Even despite he is regularly mistaken because that a young variation of Chad Michael Murray, Charlie Plummer is identified to carve out his very own path. The talented young actor has been functioning professionally for a decade, but he didn’t acquire his rest out duty until 2019 as soon as he starred in the TV mini series Looking for Alaska i beg your pardon was based upon the John eco-friendly novel that the same name. In 2020, that starred in the movie Words on bathroom Stalls which solidified the he is the ‘it boy’ as soon as it concerns angsty coming of age stories. Through some good film projects in the works, Charlie has much much more where that came from. Continue reading because that 10 things you didn’t know around Charlie Plummer.

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1. He’s A Harry formats Fan

When One Direction hit the scene 2010, it didn’t take long for lock to become one of the best boy bands in the world. Back the group put things on stop in 2016, bother Styles arised as a solo star. In an interview with an additional Man, Plummer common that he is a huge fan of bother Styles’ music

2. He to be a an extremely Shy Child

Shyness is a quality that most human being wouldn’t even think come associate v someone that works in entertainment. ~ all, obtaining on a stage or in former of a camera would be many shy people’s worst nightmare. However, Charlie, like many other actors, was an extremely shy when he was younger. Exhilaration ultimately came to be one that the points that helped him come the end of his shell.

3. He’s not Actually A Teenager

At this point in his career, there are more than likely lots of civilization who space under the impression the Charlie Plummer is a teenager. Back his teenage year aren’t that far behind him, Charlie is really in his early 20s. Through his youthful face, however, he have the right to probably gain away through playing a teenager for a couple of more years.

4. He Loves Fashion

The personalities Charlie has played might not be the most fashion forward, yet in actual life he’s got an impressive sense the style. The loves to express himself through his clothing and his fashion sense absolutely hasn’t unable to do unnoticed. In 2018, he became one the the deals with for the Dior Homme summer campaign.

5. He Isn’t related to Christopher Plummer

Despite share the very same last name together the legendary Christopher Plummer, Charlie isn’t pertained to the top actor. However, Charlie go come native a family with a background in acting. His mother, Maia Guest is a theatre actress and his father, John, is a writer/producer.

6. The Moved roughly A Lot together A Child

Due to his parents’ careers, Charlie spent a lot of time moving about when he was younger. He actually attended seven different schools during his time as a student. On optimal of moving so frequently, his childhood was likewise different than most as result of the truth that he began acting as soon as he was 10-years-old.

7. He to be Being taken into consideration For A role In Spider-Man: Homecoming

Can girlfriend imagine Charlie Plummer play the function of Spider-Man? the was almost the reality. Charlie was on the list of actors being taken into consideration for the lead role in the 2017 film, Spider-Man: Homecoming. The duty ultimately visited London native, Tom Holland.

8. His favourite Things about Acting are The Empathy and Compassion it Evokes

Almost every actor has a various thing lock love the most around their craft, and also Charlie Plummer’s answer can just be among the many unique. That told As If Magazine, “For me, it’s all about connecting, empathy, and compassion, and also I think those room the most essential things in the world. It is what has actually been the driving force for me and also why I desire to execute it because that the remainder of mine life.”

9. He can Be In A Relationship

Charlie Plummer has actually probably found his way onto numerous people’s like lists end the last couple of years, yet he might already be off the market. Throughout his interview with another Man in 2018, he mutual that he had a girlfriend of two years in ~ the time. The didn’t share any identifying information, and a quick scroll with his social media doesn’t indicate whether or not he’s right now in a relationship.

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10. He’s A new York Native

Charlie may have actually moved roughly a lot as soon as he was cultivation up, however he is initially from Poughkeepsie, brand-new York i m sorry is located about two hours exterior of the city. Growing up, he also spent several time living in Los Angeles and new York City. It’s unclear i beg your pardon city that is based in at the moment.