Small brand-new Year's night crowds at Stateline keep US50 open up

STATELINE, Nev. - It to be a lot quieter vacation at Stateline this year v a decrease in calls for service, five arrests, and also the lowest number of new Year"s celebrants in a couple of decades.

US 50, the highway the runs from southern Lake Tahoe into Stateline was no closed early out the low number of people in the area. Legislation enforcement was able to save those wanting to bring in the new year outside to the sidewalk or they stayed inside the casinos.

"The celebrants were well behaved and adopted the brand-new Year’s night celebration," said Douglas ar Undersheriff Ron Elges.

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Law enforcement prepares for possible new Year's night crowds on southern Shore

Even with the current pandemic, brand-new Year"s revelers can still flock to the Stateline casino corridor and also South Lake Tahoe on Thursday so regulation enforcement will be prepared. With no SnowGlobe this year as result of the pandemic, and Heavenly Village new Year"s Eve tasks canceled, it is unknown regarding what will take ar in one area that at once saw 50,000 human being in the highways to bring in the brand-new year. Critical year the was estimated 7,000 come 8,000 world took to the roads at midnight in ~ Stateline and 6,500 at Heavenly town for its 9:00 p.m. Fireworks.

South shore casinos again perform much better than many of Nevada

STATELINE, Nev. - Nevada’s non-restricted gaming licensees reported a full “gaming win” the $771,162,743 because that the month that November 2020, the sixth month of casinos reopening in the state after gift closed as result of the coronavirus. This quantities to a 17.75 percent decrease compared to November 2019, when licensees report a gaming success of $937,533,406, follow to the monthly report released by the Nevada Gaming control Board today.

Douglas county agencies partner to hold drunk driving intervention training because that Tahoe servers

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Nev. - The Douglas ar Sheriff’s Office (DCSO), Tahoe Douglas Fire protection (TDFP), state agencies, local non-profits and businesses space coming with each other to beginning a project aimed to aid our neighborhood stay safer by offering server treatment training and ride choices to those who space drinking and also need to gain home.

Call because that A Ride, continue to be Alive is a drunk steering awareness campaign that supplies server treatment training to employees from casinos and other Stateline area businesses.

No brand-new restrictions because that Nevada as branch asks every to stem the tide of COVID-19

Nevada governor Steve Sisolak speak to Nevadans Sunday afternoon to upgrade them on the state"s COVID-19 situation. He said the limitations that went into impact three weeks earlier will proceed until January 15, 2021. Because of the increasing COVID-19 cases and also deaths in the state many thought he can impose stricter regulations.

USFS repurchase 120 acre on Brockway Summit to defend from development

LAKE TAHOE, Calif. - much sought-after parcels of land close to Northstar Ski Resort have actually been purchase by the USDA Forest service Lake Tahoe container Management Unit (LTBMU). The acquisition brings come a near proposed advances which over the year have consisted of 112 ridgeline homes and the Brockway Campground, a sprawling resort v 550 campsites and also commercial and extr commercial facilities.

LTBMU used funds native the Santini-Burton action to acquisition two parcels the total around 120.4 acres of Brockway Summit land on the in salt of the Tahoe Basin.

Monthly Nevada gaming report: Lake Tahoe area casinos write-up gains


STATELINE, Nev. - Nevada’s non-restricted gaming licensees reported a full “gaming win” of $822,676,544 for the month that October 2020, the fifth month of casinos reopening in the state after gift closed due to the coronavirus. This amounts to a 19.50 percent decrease compared to October 2019, as soon as licensees reported a gaming win of $1,021,966,875, follow to the monthly report released by the Nevada Gaming manage Board today.

Nevada under brand-new safety procedures after surging of COVID-19 deaths and also positivity rate

Governor Steve Sisolak announced a "at least a three-week statewide pause" to protect Nevadans from the pandemic as result of a surging in optimistic cases and deaths. Starting Tuesday, November 24 in ~ 12:01 a.m. There will certainly be tighter company restrictions and a stricter mask mandate in the state that Nevada.

Many believed he would be calling because that a shutdown in the state, but instead he chose the "pause" in ~ this time. Sisolak said ten percent of all COVID-19 instances in Nevada due to the fact that beginning the pandemic have actually been videotaped in the last 7 days.

