FORMER CBS host Charlie Rose has actually admitted to flirting v colleagues Gayle King and Norah O'Donnell and acknowledged that his workplace nickname to be "Charlie f****ing Rose".

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Rose, that was fired native the network in November 2017 ~ dozens of ladies accused the of sexual misconduct, made the admissions in a deposition late last year.

Charlie Rose has actually acknowledged the his rectal nickname in ~ CBS was 'Charlie f****ing Rose'Credit: AP:Associated Press

He likewise admitted flirting with colleagues Gayle King, pictured, and also Norah O'DonnellCredit: Getty - Contributor

King and O'Donnell, pictured, to be co-hosts with rose on CBS This MorningCredit: Getty images - Getty

The deposition, in-depth in files released top top Monday, was provided as component of a lawsuit an initial filed through CBS employees Katherine Brooks Harris, Sydney McNeal, and also Chelsea Wei in may 2018.

A total of 27 woman have accused rose of unreasonable behavior, consisting of groping, phoning them late at night to do lewd comments, and opening the door of his residence to them naked.

Prior come his dismissal, Rose, currently 78, to be a co-host top top CBS This Morning and also was also host and executive producer the PBS talk display Charlie Rose.

Asked whether his nickname in the studio had been "Charlie f****ing Rose", that replied: "I've heard that, yes."

Asked if he described himself in the way, that said: "No... I simply wouldn't carry out that."

Among Rose's co-host ~ above This Morning were Gayle King and also Norah O'Donnell.

Asked even if it is King described him through the nickname, he replied: "Yes."

Asked even if it is O'Donnell did, the said: "I can imagine she did but I don't mental specifically."


Rose also admitted come flirting v female colleagues "in the middle" the the This Morning set.

He to be then questioned as to whether that habits was "appropriate", replying only: "No one appeared to object."

Rose and his former network were sued by Harris, McNeal, and also Wei, who accused that of "predatory behavior" and also of subjecting them to "blatant and also repeated sex-related harassment".

The 3 allege increased would call them around his purported sexual exploits, quiz them around their own sex lives, and also grope their legs.

When asked whether he had ever before flirted v Wei, increased replied: "Sure."

He claimed that he characterized flirting as mirroring "interest in she intelligence and curiosity".


He likewise admitted come making a "joking comment" around "sleeping together" come Harris and McNeal because they to be spending a most time in every other's company at work.

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Responding to their lawsuit in September 2018, rose accused the three of trying come "exploit" the #MeToo movement.


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