Ever because meeting in 1994, nation music stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have actually been rather the design couple. They have three kids together and also they assistance each others’ careers in the music business, while gift married because that 25 years.

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With 16 albums reaching No. 1 on the Top country Album charts, Tim is ~ above a roll and Faith is not far behind either. She’s sold much more than 40 million albums an international and has likewise made it come the optimal of the Billboard country albums chart four times. They also recorded and album about their love story with 2017’s The rest of our Life. 


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On the couple’s October 6, 2021, 25th wedding anniversary, Tim shared the story of just how he proposed to faith in an Instagram video. “We dated because that awhile. I in reality asked her to marry me quite a couple of times however she kept saying ‘no.’ She said, ‘I’m not gonna get associated with an additional country singer. It’s simply not walk to occupational out,"” the shared.

“We to be somewhere play this big outdoor festival, and also they had these trailer houses collection up. I’m acquiring ready to walk on stage, and also I had actually this, sort of, situation that had actually this large mirror in it. She standing there and we’re talking and also I said, ‘Look, let’s get married.’ and also she said, ‘You’re questioning me come marry you in ~ a nation music festival in a trailer house?’ and also I said, ‘Well, it’s pretty apropos if friend think around it.’ She goes, ‘Are friend serious?’ and also I said, ‘Well, yeah, i’m serious,"” Tim continued.

“And then they referred to as me and I had to walk to stage. I checked out stage and also did the show. And also then, I came off the stage and also went ago into my dressing room and Faith no there but I looked at the mirror and also in lipstick, it said, ‘Yes, ns gonna be your wife.’ and we still have that mirror. And it was the ideal day of my life, that’s for sure,” Tim gushed.

But even with all of their success, the pair’s greatest accomplishment will constantly be their 3 daughters. That’s why every birthday, they constantly give their tiny ones a sweet shout-out.

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“Our oldest is 23 … wow,” Tim common on Instagram in might 2020 about his eldest daughter Gracie. “So beautiful inside and also out. She’s constantly there for she friends. Always there for her family. And constantly there v a huge smile and also a boisterous laugh. Us love her so much.”


Like her parents, Grace additionally decided to go after a career together a singer in the entertain industry. Although she’s still gaining her bearings, the musician can always look to she parents because that guidance. After all, Tim has also won 3 Grammys, 15 ACM Awards, 11 CMA Awards and has offered close to 75 million albums worldwide. Just how does he do it? he credits his success to Faith.

“She’s together a powerhouse the it pressures me to raise my video game every night,” he previously gushed to People and also the “This Kiss” singer can not complain. “Tim is the absolute best entertainer, hand down,” confidence said. “He can lug a group to your feet v the activity of his hand. He knows just how to supply songs to the fans and make lock feel like he’s singing to them.”

One thing the nation music star loves about his wife is that she makes him feel amazing. “She is the mom of mine girls, she is my ideal friend, my lover, my tether in the storms,” Tim formerly gushed ~ above Instagram. “I love her, ns love her. I love her.”