Demi Moore and Bruce Willis were when the “it” pair of Hollywood. All eyes to be on the two throughout their entire courtship, and also fans couldn’t get sufficient of the gibbs together. Not lengthy after marriage, they started a household while raising three beautiful daughters.

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But sadly, their relationship crumbled end time, and the two finished in divorce. Yet when did Willis decide that he no much longer wanted to be married come Moore?


Bruce Willis and also Demi Moore arrive at the 1989 Oscar Party | George Rose/Getty Images

How walk Demi Moore and Bruce Willis meet?

Moore and Willis met in ~ a premiere party for the movieStakeoutin 1987. Funnily enough, both Moore and also Willis had actually other days with castle on the night they met. Moore was through her ex-fiance, Emilio Estevez, who was the star the the film. She insists in she memoir that they just went together friends since she had previously ended their engagement as result of Estevez’s alleged infidelity.

Emilio Estevez and also Demi Moore in 1986 | Ron Galella collection via Getty Images

Estevez said Moore that Willis couldn’t take it his eyes off of her all night. “He’s all over you, like a cheap fit in the rain,” her ex-fiance had told her.

At first, Moore didn’t believe him. However it wasn’t until Willis asked if he can get her a drink that she noticed it too. She defined how lot of a gentleman Willis was that night.

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore | The LIFE snapshot Collection via Getty Images

“I’d never encountered treatment favor this before,” she admitted in she memoir, Inside Out. “Bruce to be so gallant- in his very own boisterous way, a actual gentleman. Once I said it to be time because that me to go home, he offered to walk me to mine car. He to be so eager around it- like a little boy that didn’t desire to miss the ice-cream truck. As soon as he asked because that my number, i felt a wave of schoolgirl flutters.”

Why Bruce Willis didn’t desire to be married come Demi Moore anymore

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore in 1989 at The China Club, Hollywood, California | Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images

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According to Moore’s newly published autobiography, Willis to be uncomfortable with Moore’s fame. (At the time, Moore to be the highest possible paid mrs in Hollywood according to service Insider.)

Willis want a timeless marriage, according to the Ghost actor. One where the man was the breadwinner and the mrs stayed residence to take treatment of the kids.

So as soon as she had actually been offered a wonderful opportunity to perform a film, he obtained mad. Moore states he was upset the she had actually to job-related in a different state for an extended period, far from the kids. Unfortunately, their polarizing views finished up ruining their marriage.

Demi Moore and also actor Bruce Willis in 1992 at world Hollywood, South shore Plaza in Costa Mesa, California | Ron Davis/Getty Images

“My experienced life was soaring,” she wrote. “My an individual life to be painful. Bruce was acquiring ready come go perform a film the was shoot in Europe,Hudson Hawk. There was a most buzz approximately it: it had actually a vast budget; Bruce had functioned on the story and also co-written some of the songs, and he had a many riding top top the film. Just prior to he left, that dropped the bombshell: ‘I don’t recognize if I want to be married."”

She claimed his comment resulted in her to feel “sucker-punched,” adding how she didn’t want to be through someone who wasn’t 100% invested in your marriage.

“‘I don’t understand if I want to it is in married’ is not exactly the means to mine heart,” she wrote.

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Bruce Willis wanted freedom due to the fact that of his fame and fortune

Demi Moore & Bruce Willis during “Bandits” Los Angeles Premiere | SGranitz/WireImage

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Moore likewise believes that Willis to be at a suggest in his life wherein he wanted freedom over stability. And because the his celebrity status, (which was blowing up in ~ the time,) he came to be distant.

“Bruce and I had actually met, married, had actually a baby, and also just excellent a lot, very quickly,” she revealed. “It was as if he wake up up a couple of years later and also thought, ‘Whoa, is this what ns want? Or execute I really want to be free?’ ns think he was struggling to resolve a problem within himself: he wanted family and also grounding, however he also craved excitement and novelty. Basically, he want to do every little thing the f**k he wanted.”