Following she heart! Darcey Silva to be a hopeless romantic as soon as fans first met she on season 1 that 90 work Fiancé: prior to the 90 days in 2017. The TLC newcomer remained in a long-distance relationship with she then-boyfriend, Jesse Meester, and also ready to share her journey v the world.

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The duo had connected online and both of them felt an instant “attraction” to each other, therefore they determined a romance to be something they to be interested in pursuing. “I never had actually a date app, and then this happens,” Jesse stated in a teaser clip, revealing he was in shock to have developed a connection. 

After documenting their highs and also lows on periods 1 and also 2, Darcey and Jesse made decision it would certainly be best to go their different ways since they couldn’t watch eye to eye and also began having much more disputes. Furthermore, their far proximity made matters even more difficult. She to be living in Connecticut if he was in the Netherlands. Although castle tried to make it work, Darcey and also Jesse separation for good in 2018. 

“I’m walk to try to forgive and also forget. There’s bigger and better for me. He’ll never ever actually admit in actuality what he want from me. The tried to repaint a story around me and also him the made the seem for this reason grand. However I’m a mom, you know,” the mommy of 2 told us Weekly following their breakup. 

Darcey enjoyed her solitary status because that a bit before moving on v British beau Tom Brooks. What began out as a promising brand-new romance ended in yet an additional heartbreak through the two dealing with off throughout a very tense date in one April 2020 illustration of prior to the 90 Days. Darcey broke it off through Tom after discovering he was acquiring close to one more woman and also said she was all set for a “fresh start.”


That break-up was one more setback, yet it resulted in an even greater comeback in the kind of a brand-new spinoff show starring Darcey and her pair sister, Stacey Silva

“I’m really super excited around the brand-new show and really grateful come TLC,” Darcey said Entertainment Weekly. “I’ve had actually a lengthy journey through relationships and also now the I’ve fully concluded mine Jessie Meester and also Tom Brooks stories, i am finally excited around what the future holds. Ns am at a stage in mine life where I to be happy with my life and I’m staying solid for me and also my daughters .”

Darcey has due to the fact that found love with her new beau, Georgi Rusev, that is currently her fiancé! However, their partnership took a bit of a revolve in September 2021, once Darcey was told by she sister, Stacey, in an illustration of Darcey & Stacey the Stacey’s husband, Florian Sukaj, claims that Georgi had actually contacted Jesse over the phone.

“You understand what? ns don’t require that s–t,” Darcey responded. “What an animal. Ns feel disgusted.” Georgi walk not immediately respond come In Touch‘s inquiry for comment.

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Later the month, Darcey and also Stacey commemorated their 47th birthday, and also Darcey rang in her new year through enjoying some spa therapy courtesy the the Sculpted beauty, beauty Lounge.