Though Casey Anthony maintains that she doesn’t know exactly how her adorable daughter, Caylee died, her parents never seemed come buy that story. Regardless of the ups and also downs in their relationship, however, it appears George Anthony is prepared to forgive.

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“I just want come let she know exactly how I felt,” he stated on The Dr. Oz display in 2019, one year ~ his near-fatal auto crash. Casey’s father created an emotional letter come his notorious daughter, seeking a reconciliation. “I recognize of one point I walk say come her: ‘I would certainly love to watch you and I would love for mommy to understand where you at, exactly how you’re doing."”

George continued, “I said, ‘Casey, no matter what, i’m still your dad and I love you.’ the was tough for me, but I essential to get that from me because you can’t relocate on if you save on holding all these points inside, you need to have the ability to express yourself.”

Prior to his near-death experience, George and also his wife, Cindy Anthony, revealed they no trust your daughter.

“Casey knows what taken place to Caylee. I feel that in my heart,” George stated on Crime clock Daily. Casey has asserted that George was through Caylee when she died, and also he insisted it is a lie. “Do i feel that she take it my granddaughter’s life? ns don’t desire to believe that, however Casey is the one have the right to answer the question.”


Cindy doesn’t think Casey would have murdered her daughter ~ above purpose, however she tho believes their granddaughter’s fatality was her fault.

“No, i don’t think, ns truly, honestly nothing think she eliminated her,” claimed Cindy. “I don’t know. I don’t know if it was an accident or what happened. I don’t understand if Casey obtained distracted and Caylee drowned in the pool.” Cindy also revealed the Casey had actually been suffering from constant seizures and also may have blacked out during Caylee’s death and also not psychic what happened.

So does Casey speak to her parents? for Casey’s dad, their partnership is likely over because that good. “I don’t want to view her, i don’t want to talk to her. I’ve always said that ns would never talk to mine daughter. Ns actually shed my daughter and also my nephew in 2008.” Cindy, ~ above the various other hand, last saw her daughter almost five years back — approximately December 2016. She did not point out if she would see her again.


Casey made national headlines in 2008 and also became the central figure in a criminal trial that captivated the country. Through 2011, she to be acquitted of her 2-year-old daughter’s murder and charges the aggravated son abuse and aggravated manslaughter the a child. However, she was discovered guilty on four counts of offering false info to a regulation enforcement officer.

Casey’s parents very first spoke out due to the fact that they want the public to understand exactly how painful the experience was for them.

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“I really believe out there, girlfriend know, there’s a certain amount of civilization don’t really understand what we’ve been through, exactly how traumatic it’s been because that these critical nine years,” said George, that admitted it acquired so negative that the tried to commit suicide. “I guess i didn’t drink enough alcohol, i didn’t take enough pills.”

Despite George and also Cindy’s harsh evaluate of their daughter, a resource close to the controversial Florida indigenous insisted she’s unfazed by your comments.

“Casey’s parental have constantly given this interviews. From day one, they have actually done this. And for what? Casey simply rolled she eyes at the things they call the media,” one resource told People. One more added, “For Casey, it was like, ‘Whatever.’ castle have always been an essential of her, even from the moment she to be a girl. For this reason why would certainly anything adjust now? She feels choose they’ve never truly been supportive the her. Casey doesn’t wish them any ill will certainly or anything. They’re she parents, and she really does love them. However she doesn’t spend her time obsessing around what George and Cindy say around her — specifically publicly. She has moved on.”