South coast casinos see large gain in September; Statewide profits down 22 percent

STATELINE, Nev. - Nevada’s non-restricted gaming licensees reported a full “gaming win” that $821,132,375 for the month that September 2020, the fourth month of casinos reopening in the state after being closed as result of the coronavirus. This amounts to a 22.38 percent decrease compared to September 2019, as soon as licensees report a gaming win of $1,057,935,421, follow to the monthly report exit by the Nevada Gaming manage Board.

The twenty-two percent diminish is nearly identical to the loss competent the front month because that the state.

City the supervisory board candidates respond to southern Lake Tahoe chamber questions

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. - The southern Tahoe chamber of commerce Board newly asked the nine City board of directors candidates ten inquiries they felt to be of many importance come its members. The questions concentrated mainly on subject relating to points that will or may impact both the local tiny businesses and the ar in general.

Their board made the decision to no endorse a certain candidate this election, but instead rank them based upon how much they align v the southern Tahoe room of business goals based upon their answers to the questions below.

It"s a great thing to call for unity. It sounds good and feeling good. However for far too lengthy hollow calls for "working together" have come to be excuses for bulldozing over the needs of the world who live and also work here in donate of the demands of the developers, resorts and also casinos.

I determined the locals.

I select to give a voice come those who room marginalized.

And if this seems choose I’m bring about trouble, then it is, as john Lewis referred to as it, good trouble.

City the supervisory board candidates respond come 100% Renewable energy Committee questions


On April 18, 2017 the southern Lake Tahoe City council unanimously happen a resolution to: 1) power the south Lake Tahoe neighborhood with electricity listed from 100 percent renewable resources by 2032 and 2) Reduce ar carbon emissions native baseline by at the very least 80 percent through 2040, and also reduce municipal emissions by 50 percent through 2030.

Public's input seek on main Street management Plan

A major makeover is planned for a big of united state Highway 50 indigenous Pioneer Trail to Lake Parkway and the draft Mainstreet Management arrangement for this area has been released for public review and also comment.

Nominations announced for the 13th annual Blue Ribbon Awards

The Tahoe Chamber collected 190 nominations native the ar for the 13th annual Blue Ribbon award to memory the businesses, non-profits and also individuals that make the south Shore that Lake Tahoe for this reason unique. Regional businesses have actually been a resilient backbone of the neighborhood throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and honoring their contributions, accomplishments and landmarks is much more important than ever before before.

South Tahoe now reached out to every nine candidates for south Lake Tahoe City council and detailed the very same list of questions to each among them. As soon as a day their answers will certainly be released in the bespeak received.

Today"s candidate is Scott Robbins

Profession: national Security Analysist

How plenty of years in SLT: 4

South Tahoe now reached the end to all nine candidates for south Lake Tahoe City board of directors and provided the same list of questions to each one of them. When a day your answers will be published in the order received.

Today"s candidate is Keith Roberts.

Profession: executive Chef

How numerous years in SLT: 5 years

Monthly gaming report: Casino earnings down In second full month of gift reopened


STATELINE, Nev. - Nevada’s non-restricted gaming licensees reported a full “gaming win” of $743,038,562 for the month of august 2020, the 3rd month that casinos reopening in the state after being closed because of the coronavirus. This quantities to a 22.08 percent decrease contrasted to respectable 2019, as soon as licensees reported a gaming success of $953,623,896, follow to the monthly report released now by the Nevada Gaming regulate Board.

South Tahoe currently reached out to every nine candidates for south Lake Tahoe City the supervisory board and provided the exact same list of concerns to each one of them. Once a day their answers will be published in the stimulate received.

Today"s candidate is Daniel P. Browne, Jr.

Occupation: Veteran and also Retired BusinessmanHow countless years in SLT: 48 Years

Nevada Tobacco avoidance Coalition difficulties all casinos to be smoke-free


The Nevada Tobacco avoidance Coalition (NTPC), comprised of collaborating publicly health and private partner organizations, celebrates MGM’s decision to open up the Park MGM and NoMad in ras Vegas smoke-free. In enhancement to enforcing currently smoke-free policies, NTPC challenges all Nevada casinos to implement brand-new and stronger policies to be completely smoke-free.

The long-running tradition of the Freaker"s ball is taking a year. The 42nd yearly event will be wait one more year yet organizers promise it will certainly be much better than ever. Initially scheduled to take ar Saturday, October 31, MontBleu found itself, choose so many venues, unable to organize the annual event due to Covid-19 and social distancing indict in result statewide.

