.

Pregnant women need to be an especially careful v nose picking, as pregnancy hormones deserve to increase blood flow and also relax the muscle tissues in the nose, causing more frequent nosebleeds.

Nasal lesions

Excessive nose picking can cause lesions in the nasal passage. Symptoms of sleep lesions include:

nasal obstructionnasal dischargenosebleedsfacial swellingpain

Treatment might consist of using petroleum jelly, making use of a saline spray to keep the nasal passages from dry out, or using topical pain relief creams.

It is not unusual to check out young youngsters picking your nose. This can be since they might not know an alternative means to clean their sleep yet, such as blowing right into a tissue.

According to the American Academy that Pediatrics, curiosity and boredom are two major contributing determinants to sleep picking in children.

Picking their nose, eating the boogers, and also not washing your hands afterward could mean that children are dispersing viruses and also bacteria. Studies indicate that cold viruses, such together rhinovirus, are more prevalent in dwellings with children.

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Keeping a child’s hands busy and distracting them from nose picking is commonly the best method to minimize this habit. Encouraging a kid to wash their hands frequently, such as before playing and eating, will aid reduce the spread of infection.

Children that pick their nose to the suggest of bleeding, or who carry out it when they are feeling anxious, must see a doctor. A physician may have the ability to suggest means to reduce the habit or to express the son to a mental medical care provider.