Chip and Joanna Gaines are ideal known together the previous hosts the the HGTV collection Fixer Upper, but they’re likewise at the center of some pretty stunner tabloid stories. Below are four bogus short articles Gossip Cop debunked around the renovation strength couple, their careers, including their supposed sixth baby. Earlier in October, In Touch published <…>


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Chip and also Joanna Gaines are ideal known together the former hosts that the HGTV collection Fixer Upper, however they’re additionally at the facility of some pretty stunner tabloid stories. Right here are four bogus posts Gossip Cop debunked about the renovation strength couple, their careers, including their claimed sixth baby.

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Back in October, In Touch released a story claiming that the Gaineses to be expecting another child. The tabloid had no actual proof of this claimed pregnancy, however an anonymous resource told the magazine the Joanna had been experiencing nausea and strange cravings, and also Chip had been “doting top top her an ext than usual.” The source speculated that it was “only a matter of time prior to they do an announcement.” To find out more, Gossip Cop got to out to a Gaines spokesperson, that dismissed the story as “totally false,” including that “had someone from In Touch attempted come reach out for check or comment in the first place, i would’ve told castle the very same thing.”

In at an early stage January, Life & Style come in come say the Chip and Joanna were expecting a girl. According to the tabloid, the DIY stars discovered out top top Christmas that they were having actually a baby, and also that it to be a girl. A supposed source claimed that the pair planned to carry out two sex reveal announcements, “one simply for the family and one because that the fans, too.” sort of rude because that the tabloid to steal the huge announcement indigenous the Gaineses, yet then again, Joanna wasn’t actually pregnant. Gossip Cop when again reached out come the Gaineses’ rep, that told us that there to be “literally zero truth to this rumor. Completely false.” once again, the couple was no expecting a baby.

Most recently, In Touch was earlier to yet again urge that Chip and Joanna Gaines were having their 6th kid. The pair supposedly found out the the kid would be a girl on Joanna’s 42nd birthday. “This is walking to it is in the best year ever before for the family,” one more questionable tipster said. But, as you have the right to probably guess: v by this point, that wasn’t true. The Gaineses’ spokesperson again shot under the article’s cases when Gossip Cop reached out and pointed the end once an ext that the tabloid did no bother to, well, gain in touch for comment.

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And the tabloids don’t stop with baby rumors, either, last November, OK! falsely reported that the couple was postponing the start of your upcoming Magnolia network because of stress. One more alleged “insider” was quoted as saying the Joanna and Chip Gaines had actually been “struggling through the company demands comes at castle from every angles,” adding that they “thought they might handle everything, yet they can’t” and that the press was bring about marital problems. Gossip Cop to be assured by the Gaineses’ spokesperson that none the this was true. The network’s plan premiere day for Magnolia was scheduled for October 2020 and also had no been postponed at that point. The network’s launch has actually actually been delayed as of April as result of shutdowns brought about by the coronavirus, however obviously that was not a consideration ago in November.