South Lake Tahoe City the supervisory board candidates respond come #IRunWithMaud questions

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. - There will be two brand-new members the the southern Lake Tahoe City Council after the November 3 election. In the coming weeks the pubic will have chances to hear indigenous the candidates both via zoom, in print and possibly in person. Below are eight of the ten candidates responses to questions asked through the local #IRunWithMaud group.

Gaming earnings down across Nevada, southern Shore revenues down practically 40% in July

STATELINE, Nev. - Nevada’s nonrestricted gaming licensees report a total “gaming win” that $756,793,269 because that the month the July 2020, the second month the casinos reopening in the state after gift closed due to the coronavirus. This amounts to a 26.16 percent decrease contrasted to July 2019, when licensees reported a gaming success of $1,024,925,615 follow to the monthly report released now by the Nevada Gaming control Board.

Four properties challenge fines from Nevada Gaming control Board because that improper COVID-19 operation


The Nevada Gaming manage Board (NGCB) has actually completed 10,135 inspections and also opened 156 regulation cases due to the fact that gaming properties were able to reopen on June 4 after ~ they to be closed because that over 2 months. All have actually been regarded non-compliance through the Board’s Health and also Safety plans issued on may 28. To date, they have actually alleged findings versus four licensees

Gaming revenues down in state together casinos start earlier up after ~ closures

STATELINE, Nev. - Nevada’s nonrestricted gaming licensees reported a total “gaming win” that $566,806,791 for the month of June 2020, the first month casinos started to reopen in the state after gift closed due to the coronavirus. This amounts to a 45.55 percent decrease compared to June 2019, as soon as licensees reported a gaming victory of $1,040,978,076 follow to the monthly report released this day by the Nevada Gaming manage Board.

Eldorado resorts completes $17.3B merger v Caesars to chat

STATELINE, Nev. - Eldorado Resorts has actually completed its acquisition of caesar Entertainment Corp., creating the biggest casino and also entertainment firm in the unified States.

Eldorado Resorts paid $8.58B in cash and $8.8B in caesars debt to be assumed in the brand-new entity. The new name because that the firm is caesars Entertainment, Inc.

EL DORADO COUNTY, Calif. - El Dorado County wellness officials have announced 15 new cases the COVID-19 since Friday, pass the complete to 145.

The brand-new cases room nine males, six females, seven periods 18-49, 5 in the 50-65 period group, and three 65 and also older.

There to be nine new cases in the Lake Tahoe region, 3 in better Placerville, 2 in Cameron Park/Shingle Springs, and one in El Dorado Hills. Due to the fact that the neighborhood casinos opened on June 4 there have been 48 new cases the the coronavirus in the Lake Tahoe region of El Dorado County.

STATELINE, Nev. - Harveys Lake Tahoe announced Monday that they will be resume their operations as a hotel and casino ~ above Tuesday, June 30 in ~ 10:00 a.m.

Upon reopening, the residential property will comply with directives from Nevada branch Steve Sisolak, the Nevada Gaming control Board, and also public health authorities. Subject to and also in accordance v such directives, various other amenities on-property, consisting of ticketed live events, will reopen as ideal based on client demand.

Across the street, Harrah"s Tahoe opened together with the various other Stateline casinos on June 4.

South Lake Tahoe COVID-19 testing spot for residents of area counties and Nevada

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. - The south Lake Tahoe Coronavirus trial and error site in ~ Lake Tahoe neighborhood College is currently open for occupants from El Dorado and also Alpine counties and the state the Nevada.

Testing is also now obtainable to all ages and people can get tested an ext than when with no charge. No clinical insurance is required.

With businesses and also the casinos opening up, the chance of exposure has actually increased. If wearing a mask, washing hand frequently, and also socially distancing significantly increases the possibilities of no contracting the virus, human being can still become exposed.

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. - because that the 2nd consecutive day, there to be no brand-new cases the COVID-19 in El Dorado County. The confirmed situations remain at 111 with 21 that those energetic after three an ext people recovered.

There space no hospitalizations of confirmed COVID-19 cases at this time in the county but there is one suspected situation in among the county"s 174 licensed beds.

An added 171 tests were administered, bringing that complete to 7,539.

There have actually been 52 cases in the Lake Tahoe area (including southern Lake Tahoe, Meyers, Strawberry, and also Tahoma).

