Lake Tahoe casinos have started to reopen to the general public after the damaging Caldor Fire required their gaming and also hotel operations come shut under last week.

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Harrah"s Lake Tahoe Casino is shrouded in exhilaration as face mask put on pedestrians cross the street in ~ the California-Nevada line, Tuesday, Aug. 24, 2021. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)
South Lake Tahoe board of directors member john Friedrich tide to passing cars as they honk their horns along Highway 50 near Stateline, Nev., in south Lake Tahoe, Calif., on Monday, Sept. 6, 2021. (Jane Tyska/Bay Area News team via AP)

Lake Tahoe casinos have actually started to reopen to the public after the devastating Caldor Fire required their gaming and hotel operations to shut down last week.

Caesars entertain on Wednesday announced reopening plans because that its 2 Lake Tahoe properties, Harrah’s and Harveys in Stateline. Harrah’s reopened the hotel work to the general public on Wednesday. Slot makers were likewise planned to reopen at the will Wednesday evening, complied with by table gamings restarting Thursday.

Harveys’ gambling operations are booked to reopen ~ above Sept. 16, adhered to by the hotel on Sept. 17.

“We room happy come resume operations at Harrah’s and Harveys Lake Tahoe,” Karie L. Hall, the hotels’ an elderly vice president and general manager, stated in a statement. “We are exponentially grateful for the fire crews and first responders who proceed to work-related tirelessly to store the south Lake Tahoe and also Stateline locations safe if battling the Caldor Fire. We’re also thankful come our dedicated Team Members that made it possible for our nature to house so numerous of those crews during such a difficult time. As we ease earlier into operations at Harrah’s and also Harveys, us look front to welcoming our guests and every one of our Team members earlier to both properties.”

The difficult Rock Lake Tahoe, regulated by ras Vegas-based example Gaming, reopened Tuesday night come guests. The property is tho being used as the command center and will proceed to feeding firefighters and also emergency personnel, a spokesman because that the agency said in a statement.

MontBleu, the fourth of four casinos at Lake Tahoe, reopened your operations Wednesday morning.

“The security of our team members and also guests has constantly been, and also continues to be, our greatest priority. We look front to re-opening our doors now that it is safe to do so. This re-opening might not have been made possible without the tireless and also resilient job-related of ours firefighters, first responders, and the support of anyone on the sideline coming together as one,” Tim Tretton, angry president and also general manager of MontBleu claimed in a statement posted on the resort’s website.

The substantial wildfire has actually burned more than 215,000 acre in the Sierra Nevada due to the fact that it damaged out in El Dorado county on Aug. 14. Thousands fled southern Lake Tahoe critical week between mandatory evacuation orders as the fire inched closer come the resort an ar before points took a rotate for the better late critical week as the vast blaze that has burned for much more than three weeks finally started to slow.

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The fire was 50 percent contained as of Wednesday morning, according to Cal Fire officials.