Suburban cook County obtained to phase 4 through reporting three consecutive days v a testing positivity rate listed below 6.5%, in addition to meeting other hospital metrics.

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Gretchen Leider, Walmart’s vision facility manager, picks up a bottle of water for Alice Collins if she is under observation after receiving the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine Tuesday at Walmart in the Austin neighborhood. Beat Nabong/Sun-Times
Suburban chef County to be cleared to return to Phase 4 of the state’s coronavirus reopening setup Tuesday, an interpretation bars and also restaurants can serve larger parties indoors.

The move down native Tier 1 COVID-19 mitigations also gives an ext leeway to local officials to increase indoor dining capacity beyond 25%, but Cook County wellness officials said they’d opt to save that limit in place.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot attracted the ire of the hospitality industry when she ordered the exact same as the city moved ago to step 4 over the weekend, suggesting that wellness officials should gauge the potential affect of the early Jan. 23 restaurant reopening before allowing more people to gather inside.

Party sizes can increase from 4 up to 10 in cook County in phase 4, though reduced that to six people per table.

Phase 4 — which used to every one of Illinois until Gov. J.B. Pritzker instituted statewide mitigations in November amid a record-breaking situation surge — also enables for bowling alleys and skating rinks to reopen at the lesser the 50 customers or 50% capacity.


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As epidemic rates have actually fallen earlier to their lowest level in about four months, eight that the state’s 11 areas have burned the tiered mitigations. The Will-Kankakee county an ar did Monday. The two suburban regions composed of Kane, DuPage, Lake and McHenry counties room still under Tier 1 rules but are on speed to acquire to phase 4 Wednesday.

Suburban cook County earned the eased constraints by reporting 3 consecutive days through a testing positivity rate below 6.5%, in enhancement to meeting various other hospital metrics.

Statewide, the seven-day mean statewide trial and error positivity rate, which experts use to gauge just how rapidly the virus is spreading, is down to 3.9% — much less than half what it to be a month ago, and as low together it’s been due to the fact that Oct. 9.

On Tuesday, Illinois reported its smallest number of new cases (2,304) due to the fact that Oct. 4, when COVID-19 hospital admissions space down about 60% native the November peak, with 2,447 beds populated statewide as of Monday night.

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The Illinois room of windy Health additionally announced the virus killed 47 much more residents, including 29 native the area. The death toll is up to 19,306 amongst the 1.1 million-plus inhabitants who have actually been infected end the previous year.

The virus has asserted 60 Illinois resides on median over the previous week, but that fatality rate is down from 116 every day a month ago.

Despite the state’s progress, officials room pleading with citizens to store masking and also social distancing — especially due to the fact that nine cases of the much more infectious UK variant of the virus were figured out in the area last month.

More than 1 million sheep of coronavirus vaccines have gone into Illinois arms so far, Illinois Public health Director Dr. Ngozi Ezike called a congressional committee, however only around 227,000 residents have received the compelled two doses. It is not also 1.8% that the population.

Ezike testified that the state demands the federal federal government “to align their efforts with ours to help solve valuable operational issues.”

“Of course we need boosted supply of vaccine, and also resources to quickly administer the vaccine,” Illinois’ height doctor said. “We require an improved communication channel and fixes come tools listed to states. The federal government should carry out states through clear consistent projections for vaccine allocations, to allow and allow planning weeks right into the future.”