NEW YORK CITY (WABC) -- The NYPD continues to crack under on illegal dust bikes and also ATVs, v the department announcing Tuesday that it has seized at least 565 in the previous three months.

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The urgent need was highlighted by a recent incident in i m sorry a 4-year-old young was to win by a dirt bike and remains in critical condition.
Despite the progress the NYPD claims it"s making, the risk from the illegal vehicles remain.Police Commissioner Dermot Shea pleaded because that anyone through videos or pictures of dirt bikes in Flushing meadow Park, whereby the boy was struck, to come forward."There"s much too many still out there, and also anyone through information, where you space seeing lock stored, fulfill up or noþeles else, provide us a call," Shea stated on NY1.


Late critical week, City Councilman mark Gjonaj sponsored new legislation to significantly increase fines and also penalties because that ATV and dirt cycle operators.In the an initial quarter the 2021, city officials to speak there to be eight deaths and much more than 350 injuries resulted in by human being operating vehicles illegally on streets and also sidewalks.RELATED | NY overcome "SLEEP Act" come curb according to souped-up vehicles

The brand-new York Legislature has actually passed a regulation designed come curb loud, souped increase vehicles that have actually been aggravating occupants throughout the state.

"This chaos have to end," Gjonaj said. "These motorcycles room endangering not just pedestrians and also other motorists, however are developing havoc and also lawlessness in brand-new York City."Despite the fact that operating dirt bikes is already illegal, the city is currently experiencing a dramatic rise in dangerous dirt bike riding and auto-drag racing.Gjonaj claims the existing penalty framework isn"t sufficient of a deterrent because that those who seek to revolve local communities into life-threatening speedways.

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Currently, the well for operating dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles ~ above city highways is $500 for first offense and also $1,000 for additional offense.The brand-new legislation would boost fines come $750 because that the an initial offense and also $1,500 for all additional offenses,The NYPD announced earlier this year that it was offering cash rewards for the public"s aid during a crackdown on illegal motorcycles and also ATVs top top city streets.
Residents who report where illegal vehicles are being stored could collect $100 every motorbike seized.Dirt bikes and also ATVs can not be registered together street-legal motor vehicles due to the fact that they absence safety equipment like brake lights, rotate signals and mirrors.RELATED | citizens fed up through illegal cruising of dirt bikes, ATVs top top NYC streets

Chief of room Rodney Harrison authorize a warning to those who operate them."They room illegal and also dangerous," that said. "Don"t drive them. If girlfriend do, you are endangering yourself and also others."
Police speak they hardly ever initiate pursuits because of the potential danger to officers and also the public, but they will confiscate motorbikes when they space parked in public.----------* obtain Eyewitness News Delivered
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