June 12 a huge day ~ above the roadway map come reopening for south Lake Tahoe and also El Dorado County

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. - The State that California issued guidelines ~ above Friday because that 12 service sectors that have the right to open in part counties on June 12, 2020. Counites that have approved attestations prefer El Dorado County have the right to open those sectors when they have developed and implemented their safety plans top top June 12.

Special El Dorado County meeting to talk about reopening of stage 3 businesses

EL DORADO COUNTY, Calif. - The El Dorado County plank of Supervisors space holding a one-of-a-kind meeting top top Tuesday, June 2 at 1:00 p.m. To comment on expansion of the County"s phase 2 attestation announced by the Public wellness Administrator Dr. Nancy Williams.

The only item top top the agenda is discussion and feasible action on widening Stage 2 to encompass all businesses and industries figured out in phase 3 of governor Newsom"s Resiliency Roadmap.

STATELINE, Nev. - Casinos in Nevada room now enabled to open as soon as their brand-new protocol and guidance plans are approved by the state"s Gaming control Board. Since Governor Sisolak"s reopening announcement, casino properties have actually been putting the social distancing and also safety procedures in location to once again welcome guests.

Sisolak set target date of June 4 for reopening of Nevada casinos

Casinos in Nevada can be open up by June 4 according to an announcement Friday by Nevada branch Steve Sisolak.

The Nevada Gaming commission (NGC) will be meeting on Tuesday and consider action necessary because that reopening. Pending those results, and also evaluation of fads in data, the state"s gaming industry could reopen. During the NGC conference there will be a workshop through state and also local health officials about COVID-19 an answer measures at resort-hotels.

Visitors come Lake Tahoe are urged to follow stay-at-home accuse

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. - The message from the state, county, and city has actually been regular throughout the coronavirus pandemic: This is not the time to take trip to southern Lake Tahoe. Nevada has additionally sent out the same article as a half on nonessential take trip that was developed to protect against the spread out of COVID-19 between communities.

LAKE TAHOE, Nev. - Casinos in Nevada will not be opening during the phase 1 reopening arrangement unveiled by governor Steve Sisolak Thursday. Every Nevada casinos will be compelled to create and implement an infectious an illness prevention plan before they will be permitted to open as soon as Sisolak provides them the green light. He stated Thursday step 1 expires might 30 and also the next phase can start then, or even previously if every goes as planned. That is unknown currently if casinos will certainly be contained in the next reopening phase.

Governor outlines guidelines because that reopening Nevada with phase one Saturday

Nevada governor Steve Sisolak has actually unveiled his plan for the state to reopen under step one starting May 9, 2020. Outdoor malls, restaurants, hair salons, and also barber shops are among those able to reopen with new standards because that safety.

"We should stay for sure so we deserve to stay open," said Sisolak that the capability to move into phase 2 through the finish of May, or sooner.

"The start of the reopening of our economy is no the end of the coronavirus," stated Sisolak during a push conference Thursday afternoon. "It"s still through us, as solid as ever. It will not go away till there"s a vaccine."

Letter: south Tahoe chamber of commerce offers leaders suggestions on reopening

The following is a letter sent out to El Dorado County and City of south Lake Tahoe. It is published here in its entirety at the request of the author.

The southern Tahoe room of commerce would like to offer encouragement and support that a rebirth of the local economy, while continuing to store the health and also safety of our citizens in mind. Situations of COVID-19 have remained short in our an ar when compared to other much more populated areas approximately the State and Nation. We applaud the quick action taken through the County and City that has helped us save the situation count low.

Events center approved by Douglas county Commissioners

STATELINE, Nev. - In what has actually been a hotly questioned topic because that months in between the five Douglas County board of Commissioners and members of the public, the Tahoe south Events center passed the last hurdle Thursday. In a 3-2 vote, the commissioners authorized bond issuance, the final step in the approval process. The Tahoe local Planning firm (TRPA) had actually previously unanimously approved it.

STATELINE, Nev. - Lakeside Inn and also Casino on the south Shore the Lake Tahoe will not it is in reopening that is doors ~ the coronavirus comes to are over. They to be the very first Lake Tahoe gaming residential property to close, even before Nevada governor Steve Sisolak ordered all casinos come close in stimulate to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

Letter: Lake Tahoe event Center- her support needed

With coronavirus effects being our community"s significant priority, us hope you"re staying safe and also encourage everyone to continue to be at home and follow directions from health organizations therefore we have the right to return to our jobs, schools, and normal lives safely, and as shortly as possible. While health wellbeing is the top concern, the truth of long-term economic impacts native this terrible virus makes the need to plan for a certain future a priority now more than ever.

