Daryl Dragon, Captain and also Tennille’s Captain, Dead in ~ 76

Keyboardist behind “Do the to Me One more Time” and “Love Will store Us Together” die of renal failure in hospice



Daryl Dragon, the Captain of Captain and also Tennille, died of renal failure in hospice care on Wednesday at period 76.

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Daryl Dragon, the keyboard-playing “Captain” the Seventies hitmakers Captain and Tennille, passed away at a hospice in Prescott, Arizona top top Wednesday. Associated press reports the cause of fatality as renal failure. He to be 76.

As Captain and also Tennille, Dragon and also his then-wife Toni Tennille score a cable of catchy, easy-rolling access time in the mid-Seventies, consisting of the Grammy-winning, Number One fight “Love Will keep Us Together,” “The method I want to Touch You,” “Lonely Night (Angel Face)” and also “Muskrat Love.” Dragon was recognized for attract a captain’s hat and also playing multilevel keyboards, as Tennille sang the hits and played her own keyboards. All yet two the the albums they exit in the Seventies to be certified gold or platinum.

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“He was a excellent musician with numerous friends that loved that greatly,” Tennille claimed in a statement. “I was at my most an innovative in my life once I was through him.” She to be by his next at the time of his death.

Dragon was born on respectable 27th, 1942 in Los Angeles, the kid of classical composer and also conductor Carmen Dragon and also singer Eloise Dragon. V music in his blood, that went on to learn the piano, organ, vibes, synthesizer and also bass. Start in the late Sixties, that toured through the beach Boys as the group’s key-board player; it was the group’s Mike Love who offered him the nickname the Captain.

He met Tennille when he joined the house band that a absent musical Tenille had co-written, Mother Earth, as component of L.A.’s South shore Repertory Theater. After the closed, the hired her to play key-boards with the Beach boys alongside him.

In 1974, they produced and paid for their very own single, the slow-building “The method I desire to Touch You,” which to be a local hit. They followed it through “Love Will store Us Together” the next year. The song came to be a runaway hit and also won them the record of the year Grammy and sold much more than 2.5 million copies. Castle married on November 11th, 1975. Their hits dominated the peak 10 for lot of the mid-Seventies, and they closed the end the decade with the light-rock torch tune “Do that to Me One more Time,” one more Number One hit. At their peak, they organized their own primetime show on ABC, yet the access time fizzled out in the 1980s. They released their last album, The mystery of Christmas, in 2007.

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The pair moved to Nevada, and also Dragon ongoing to produce albums and work on film scores. They ongoing to do together intermittently in the years that followed, yet Tennille filed for divorce in 2014. In ~ the time, she filing referenced health insurance coverage and also previously, in 2010, she’d written that Dragon was living through a Parkinsonian neurological problem that brought about harsh tremors, avoiding him from playing the keyboards. They remained on good terms after ~ the divorce, and she later on moved to Arizona to treatment for him.

“A an excellent musician, keyboard player and friend for over 40 years,” musician Neil Sedaka wrote on Twitter. “He took ‘Love Will keep Us Together,’ made the his very own with the magic that his playing and her remarkable voice.”