It’s been much more than 25 years since Friends first premiered and also 16 because it ended, however many of the stars have actually stayed close end the years. To it is in honest, we’re really not surprised. Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer every went through the same tremendous amount the fame through Friends the no one else might ever truly understand.

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They may not every hang out in the same brand-new York City apartment anymore, but they’re planning a reunion unique on HBO Max — anytime the pandemic allows for the to be filmed. And also they won’t be strangers come each other after every these years, due to the fact that many of the stars have regulated to stay real-life friends. Watch who in the Friends actors is still actually super close today.

Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and also Lisa Kudrow


Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, and Jennifer Aniston | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

While Aniston and Cox are the most famous post-Friends besties, it transforms out Kudrow is still simply as close v the two of them. In in march 2018, it to be revealed that the three women keep in regular contact through a group text.

However, it transforms out it might be a bit too contemporary of a medium for Cox. “Lisa, Jennifer, and also I all have a message chain, yet to me it’s too much pressure,” she admitted to us Weekly. “I’m not right into the group text chain. Ns really don’t like it!”

Even Kudrow walk admit, “It’s a lot.” Cox sharp out, “And climate you have something funny to say and also you to speak it yet then you send the text and also they don’t obtain it.” While technology does make maintaining up with old friends convenient, we totally get the pressure of trying to save up.

More recently, Aniston, Cox, and also Kudrow appeared together in a cameo because that the remote version of the 2020 Emmy Awards, pulling out the schtick the they’ve to be “roommates since 1994.” The trio likewise makes frequent appearances on every other’s society media accounts, prefer this pre-pandemic Instagram short article from Aniston.

Matt LeBlanc and also Matthew Perry


Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc | Carlo Allegri/Getty Images

Joey and Chandler may have actually been friend on the show, but as it transforms out — castle BFFs in actual life, too. In 2016, LeBlanc stated of Perry, “I witnessed him yesterday. I love the guy! I deserve to not view him for five years and then acquire in a room together and also still have actually that shorthand with each other. It’s amazing, really. Ten years in a building with no windows and the doors locked, we acquired to understand each various other pretty well.”

The duo has supported every other’s ventures since the end of Friends, consisting of LeBlanc attending a pat Perry wrote in 2016 referred to as The finish of Longing.

They’re all favor family


David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston and also Matt LeBlanc | Robert Mora/ Getty Images

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While part Friends stars have actually remained closer than others, they’ll clearly always it is in there because that each other. LeBlanc raved around the Friends actors in 2016, “I love all five of them. We invested a the majority of time together.”

Even though LeBlanc and also Perry didn’t obtain invited come Aniston’s 2015 wedding come Justin Theroux, they didn’t seem to take it personally. “I think castle a good couple. Ns think she happy. And also that’s all ns care about is the Jen’s happy,” LeBlanc claimed at the time, prior to anyone would suspect their ultimate divorce. “If she want me there, ns would have been there,” LeBlanc go also suggest out.

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Nevertheless, the still only had actually amazing points to say about Aniston and also the entire Friends cast. “Jen’s like my little sister,” he told People. “Courteney and Lisa are prefer my large sisters, yet Jen’s like my little sister. Matthew’s like my little brother, and David’s prefer my big brother. That’s just how it all broke down. And it’s literally similar to chronological.”

Kudrow even told the Today display in 2017, “We have convened, privately, for dinner, and it to be great.” LeBlanc has actually gone for this reason far regarding say the Kudrow put more effort into the friendships through her co-stars than right into her longtime marriage to Michael Stern.

The pandemic has actually obviously put a stop to any cast reunions for now, yet all 6 of the original Friends have actually indeed gathered together before. In fact, a blurry selfie of the six of them was Aniston’s debut write-up to Instagram in 2019. Here’s hoping 2021 will carry about an ext reunions from our favourite ensemble cast.