Casinos did fine in February - south Shore Lake Tahoe increase 21% end a year ago

STATELINE, Nev. - Nevada’s nonrestricted gaming licensees report a full “gaming win” the $1,042,627,516 because that the month of February 2020. This quantities to a 3.05 percent increase contrasted to February 2019, once licensees reported a gaming success of $1,011,785,879 according to the monthly report released this day by the Nevada Gaming manage Board.

STATELINE, Nev. - The Tahoe local Planning firm (TRPA) board this day unanimously approved the Tahoe Douglas Visitor’s government Tahoe south Event center planned for the parking many area of Montbleu Casino will in Stateline. Edgewood Tahoe has actually donated the 13.3 acre at the corner of Lake Parkway and also Highway 50 required for the center.

Soroptimist society of Tahoe Sierra creates virtual auction in location of Elegant Evening

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. - Soroptimist international of Tahoe Sierra has actually arrived in ~ the very complicated decision come cancel that 31st annual Elegant evening celebration originally scheduled because that April 18, 2020. With the casinos closing and also guidelines native the facility for disease Control advising people to not attend huge functions, the occasion will no be hosted this year.

But all is not lost.

Boys and also Girls club to offer hot supper come all youngsters under 18 starting Monday

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. - starting on Monday, march 23, the Boys and also Girls society Lake Tahoe will be providing a totally free "drive through hot supper" from 5:00 p.m. Come 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. All kids under the age of 18 (or 19 if tho enrolled fulltime in school) space eligible.

The meals will certainly be spread to youngsters in dare from outside their Al Tahoe main clubhouse ~ above Lyons way in south Lake Tahoe. If over there is no car, children can to walk in, climate leave. The society is make the efforts to save human call to a minimum.

Governor orders all Nevada casinos and non-essential businesses to close

During a Tuesday evening push conference, Nevada branch Steve Sisolak notified a statewide closure of every nonessential companies in the state, consisting of casinos.

The Stateline, Nevada casinos not already closed will close march 17 at midnight. The nonessential enterprise in the state have to close by noon on Wednesday, march 18.

STATELINE, Nev. - Lakeside Inn in Stateline, Nevada became the an initial South shore casino come close due to coronavirus COVID-19 concerns.

"This decision was based on concern for the health of ours community and also of our staff members," claimed Lakeside Inn chairman Stacy Noyes. "We determined to take it the lead and aid our family. It"s the responsible thing to do."

All employees not working will acquire two weeks of pay. Noyes claimed the situation and decisions are evolving daily and the initial setup is to close for two weeks.

Eldorado Resorts: Montbleu will Casino in Lake Tahoe come be sold to Maverick Gaming

STATELINE, Nev. - Eldorado Resorts, Inc. And also Maverick Gaming gmbh have gone into into a definitive agreement for the acquisition of Montbleu Casino resort on the southern Shore the Lake Tahoe.

Monthly gaming report: good January for Lake Tahoe casinos on south shore

STATELINE, Nev. - Nevada’s nonrestricted gaming licensees report a full “gaming win” the $1,038,196,869 for the month of January 2020. This quantities to a 5.48 percent increase compared to January 2019, when licensees report a gaming win of $984,227,816 according to the monthly report released this day by the Nevada Gaming manage Board.

December gaming earnings up 8% in south Lake Tahoe; Nevada sees "win" topping $1 billion

Nevada’s nonrestricted gaming licensees report a total “gaming win” the 1,057,602,710 for the month the December 2019. This quantities to a 5.79 percent decrease contrasted to December 2018, as soon as licensees reported a gaming success of $999,678,537 follow to the monthly report released this particular day by the Nevada Gaming manage Board.

Caesars entertain announces revenue of Harrah's Reno

Harrah"s Reno will shortly be comes to an end. The gaming facility that had actually its humble start as a bingo parlor opened up by bill Harrah in 1937 has actually been offered to a company that will rotate it into a non-gaming mixed-use center.

On Thursday, caesars Entertainment Corporation and also VICI properties Inc. Announced in a press release castle signed an agreement to market Harrah’s Reno Hotel and also Casino to an affiliate the CAI Investments for $50 million.

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