However, pan are frequently left wondering what started their famous feud in the very first place?

A timeline the Nikki Minaj and also Cardi B's feud

Early 2017 - Cardi B bursts top top the rap scene through her hit track Bodak Yellow and people start comparing she to Nicki Minaj - rumours of a feud begin brewing approximately this time.

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May 2017 - Nicki dissed Cardi’s boyfriend counter in the monitor Swish Swish, featuring Katy Perry, and even allegedly liked comments on Instagram the insulted Cardi. Later on that very same month, Cardi required to Instagram come hit ago at Minaj by slyly talking about “idols who become rivals". July 2017 - Nicki was filmed dancing to Cardi’s track Bodak Yellow in a Miami nightclub in what appeared to it is in a display of assistance for the young rapper. However just mainly later, Nicki rapped: "Lil b**** ns heard this labels tryna make one more me" on track No Flag, just days ~ Cardi indications a record deal with Atlantic – the clapback come after Cardi had been repeatedly defined as the “new Nicki”.April 2018 - Cardi addresses the beef in one interview the day prior to her album, invasion Of Privacy was released, saying: “I simply feel prefer it's really net made-up, ns don't really have the time because that that. If you not f**king my man, or if you're no taking mine money indigenous me, if you're not protecting against my money, then i don't really offer a f**k about you." She added: "I spoke to she before, in person. So I always say ns don’t want anybody sneak-dissing me. If the something the we can talk the out, then we can talk it out, because it’s not constantly rah rah this or rah rah that.”

Nicki hasn't been as vocal in the feud as CardiCredit: Getty ImagesAugust 2018 - The feud appeared to escalate more after Cardi appeared to contact out an unnamed woman’s behaviour during a power at MoMA PS1. She declared: “You recognize this b***h she never ever f**king preferred me, and all of a sudden she desire to be friends with me — no, b**ch. Ns still don’t choose you b***h.”September 2018 - A scuffle damaged out after ~ Cardi approached Nicki because that “spreading lies”. The pair were dressed in posh frocks when the altercation broke out in ~ the brand-new York Fashion main Harper’s Bazaar party held at the Plaza. Follow to reports in TMZ, Cardi take it off among her red heels and threw it in ~ Nicki – but the shoes missed as she to be being defended by a big security guard.November 2020 - Cardi B Slammed Wiz Khalifa for pitting her and Nicki Minaj "against every other" after the Grammy nominations to be released.




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What songs have they collaborated on?

Both women featured ~ above Migos’ song “Motorsport.”

The solitary released in October 2017, and also was Minaj and also Cardi’s an initial collaboration together.

They both appeared in the main music video clip but in separate scenes.

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The single only included to their animosity v post-release interviews littered with sly insults and digs at every other.

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj fight at NYFW Harper"s Bazaar party together Cardi throws her shoe in ~ rival but leaves with a vast bump on her head