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This shocking short article will expose a small known fact around dried cranberries. Someone needs to reveal the truth!


Cranberries space picked by fairies who live in teeny weeny mobile homes.

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Actually, the reality is no as amazing as the above fib. Dried cranberries, likewise know together “Craisins”, room not the same as raisins. Sure, s Spray would choose you to think that they are the same, yet there is one huge difference.

Dried cranberries are made with added sugar, when raisins are simply dried grapes v no sugar added. Why need to this matter to you? i guess i think that most of us put dried cranberries and dried grapes in the very same category due to the fact that they sit next to each other in the store and because the the name “Craisins”.

Since Craisins has actually come out – ocean Spray has added reduced sugar Craisins to address the level of added sugar.

.Here are a two huge differences in between the two:

Raisins have 6% the your daily value of iron per servingRaisins have 310 mg the potassium (9% of your daily value) per servingRaisins have 1 gram the protein and also 2% the your day-to-day value of calcium per serving

How much iron, potassium, protein, and also calcium execute dried cranberries have? None.

Here are the nutrition facts because that one serving of dried cranberries:

130 calories, 0 g fat, 33 g carbohydrates, 26 g sugar, 0 g protein, 3 g fiber, 0 mg sodium

There space no other significant sources of macronutrents on the package. You may be getting some micronutrients, if they endured the dehydrating process. The remainder is simply fiber and also sugar (which lock added).

Raisins are more nutritious and also fundamentally a different product (nothing added!) 보다 dried cranberries.

I"m no saying you have to stop eat dried cranberries. Ns love to use them as a flavoring agent because that salads or cookies, however be aware that raisins are much better for you.

Did you notice the difference between Craisins and also raisins? What other dried fruits have actually surprised you?

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I gain crazins top top things choose salads, but as a brand reader I carry out see the quantity of sugar and also lack of anything else in them, and also choose no to eat them as a snack.

When I desire something snacky i look for freeze dried fruits prefer funkyMonkey or even the gerber fruit which carry out a crunch there is no anything added. Target is likewise expanding your freeze dried section to encompass things prefer peas and corn which make an excellent additions to salads to provide some crunch too. :)

Happy Eating!


I love dried cranberries, however your right there mainly sugar! What various other fruit the surprised me to be banana's. You would think banana chips were healthy, nope!! an excellent post!!

Jennifer Drummond

I couldn't agree much more about the dried cranberries. No a big raisin pan myself (give me the grapes prior to they dehydrate!), however I would certainly absolutely love dried cranberries without the sugar. Guess the only way to perform that is to buy part fresh cranberries and also a dehydrator.... Carry out 'em myself!


Our neighborhood grocery has actually some sweetened through pineapple juice rather of cane sugar and they room really yummy. I have no idea if that adds any kind of food value. They additionally have some sweetened v apple juice.


Good come know! I have an old bag of businessman Joe's raisins the list 29g sugar per serving ..... Is 'added sugar' different?

Mary Nelen

It's a shame they don't give world the choice to buy simply plain dried cranberries. It would be quite to include something tart come a salad, cookie, stuffing, etc. Don't think i have ever before seen castle without included sugar. If they perform sell them permit me recognize where ns can get them. Will have actually to inspect out Target for their freezed dried section.

Might it is in cheaper then entirety Foods.


I like Craisins but I execute limit them. Top top the other hand, ns CRAVE raisins i beg your pardon is strange tome since I hated them until around 1 year ago! i buy lock in the tiny boxes to keep some "control" after ~ a lengthy run, ns love to do a wrap the end of organic peanut butter, 1/2 a banana and also one that those small boxes the raisins!


Wow! last night, if in the grocery keep to buy dried Cranberries, I made decision to check out the label. I need to say i was so disappointed when I saw sugar as an ingredient. I've eaten Craisins because that a long time constantly thinking i was eating just dried fruit. So crazy the you post this today. Ns guess the is still ok to add to salad but now I recognize the "TRUTH" about them. Thanks for her wonderful posts. Always funny and also informing!

Sarah Emmanuel

I've to be buying my organic apple-sweetened cranberries at the mass bin of my local wellness food grocer for years; the sugar content is the same yet raisins beat out cranberries for potassium. Thanks for the awareness, SG! ns was gaining ready for some autumn baking utilizing cranberries, pumpkin, and also all kinds of nuts but now I'll include some raisins too! If friend can't discover fruit-sweetened cranberries, I've gained Eden necessary brand thru amazon.


I haven't purchase craisins for eras -- mostly since of the included sugar. I've found other dried fruit the I prefer better: cherries and also blueberries. The only place I get them, though, is the Farmer's Market and also they aren't labeled so i don't understand the nutrition stats. I would guess no sugar has been added, despite :)

Dawn G

NNNNNOOOOO - speak it isn't true!!!!! in reality I did understand this however love castle anyways and also I swear these small gems are what got me back eating salads.


I am puzzled. While I expropriate that Wikipedia is by no way the critical word in scientific fact, it offers a long list of nutrient purported to be current in cranberries. Also, our GP encourage my husband take a day-to-day 1000mg capsule of cranberry extract to alleviate frequent bladder infections. This are currently a point of the past. Certain you room not saying that cranberries lack wellness benefits?


I bought fresh cranberries and included them in mine pumpkin bread end the weekend. They were no sweet and balanced the bread ns think.


I usage currants once I need a adjust from raisins.

They are labeled as my raisins, simply dried currants. I keep some frozen for baking also. Ns will need to look increase the nutritional info.


Thanks for good info! Sunkist now makes craisins with 50% less sugar... Just discovered them in ~ Wal-Mart the various other day. Likewise Whole foods carries unsweetened dried cranberries... If i remember properly they room in the bulk dried beans and also fruit section- enjoy!

Rebekah Sorensen

I wondered the exact same thing as Renee, why there were ZERO nutrients at all besides fiber in the craisins? space they somehow shed in the drying procedure or what?

Shari Ockomon

I found this out the tough way. I was adding dried cranberries to my oatmeal. Had actually a blood test done at the college whereby I work and my triglycerides were up. The nurse asked me if ns was adding sugar to my morning routine. I claimed no, however when i came house I confirm the cranberry package and also gee, guess: v what ns was adding? Needless, to say, I stopped eating cranberries.


Cranberries have added sugar because they space naturally an extremely low in sugar. If you compare raisins and dried sweetened cranberries lock have almost the very same amount of street -- 17 gms per oz of raisins and 18 gms per ounce of dried cranberries.

In addition, dried cranberries have 2 - 4 time the lot of antioxidants as raisins. They, along with blueberries and also blackberries, are several of the greatest sources of antioxidant around. If girlfriend eat one serving of cranberries, you've already exceeded the average day-to-day antioxidant level that the mean American diet.

It's true the raisins have an ext potassium and also iron 보다 cranberries (the 1 oz of protein is negligible).

Both raisins and cranberries have their advantages.

Julia Moravcsik

I think the factor you're see very small nutritional worth in the Craisens is because (and I'll take it his word because that it, because I'd guess he knew) a regional cranberry farmer said they are mostly the skins of the cranberries, left over from the juicing process, or some various other process, through which the "goodness" the the cranberry is supplied for something else - and this is simply a cast-off (originally), the they are currently marketing so as to get all the money they possibly can from the berry.

I'm acquiring out mine dehydrator.

Terra Betta (I believe that's the name) dried cranberries are much less sugar, however that doesn't typical they are more nutritious (haven't checked label recently)

C M Cole

Who knew!? many thanks for the info. Glad you mutual all the benefits on raisins, no I have actually a hankerin for part :).

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