Now’s a really great time to it is in buying a pre-owned car. For buyers top top a budget, a used model will regularly get you much more for her money, however is it precious paying an ext for a pre-owned design that is “certified”? it all relies on the vehicle and the market.

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In situation you i can not use heard, the used automobile market is gaining oversaturated. Larger discounts on brand-new cars typical that dealers need to slash price on their provided inventory. That’s an excellent news because that savvy consumers. The course, a lot of car buyers can be a little apprehensive about buying a pre-owned auto due to concerns about reliability and warranty coverage. This is why “certified pre-owned” (CPO) cars can be an extremely appealing.

Certified cars will often carry a price premium over your non-CPO counterparts. A recent study in Automotive News suggested that millennial ca buyers to be willing to pay approximately $3,800 much more for a certified pre-owned model. That’s a significant jump end older buyers who thought that CPO cars were just worth about $2,700 more, yet it appears that a most buyers are willing to pay too lot for the label.

What Is A Certified Pre-Owned Car

Before we obtain into the details on even if it is or not certified cars offer a much better value proposition, it’s vital to create what “certified” actually means. There room basically two species of “certified” cars—manufacturer certified and also dealer certified. A manufacturer certified vehicle most experience some form of standardized inspection procedure and if the automobile meets a certain set of criteria the pre-owned vehicle will gain CPO status.


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The certified auto will usually have some sort of extension of the manufacturing facility warranty term. Every brand has different standards and also different warranty expansions for their CPO programs, part are far better than others. Buyers have to do their research study to view what sort of added coverage they room going to get and also for how long.

In order for a dealer to put a CPO brand on a pre-owned car, they have to pay the manufacturer a dues to complete this process. Frequently this dues is passed top top the consumer and also the price the a CPO car will it is in listed higher than if the was not certified.

What consumers have to watch the end for are cars that space “dealer certified” and also not manufacturer certified.

Dealers understand that the “certified” label can justify a price increase, for this reason the dealer will “certify” the vehicle using their own criteria that might or may not be aligned with the manufacturer standards and also the vehicle may or may not have actually a warranty expansion that is good at any other dealer from the brand.

Should i Pay an ext For A CPO Car?

As I pointed out above, the certified label is really all around buyer confidence. No one desires to acquisition a supplied car—or a new one—that they have to dump a bunch the money into to keep running. A CPO model offers consumers part protection versus defects and expensive repairs. However, if used auto buyers choose the right vehicle, it may not be necessary to pay an ext for the extra coverage.

Let’s to speak you were in the sector for an affordable pre-owned sedan. A 2014 Toyota Camry SE could easily be had actually with short miles for about $12,000 come $13,000.

Yet part dealers in the country seem come think that they can charge virtually $20,000 because that a comparable 2014 Camry.

The Camry is one of the most reliable sedans you can buy, so most buyers have the right to lean ~ above the build quality and probably forgo the extra expense for the certified models.

The other trouble with some CPO cars is as soon as the prices are so high, it provides the used automobile overlap with the cost of a brand new one. In the case of the Camry, those $20,000 CPO cars that are three-years-old in reality cost an ext than a brand new 2017 Camry SE when you element in steep dealer discounts and rebates.

While buyers shouldn’t necessarily pay more for a certified version, a competitively priced CPO model might make for a much better value proposition over a comparatively priced supplied car. For example, if we look at these 2015 CR-V listings below:

An all-wheel-drive LX version retails for around $16,500, however the shortest priced automobile on the list is also a Honda CPO model, that added coverage makes it a an ext desirable purchase.

The an ext Expensive The Car, The more Valuable The Certification

However, where certified dare are frequently worth that is v used high-end models. High-end cars often tend to have higher running prices than your mainstream brands. Because of this certified models can not just offer some sort of filtering process against deluxe models the didn’t fulfill the standard however give girlfriend a guarantee buffer zone against expensive repairs.

While it is advisable to invest in a certified luxury car, you still shouldn’t invest a dramatic amount more than the price that a non-certified model.

In the instance of a pre-owned high-end crossover choose a 2014 Audi Q5, we have actually three instances with the same level of equipment, however the Audi certified automobile with the fewest mile is only a few hundred dollars much more than the cars there is no the CPO.

The general dominion of thumb is that for tendency models that have a great reputation for reliability, the CPO no worth spending an ext money on, however if friend can gain the extra coverage without any additional cost that is probably the automobile to buy.

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On the other hand, if you are came to with the high value maintenance linked with a used deluxe car, salary a little an ext for a certified model, yet find ones that room priced competitively.

Bought a CPO A6 the was 3 months old and has 4K mile on it ago in December. The vehicle was basically brand-new (note no a demo or lemon) however was $38K and not $55K. Due to the fact that it’s CPO the automobile has an additional 2 year warranty ~ above it. Why buy new again?