Miley Cyrus and also Demi Lovato are two stars who have actually a lot of in common. They space the very same age, climbed to fame as teenagers, and are now two that the greatest musical artists today.

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This makes numerous fans curious regarding whether or no Cyrus and also Lovato room friends or not. After ~ all, it’s quite typical for world in the same market to it is in rivals. Read on listed below to discover out what Cyrus and also Lovato’s partnership is like.

Miley Cyrus and also Demi Lovato met while functioning on Disney Channel


Miley Cyrus arrives because that the human being premiere of Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Endgame” in ~ the Los Angeles Convention facility on April 22, 2019 in Los Angeles. (Photo by VALERIE MACON / AFP) (Photo credit need to read VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images)

Cyrus and Lovato met since they both began working top top Disney Channel roughly the exact same time. Cyrus ended up being popular in 2006 together the key character that the showHannah Montana.

Lovato’s fame come a couple of years later when she starred in the filmCamp Rock together the Jonas Brothers. Later on on, Lovato also had her own TV show: Sonny with a Chance.

Both Cyrus and Lovato phased themselves out of the kid-friendly network in the beforehand 2010s after their respective series ended. Lock started mirroring off much more mature sides of themselves, and their music became more popular on mainstream radio as well.

Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato had a rocky friendship

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Although Cyrus and also Lovato had similar careers, the 2 ladies were not always around to assistance each other. Back when they to be on Disney Channel, over there were regularly rumors that they to be feuding.

In 2008, Lovato and Selena Gomez began posting YouTube videos because that fans. Afterward, Cyrus and her girlfriend Mandy Jiroux make a video clip mocking Lovato and also Gomez. Cyrus later safeguarded her video clip by saying the she and also Jiroux were just “having fun” and “being silly.”

Over the years, Cyrus and Lovato appeared to display support for each other. But, at times, things additionally looked to be tense between them.

In 2012, Lovato stated that she and also Cyrus had actually a little of a love-hate friendship which affiliated a the majority of fighting and also making up. Two years later, she simply referred to as them “acquaintances” and said the she does no “have anything in common” through Cyrus anymore.

However, a few years ago, Cyrus and also Lovato started ending up being close and also were even smiling together at the March for Our resides in 2018.

Miley Cyrus and also Demi Lovato revealed the they room close to each various other now

Miley Cyrus Admits to Demi Lovato the She Didn't stay a Bikini "For favor Two Years" after ~ 2013 VMA performance

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Recently, things seem to be looking great for Cyrus and Lovato’s friendship. The two stars walk an Instagram Live together and shared through fans the they room close nowadays.

During the livestream session, Cyrus opened up up about how she struggled v body-shaming several years back after her performance at the 2013 MTV video clip Music Awards. Cyrus shared that, ~ receiving numerous comments about how she was also pale and also thin, she quit wearing a swimsuit for two years.

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In response, Lovato said: “I’m for this reason sad that you went through that, and also I had no idea. I wish i could’ve been there, yet I didn’t know and I feel choose we’ve gone with times where we’re closer and also then distant and that’s fine, that’s what girlfriend do. I just wish i could’ve been there because that you.”

Cyrus additionally shared that she’s happy they reconnected, saying: “Life is moving so quick that it’s usually tough to slow ourselves down and appreciate civilization in ours lives, and you’ve been that person for me because that so countless years and we’ve to be friends because that so long.”

Meanwhile, Lovato revealed in her current interview with Harper’s Bazaar that she and Cyrus do have actually a unique relationship.

“She’s awesome, and I love her to fatality and constantly will, always have,” Lovato said. “But ns think she’s kind of the just one from that era that i still continue to be in touch with.”