Dunkaroos, the renowned snack packs featuring kangaroo-themed cookies v a small bathtub of frosting, will return to shelves this summer.

“Definitely comes back. Summer 2020,” the brand announced in a tweet top top Monday, posted alongside a video clip with a nod to various other ’90s relics. “Frosted tips? completely not coming back. Cassette tapes? certainly not coming back,” the captions read.

Dunkaroos have not been obtainable for sale in the US since 2012, when general Mills-owned Betty Crocker stop them.

A general Mills spokesperson speak The article the return is merely pegged to consumer demand.

“We’ve heard from thousands of fans over the years who begged to watch Dunkaroos return,” the spokesperson stated in a statement. “We wanted to assist kids that the ‘90s relive their childhood v this popular snack in all its dunking glory.”