If you"re anything choose us, then you might secretly hope that every time you hop virtual you"ll check out that Liza Koshy and David Dobrik have actually gotten ago together. However until then, we"re just going to have to reminisce around the pair.

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Back in the good old days, Koshy and Dobrik were the YouTube "It" couple that everyone absolutely loved. The two appeared to enhance each other perfectly, v a common silly sense of humor, a close shared friend group, and also the very same inhabited space online. Together a result, ours hearts collectively damaged when the couple announced their separation in 2018 (via BBC). And also it absolutely shook up fans. According to Seventeen, their breakup video clip had an ext than 56 million views as of September 2019. That"s a lot of of damaged hearts.

Despite their an extremely public relationship, there room still part details about the former social media power couple that you could not know. 

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Throughout the term of your time together, the pair made your relationship very public, on regular basis making videos with each other on their particular YouTube channels and referencing each other on social media. Over the years, they arisen a shared friend team that ultimately came to be one the the biggest sources that their digital content, the team literally profiting off of their hilarious antics and also ridiculous situational comedies (via YouTube). Koshy and also Dobrik couldn"t resist providing in to some fun YouTube trends, which made audiences love the pair also more. Few of the comments read, "this is accurate the cutest and funniest video clip ever," and "omg, cutest couple on the internet."

In his interview through Seventeen, Dobrik laughed and admitted that he and Koshy met in ~ a Hollywood party and also "bonded over the reality that us couldn"t drink due to the fact that we were underage."


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Koshy and also Dobrik make the decision to keep their breakup a an enig for nearly six months. However, the news eventually took society media by storm through a an extremely public video clip of the details of their breakup (via YouTube). In very Koshy and also Dobrik fashion, it"s very lighthearted, but it"s quiet clear the the 2 were for sure heartbroken around the news — so heartbroken, in fact, that throughout the video, they suggest that they required to take a two-hour break to compose themselves. It"s in ~ this point in the video clip that things end up being even more raw and emotional. "It wasn"t healthy and balanced for united state to continue to be together, for now," David shared in video, adding, "Liza broke up with me because she felt like we"ve been kind of distant due to the fact that we"ve simply been for this reason busy. Period. And, as lot as I hate to admit it, ns was emotion that on my side, too."

In an interview on The so late Show with Stephen Colbert, Koshy discussed her former relationship (via YouTube). "We had actually such an impressive relationship," she explained. However on why castle waited 6 months to rest the news? "We wanted to cure first. We wanted to give ourselves some time ... However still have the ability to create online. So for those 6 months, we took the time for ourselves come grow."